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TemplateMonster Recommends. 15 Top eCommerce Templates for Small Business

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Are you running a small business? Then you should know the real value of loyal shoppers. It's no secret that today, in order to expand your client base  an online shop has become an indispensable part of any business, either large or small. Of course, nothing will work without good, quality products that people love. Luckily, we have best website builder for small business that will help you succeed, without spending too much time and effort on web development.

Today, we will share a collection of the 15 top-rated eCommerce website templates for small business that were in the highest demand among our shoppers during the last couple of months. Below you can find templates for almost any purpose and built on the most popular eCommerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, and OpenCart.

So, let's get straight to the list. Maybe your new site design is hidden somewhere here?

* * *

Apparel Responsive PrestaShop Theme is ready to use out of the box. Just apply some quick adjustments to the menu structure, replace the default content with yours and your store is ready to go. The theme is intended for fashion and beauty stores. However, it is flexible and dynamic enough to suit any other purpose.

Apparel Responsive PrestaShop Theme

* * *

Wholesale PrestaShop Theme is one of the best among WordPress themes for a small business. Sleek and modern, it doesn't make use of heavy design elements, letting users focus their attention on the products you sell.

Wholesale PrestaShop Theme


Bold design and captivating animation effects of this Auto Parts Responsive PrestaShop Theme will not leave your site visitors indifferent. Stunning design, with attention to detail - isn't it a perfect fit for a car parts store?

Auto Parts Responsive PrestaShop Theme

* * *

Hipster OpenCart Template was designed to help you sell for profit. Just the way a fashion and beauty related sited should be organized, this theme makes use of bold photography, captivating sliders and banners with cool hover effect. Its fully responsive layout will operate smoothly across all modern devices.

Hipster OpenCart Template

* * *

Bright and cheerful, this Inflatables OpenCart Template was designed to catch the eye of every site visitor. For better navigation, categories and brands menus were organized in the left sidebar, providing users with quick access to all products from the inventory.

Inflatables OpenCart Template

* * *

When reaching a travel related website, users should have a strong desire to visit the places that are being advertized. This is what we had in mind while designing this Travel Agency Responsive OpenCart Template. The clean and simple layout makes users focus their attention on hot offers and click a bold banner to investigate more about each tour.

Travel Agency Responsive OpenCart Template

* * *

MMA Online Store WooCommerce Theme is powered by Cherry Framework 3.1.5. Advanced Bootstrap functionality makes the theme fully responsive. Custom dashboard comes with an array of customization options for seamless web development.

MMA Online Store WooCommerce Theme

* * *

Parallax scrolling and lazy loading effects add special charm to this Hair Extensions Salon WooCommerce Theme. Elegant fonts, ghost buttons, neat icons and white space add a more refined look to the design.

Hair Extensions Salon WooCommerce Theme

* * *

Extreme sport lovers will enjoy this Bikes Store WooCommerce Theme. The sense of adventure penetrates into each element of this design. Just take a look at its main page. Don't you want to grab your bike and ride somewhere to a wonderland?

Bikes Store WooCommerce Theme

* * *

The simple and cheerful layout of this Stationery Store Magento Theme is remarkable for its intuitive navigation. MegaMenu achieves that purpose, making it easier to locate the desired content in just a few clicks.

Stationery Store Magento Theme

* * *

Deep Blue Dive Magento Theme features everything that you will need to build an impressive and functional online store. Visual appeal is the first thing that grabs users' attention on reaching the website.  Full-width sliders, photography backgrounds, video integration, and parallax scrolling effect were integrated for that purpose.

Deep Blue Dive Magento Theme

* * *

Culinary Spices Magento Theme is an all-encompassing ready-made design for any food-related business. Packed full of useful add-ons and spiced up with fresh design, it can grow your customer base and boost sales in no time.

Culinary Spices Magento Theme

* * *

Fixed MegaMenu, tile-based structure, banners with nice hover effect, customized modules, advanced theme options, a fully customizable layout, blog integration, and a number of other smart elements make this Art Web Responsive Shopify Theme the preferred solution for art fans.

Art Web Responsive Shopify Theme

* * *

Designed in minimalist style, this Security Responsive Shopify Theme doesn't  include anything that could distract users' attention from the things that matter the most. Easy on the eyes and intuitive in navigation, this is a perfect fit for your small business.

Security Responsive Shopify Theme

* * *

Wheels and Tyres Shopify Theme is the last, but not the least on this list. Grids and tiles make this content heavy site well-structured and add a more balanced look. Live search and fixed MegaMenu facilitate navigation to a greater degree.

Wheels and Tyres Shopify Theme

These are 15 top-selling eCommerce templates for small businesses that our customers enjoyed the most over the last couple of months. We hope that these recommendations will be of use to you. If you come across any other cool eCommerce web template that helped you with site creation, please share your experience with us below this post.

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