The Chronicle of a Monster: 10 Year Work History, Infographics

May 24, 2012

Let’s take a break for a while and look back...for ten years we’ve been making all possible efforts to merit the name of a company that delivers the best web templates on the net. We overcame all troubles that fell on our heads including natural disasters and global financial crisis.

No matter what happened, we are here, doing everything we can, to deliver you website themes that strike with their visual presentation and technological novelties.

Since our start in 2002 till today, the range of our products widened in a geometrical progression. Now we can proudly say that we have any possible website template you may need. If you think that these are just words, jump into the gallery, our products speaks for themselves.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our products and services. We are proud that thousands of companies, small and major, successfully use our products to organize their reliable and efficient online businesses. We are looking back to successful years of strong growth, and are looking forward to being able to continue making important contributions and continuous improvements into the web development and growth of Internet services in the future.

We wanted to write a short story about TemplateMonster but seeing is believing, which is why we decided to create Infographic presentation about the lifetime of the TemplateMonster Company.

Alex Bulat
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2012-05-30 10:38:00

Happy happy health and Wealthy.

2012-05-28 11:36:00


2012-05-26 04:38:00

10 years of great job. Congrats, guys.

2012-05-26 03:48:00

Happy Birthday!

2012-05-25 05:54:00


2012-05-25 00:43:00

Happy birthday !

2012-05-24 21:05:00

Best Designs i find here... Happy B'day... :-)

2012-05-24 17:07:00

Looking forward to the next ten congrats from Down Under (Austarlia)

2012-05-24 13:13:00

Happy birthday! Thanks for all presents! May God bless you more and more!

2012-05-24 10:33:00

Happy Birthday Template Monster. You guys rock!

2012-05-24 09:58:00

Happy Birthday!

2012-05-24 09:49:00

Happy, happy, happy birthday... thanks for existing!

2012-05-24 09:31:00

Very Happy Birthday!!!

2012-05-24 09:14:00

how does one become a web designer for template monster?

2012-05-24 09:12:00

Feliz Anirversário!

2012-05-24 08:58:00

Happy birthday. The best templates! the best design!

2012-05-24 08:58:00

Happy Birthday!

2012-05-24 08:32:00

Happy Birthday!

2012-05-24 08:27:00

Very Happy Birthday!!!

2012-05-24 08:26:00

I love this site! Congrats and I will always come here first when needing anything for web design!

2012-05-24 07:57:00

Whouaa congratulation Templatemonster

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