TemplateMonster Podcast For Designers | Motivational Talk for Creatives, Industry News, and Hilarious Real-life Stories

Jan 09, 2020

TemplateMonster Podcast series is a mix of motivational talk for creatives, heated discussions of the industry news, and hilarious real-life stories. The series is hosted by two of TemplateMonster’s employees Alexandra Payne (video content producer) and Irene Adler (YouTube marketer).

Stay tuned for future episodes!

Podcast Hosts

Alexandra Payne

Video content manager/producer at TemplateMonster.


When it comes to video content production, Alex can brainstorm thousands of brilliant ideas!


It’s always fun talking with Alex, as she knows a ton of different things and is eager to share the knowledge with you!

Irene Adler

YouTube Marketer at TemplateMonster.


Formerly an SEO copywriter, Irene has plunged headlong into the marvelous world of YouTube and video content marketing. She was in love with the idea of starting a podcast.

Episode 1

"Your presents is requested" 🎁 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers | TemplateMonster Podcast Ep 1."


Welcome the very 1st episode of the TemplateMonster podcast! In the podcast pilot, Alex and Irene are brainstorming gift ideas for designers, sharing gift fails and laughing at real-life experiences.


It’s holiday season, so everyone’s looking for the perfect gift for their friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Designers, web developers, marketers, copywriters will certainly appreciate creative yet useful presents. Finding the right one may be a pain in the neck. But hey! We’re here to help you out! How about a few last-minute gift ideas for creatives?

  • Why presenting an air humidifier must come with a warning?
  • Why re-gifting your presents to a friend is a 100% bad idea?

Matter of fact, our podcast has a TREMENDOUS educational value. The hosts will share a bunch of hilarious real-life gift fails with the listeners.

Episode 2

"Design Your Perfect Year: New Year's Resolutions to Make 2020 Rock | TemplateMonster Podcast Ep.2"


TemplateMonster Podcast is back! We are beyond happy to greet you in a new year.


2020 is here and this is the time when we feel like this year "everything will get better". And it will! If we learn how to set goals the right way... To finally get your dream job, to gain more subscribers on Instagram, to make more money, to grow your own freelance business, and more others.


On this episode, let's talk about how to make New Year's Resolutions and actually stick to them, so we can achieve all our ambitious goals!


We'll discuss what designers and other creative professionals often want to change about their workflow, and what habits and practices will help you refine your skills, become a better specialist and boost your productivity.


Here are some of the designers' resolutions we'll touch upon in this episode:


0. STAY HEALTHY - the importance of mental and physical health
1. Update that portfolio
2. Start a blog
3. Stop blindly following design trends
4. Clear out your workspace
5. Perfect your workflow
6. Experiment with technology and widen your skillset
7. Drink less coffee
8. Strike a better work-life balance
9. Start a side project


Our Bookworm's Corner:

  • "Atomic Habits" by James Clear
  • "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod
  • "5 Morning Rituals that Help You Win the Day" by Tim Ferriss

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