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TemplateMonster Wants YOU for the World of Business!

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Learning is a never-ending process.

It will be the 6th time we initiate the Marathon Your Own Web Studio in 7 Weeks, and every year we're sharing some new material with our students.

The digital world changes rapidly, so we've updated the course with the latest information.

Are you ready to get the latest information about starting your own design studio?

Why are we doing this?

While watching all those successful startup owners on Instagram, have you thought about starting your own business?

Lots of people fail running their small enterprises because they lack knowledge. Maybe you're already a business owner and want to give it an internet head start? Establishing a web project may be difficult for a beginner.

This is why we are doing it.

Template Monster team created an educational course aimed to show you how to build a web studio. If you were looking for a sign, if you need to start your business or not, this is it.

 Template Monster

Who can be our student?

If you are an ambitious freelancer who wants to start his own business - you are welcome.

If you want to learn something new and get lots of information about setting a web project – join the Marathon.

We are ready to teach everyone who has a fervent desire to learn. TemplateMonster Marathon is not an average set of lessons that you could listen to, or read in a few hours and then forget in a few minutes. We will give you not only the information but also the needed practice. You will have to complete small gigs, that should be completed before the deadline.

If you don’t provide any results, you will leave the course automatically. It’s a serious project, so sign up only if you are ready to study.

 Template Monster

What will you learn?

1. Build a website from the ground up

What WordPress is and why you have to thank God for it. How to choose a perfect content managing system? What is the difference between WordPress, Joomla, and MotoCMS?

2. Teamwork organization

Where to find freelancers and how to make them work? How to hire an executive and competent worker? What is time-management and why is it essential for a comfortable working process?

3. The principles of communicating with clients

Why do they tell you “no” and how to avoid such an answer? How to define your target audience? Where to find a devoted customer?

4. Marketing basics (the latest update provided upon students’ requests)

What's a sales funnel? How to analyze your ROI (return on investment)? What is a selling text and how it encourages a consumer to make a buying decision?

What should you do?

Hurry and sign up for a course!

TemplateMonster Marathon is free. It starts on February 5, and by March 24 you will know everything that is needed to launch a web studio. We will give you all the secrets of designing a website and selling your products or services online.

One of the participants that will make it to the end will get a special offer from TemplateMonster. You can join the group at any time by February 4.

Join the Marathon and get a bunch of new opportunities right now!

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