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Get $100 or Earn Even More with TemplateMonster Affiliate Program

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Looking for new easy ways of making money with your blog? You’ve come to the right place! With TemplateMonster you can spend this summer with the maximum benefit for your wallet.

How about getting rewarded for not selling anything?

No kidding, this is possible with TemplateMonster Affiliate Program.

How Does it Work?

  • Register in TemplateMonster Affiliate Program.
  • Install Affiliate Tools (3- 5):
    • a showcase (this one is required);
    • a WordPress plugin;
    • a widget;
    • a banner;
    • a landing page.
  • Contact your Affiliate Manager to enroll and send the screenshots of the tools that you use.
  • Set up your advertising campaign to drive more traffic and promote TemplateMonster products, using affiliate tools.
  • Get ready to receive your earnings by the end of the summer!

If there are no sales on your account by September 1, 2016, you will be encouraged with $100 to your PayPal – just because you are awesome.


But Why Settle for Less if You Can Have More?

Our affiliates can easily earn much more than that. Drive traffic to TemplateMonster, and receive from 30% to 50% of every sale you make. With an average shopping cart size of $90, you will earn about $27-45 per sale. Our top affiliates withdraw thousands of dollars every month – and you can become one of them!

What Tools are Available?

Now take a look at the short overview of our affiliate tools. In order to apply for the $100 prize, you should install 3 of them.

Showcases: These downloadable ready-to-use lists of our templates are available in HTML format.  You may want to enhance them with unique text and use as your blog posts. Choose from dozens of topics to perfectly match the interests of your readership.

Banners: Simple and intuitive, banners have been one of the first internet marketing tools – and they are still viable! Place our beautiful banners in the most clickable areas of your blog to achieve better click-through rates.

Widgets: Like banners, but much better. They are embeddable and can be incorporated into existing content on your blog. Widgets are dynamic and tunable: only you choose what categories of templates to include and how many items to display.

WordPress plugin: Using WordPress? Lucky you! Just install our plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Landing pages: They are best suitable for skilled online entrepreneurs and conversion ninjas. If you know how to effectively convert PPC traffic into sales, you will be able to squeeze the most of this tool. If not – you still have plenty of time to learn.

So, What are You Waiting For?

Join the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program and start earning today! Your money is waiting for you.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them to our manager Tina Jameson via Facebook, Skype: tinajameson22, or email.

Good luck!

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