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Nov 17, 2017

For a long time, loyalty programs have been a staple of coffee shops, grocery stores, airlines, and sports outfit companies.

The ability to earn bonuses or additional discounts as you purchase something from a certain company sounds really alluring. Just imagine, you can collect enough bonuses to get your much dreamed of product or service for free! And what about digital products? Is there a way to earn cashback bonuses on your orders? From now on, TemplateMonster customers can earn rewards and save money as they download premium products from the digital marketplace.

If you are a regular visitor to the TemplateMonster digital marketplace and keep a close eye on the new products that are uploaded by the vendors, then you should have noticed the new offer that appears on the product pages. TemplateMonster has launched the loyalty program, letting all of its customers receive cashback bonuses from the purchase of the digital products.

Who Can Participate in the Loyalty Program?

It doesn't matter if you are a new customer or you have been buying themes from TemplateMonster ever since its foundation, you can participate in the Loyalty Program.

You can receive cashback bonuses on the price of digital products that have a special "Loyalty Program" icon on their pages. The more items you buy the more bonuses you will receive and, as a result, the more cash you will save on your future orders.

Start Saving

What About Vendors?


All vendors selling their digital products at templatemonster.com participate in the Loyalty Program by default, thus increasing the number of sales and growing their customer base.

In the vendor control panel, there is now a separate section where they can keep track of the Loyalty Program stats. Each time a vendor submits a new product to the digital marketplace, he can decide whether or not he wants the new item to participate in the loyalty program.

How Does It Work?

The goal of the Loyalty Program from TemplateMonster is to let all avid buyers earn up to 30% in bonuses fro, each order placed in the digital marketplace and save extra cash on the future orders. In order to enroll in the Loyalty Program, a customer must make a valid purchase of any item at TemplateMonster, that is covered by the Loyalty Program.

  • A buyer can get 3-30% in cashback bonuses credited to his loyalty account balance.
  • The bonuses can be used to pay for the further orders at templatemonster.com. With the bonus funds, a customer can pay the full or partial order amount. The rest can be paid through any supported payment method.
  • The bonuses are valid for 1 year from the date when they were added. So, if a buyer doesn't use them during the year, they will simply expire.

How to Calculate Cashback Bonuses

A customer can earn from 3% to 30% in cashback bonuses on the new orders in the marketplace. The cashback percentage depends on the number of orders and the general cost of the items that you purchase.

For example, for the 1st order with the subtotal of $80-$139, you will receive the 5% cashback bonus. For the 2nd order of $80-$139, you'll be given the 10% bonus. The 3rd order for $80-$139 will provide you with the 15$ cashback. The 7th order for $80-$139 will add 25% to your personal balance.

As you can see, your personal level in the loyalty programs depends on the 2 major factors :

  • the number of orders placed;
  • and the total amount of cash spent for each purchase.

Terms & Conditions

Only those digital products from the marketplace that feature a special icon on their pages participate in the loyalty program. Every vendor decides whether or not he wants his items to be sold for bonuses.

  • Even if the selected digital product is sold at a discount, the customer will get bonuses added to the order cost.
  • You can pay with bonuses only for those products that are part of the loyalty program.
  • You can pay for the entire new order with bonuses, provided that all items that you have added to your cart participate in the loyalty program. If the bonuses on your balance cover the total cost of your order, you won't need to make any extra payments.
  • The bonuses are added only to the new orders placed in the marketplace with the commencemenr of the loyalty program (starting from November 13, 2017).
  • If you wish, you can split the payment into several parts to make a payment using bonuses and alternative payment methods.
  • Free products are not added to the loyalty program. So, even if you download a freebie, this won't affect your level.

Are you ready to receive your first bonuses? Get started NOW!

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