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TemplateMonster Customers’ Success Stories

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Hearing kind words from our customers is something that we can never get tired of. So when people send us their testimonials it's always a great pleasure to be a part of someone’s business success.

Today we’d like to share a business success story that one of our appreciated clients, Alisa Sanderson, has sent us. She bought our ZenCart template #25021 and used it to develop a very stylish and attractive handbag store. Here's what a ZenCart template that she has purchase looks like:

And here's a beautiful website that Alisa has made from the template:

Now we offer you some her impressions and thoughts about this template and its customization process.

"This template was chosen because it was simple, clear, easy to navigate and looked effective. The theme and color tones were exactly the look we were going for so when we saw this template everything just added up. Our programmer advised us that the template also used current and correct programming techniques that would be beneficial for our website in terms of fast loading, proper syntax and opportunity to expand on.

As our website has grown so has the template and its features. We introduced a four image slide show on the homepage to capture the attention of our audience. These banners are used to promote featured products, specials and offers that may be running. The slide show is simply four rotating images and was very easy to implement within the page. When we need to change the images we simply overwrite the images on the server with the new ones. The right-hand menu was recently added as there was more information to make available to consumers. The blog integrated very nicely into the template and we are thrilled with the results. We are now able to showcase our selection of handbags in a professional and stylish manner".

Alisa was not the only person who really enjoyed using our templates. This week was very productive and we also got several video testimonials. In this post we’d like to show you two of them:

Brad Webster from Canada has been using our templates for two months already and is absolutely satisfied with our products and services. The most important template features for him are the amazing quality, ease of manipulation and incredibly quick and helpful online help.

Another customer James Noble from the UK was also impressed by our knowledgeable support team and outstanding quality of our products. James hopes that all our customers will enjoy our templates as much as he did. We will do our best to achieve this, James!

What we're also never tired of is thinking our customers - both for being with us and for saying the kind words that keep us going. Thank you very much, all our loyal and kind customers!

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