Now Official! TemplateMonster Has Become a Digital Marketplace

Everyone knows TemplateMonster as a place where one can find literally any type of product for any purpose imaginable. For more than 15 years of experience in the web design industry, the ready-made designs from our inventory have been downloaded for millions of times, the collection of the quality web design products has reached over 60,000 templates, with new designs and extensions being added on a regular basis. We've started educating the web audience and certifying partners. Now, it's time to move further. Starting from today, it's official - TemplateMonster has become a digital marketplace.

With over 6 million of potential clients, our digital marketplace is the right destination where beginner web designers can earn their first $1,000. This is also a place where experienced web developers can become $10,000 richer, way more recognizable and reputable. The digital marketplace welcomes talented authors from all over the world. If you are looking for an opportunity to earn as much as 70% commission from each sale of your digital products, then TemplateMonster marketplace is the way to go.

digital marketplace

Become an Author

Top Reasons to Join the Digital Marketplace

Selling website template on the digital marketplace will be beneficial to both beginner web designers and experienced developers. The TemplateMonster marketplace is a huge platform that gathers together the most gifted professionals from the web development industry in a single place. This is where your works can get a wider customer reach, making your name more recognizable for the audience.

On TemplateMonster marketplace authors get the following benefits:

  • sell exclusive and non-exclusive digital products from 1 account (for comparison - on ThemeForest authors can sell either exclusive or non-exclusive digital products only);
  • get digital products reviewed within 12 hours, with more complex digital works set to be checked for 1-3 days (it takes ThemeForest 2 weeks or even longer to review a product);
  • no limitations on the number of items that one author can upload or send for review at once (authors with the standard account on ThemeForest can upload 1 product to 1 category at a time);
  • "Quick Start" - authors can earn higher commission from each sale (up to 70% for exclusive digital products) faster than on ThemeForest;
  • authors can get quick responses from the Review Team reps via the ticket system;
  • the ability to assign more than 1 category to the digital products from the author's profile;
  • Net15 payments.

How to Join & Start Making Money on the Digital Marketplace

Generally speaking, there are 4 key steps that authors need to take in order to start making money on the marketplace. These are:

  1. Fill in and sign author application. At this stage, you will need to specify what types of digital products you create and whether you would like those to be sold on the marketplace.
  2. Get in touch with the personal manager. This is a person who will take care of the organizational issues. The personal manager will clarify all details about the files that you submit, as well as specify the details on how you'd like to cash your earnings.
  3. Wait until the product page is designed for you. Once it's ready, you will receive an email notification.
  4. Start earning money. You will receive earnings from the themes sod on the digital marketplace on a monthly basis.

market place

How to Earn Money on the Digital Marketplace?

Your earnings directly depend on the quality of the themes you sell. Better products are priced higher and get more chances to receive top rankings from the clients. On TemplateMonster marketplace, every client can express his reflections about the purchased theme via a comment left on the product page. There is a feature to rate each item. The more positive feedbacks you receive and the higher your digital products are rated, the greater chances to earn more income you'll have.

TemplateMonster is known as the site where you can participate in seasonal promo campaigns and buy premium website templates at good discounts. As an author, you are the only one to decide if you want discounts to be applied to your digital products or you wish them to be always available for download at the regular price.

Promote! The better you promote your themes, the more clients will be involved, and the higher earnings you will generate. TemplateMonster will promote new authors and products through their own channels.  Still, you can apply more effort to promote your own digital stuff on your own. These may be your personal blog, site, social media, affiliate program, whatsoever.

As an author, you are the only one who is responsible for the earnings that you will generate.

Exclusive VS Non-exclusive

TemplateMonster marketplace accepts both exclusive and non-exclusive templates. It's up to an author to decide whether he wants his digital products to be sold at exclusively (and thus earn up to 70% commission from each sale) or on other sites also (in such a case, the maximum commission from each sale on the digital marketplace will be 40%).

The types of digital products that authors can submit to the digital  marketplace include:

digital marketplace

As soon as an author submits a digital product to the digital marketplace, it will be reviewed by the expert team of marketers, designers, and coders.  If the submitted template is built in accordance with the requirements explained in the "author agreement', then an author will be suggested with the lowest and highest cost of his digital product (based on the item quality and the availability of the customer support). The final cost of the digital product can be adjusted by the author himself within a 15% price range.

Ask Your Personal Advisor

You are never left alone. You can always ask your personal advisor for help. No matter what worries you, you will always receive qualified assistance.

sell digital goods

So, if you were looking for a chance to expand your client base and boost your earnings, then TemplateMonster marketplace is the right way to go. Become an Author, submit your creative designs, and see the earning grow by leaps and bounds.

P.S. If you want to learn more about the digital marketplace and learn some valuable tips on how to grow your revenue, then follow our updates. A free eBook covering all aspects of selling themes on the TemplateMonster marketplace will be released really soon.

Stay tuned for more!

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