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TM Marketplace Revamped Product Uploader in Vendor Cabinet

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Great news for all vendors in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace! Now, you can enjoy the quicker and easier way to upload your items via your personal profile. Thanks to the revamped Product Uploader, you do not need to wait when the Review Team approves your web templates in order to fill in the marketing details.

From now on, you can upload your .zip file together with the marketing info, pricing details, presentational images, price tag, and other data so that the Review Team is presented with the explicit information about your item.

Previously, vendors could add marketing details about their digital products only after those were approved by the Review Team. This took some time, so the decision was made to speed up the review and approval process.

This is how it happened before:

vendor product upload

This is what the Product Uploader looks like now:

TM Product Uploader

As soon as you fill in all information about your digital product, you can enter your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel IDs. These will help you enhance your future remarketing campaigns. (In case you missed it, we discussed how to set up analytics tools in one of our previous posts.)

When you enter all information about your digital product, click Save Information, and it will be delivered to the Review Team.

P.S. If there are any digital products in your personal cabinet, which haven't been released in the marketplace yet, please add them via the new Product Uploader once again. This is a one-time action, which you do not need to repeat in the future.

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