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For TemplateMonster Vendors Exclusively: Start a Remarketing Campaign and Boost Your Sales

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TemplateMonster digital marketplace grows and enhances all the time. There is a range of cool tools that will be appreciated by both customers and vendors. We do not miss a chance to implement something new in order to help you get the most of our products and services. As a vendor selling in the digital marketplace, you are likely to be looking for the wider range of ways to promote your own items and attain the maximum conversion rates.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to the brand-new functionality that you cannot find in other digital marketplaces. From now on, all vendors can grow sales with the remarketing campaigns while simply adding their Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel IDs in the vendor account settings.

Why Do You Need This?

Using the new functionality, all TemplateMonster vendors can collect remarketing groups and ad lists thus growing the online customers reach and boosting their sales numbers. Every business that sells products and services on the web searches for the ways to gain the wider public recognition, become more noticeable and target the right audiences.  This is when such tools as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel come in handy. Both of these may be not new to you.

You may even have used any of these in your online marketing strategy. And what if someone told you that you can make your online campaign twice more effective if you use both of these tools simultaneously? This is when the new functionality in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace will come in handy.

How Does It Work?

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Google Analytics is widely known as one of the most reliable tools to discover the user behavior on your site, see the users' preferences and thus upload your web pages with the content that is of the greatest interest to your audience. If you are looking for the ways to take better control of the conversion tracking and handle remarketing products like a pro, then you will need to set up Analytics tracking with gtag.js, i.e. the web tagging library that works for Google's site measurement. With its help, you can benefit from the most innovative features and integrations whenever those become available.

In order to start using Google Analytics tracking ID, you will need to create a property in Google Analytics (1 property for each website that you want to track). Creating a property generates a tracking ID, which you will find in your gtag.js tracking snippet.

In order to find the tracking ID, you need to:

  • Sign into your Google Analytics account.
  • Reach the Admin page and select an account from the ACCOUNT column.
  • Select a property from the PROPERTY column.
  • Under the PROPERTY, click Tracking info > Tracking code. Your Tracking ID will be displayed at the top of the page.

Insert your tracking ID in the tracking code snippet.

Copy the following snippet and paste it right after the <head> tag on all pages of your site. Replace GA_TRACKING_ID with your own Analytics tracking ID.

<!-- Global Site Tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
 <script async src=""></script>
 window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
 function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
 gtag('js', new Date());
 gtag('config', 'GA_TRACKING_ID');

In order to check if everything works right, go to your site and verify whether your visit was registered in the Real-Time reports.

Facebook Pixel ID

Facebook Pixel ID is an analytics tool that lets you measure the efficiency of your ad campaigns and get a better understanding of the user behavior on your site. Simply put, this is a small piece of code that Facebook will provide to you, which you will put on your site afterward. Don't be scared that you won't be able to manage it. It's really easy. Moreover, Facebook will give you instructions and even offer the help of their technically skilled specialists who can get the job done for you (if needed).

With the help of Facebook Pixel ID, you can:

  • Check whether your Facebook ads reach the right audiences. It lets you find new customers or people who visited your web page/took the desired actions there.
  • With the help of the Lookalike feature, you can find users who are similar to your best customers, thus growing your client reach.
  • Create new target audiences.
  • Receive access to additional Facebook ads tools.
  • Drive more sales as you set up automatic bidding to target customers who are more likely to take an action.
  • Understand the efficiency of your campaigns on seeing conversion rates and sales.

How to Set up Facebook Pixel ID

In order to create a Facebook pixel, you need to:

Open the Pixels tab in the Ads Manager.

remarketing campaign

Click "Create a Pixel". You will see a popup window asking you to enter your Pixel Name. On doing this, you are asked click the confirmation button. Next, there will be a popup asking you in what way you'd like the Pixel to be added to your site:

remarketing campaign

How to Add Pixel to Your Website?


Find here.

How to Set Up Remarketing Campaigns with TemplateMonster

From now on, TemplateMonster helps vendors to run an effective remarketing campaign.

Vendors can track their sales stats for every product that they sell in the marketplace via their Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel IDs while completing quick adjustments in the profile settings. In order to track the sales effectiveness on your site, sign in to your vendor profile and find the Analytics option in the Settings tab:

remarketing campaign

Click "Add" in order to specify your Account IDs:

remarketing campaign

Click "Save" and track your sales stats.

Additionally, every vendor can ling the vendor pages in the marketplace with their official social media accounts. The respective functionality is available in the vendor profile settings:

remarketing campaign

A vendor can connect his page in the marketplace with up to 10 most popular social media platforms:

remarketing campaign

TemplateMonster Vendors List

All vendors that are registered in the marketplace and sell their items at are added to the Vendors List. This is a separate page featuring the general info and ratings. This is the place where a customer can see:

  • vendors rating;
  • the total number of vendors sales;
  • the number of products that a vendor sells in the marketplace;
  • the working period, i.e. for how long a vendor sells his products in the marketplace;
  • all platforms that a vendor works with.

There are 1,200+ vendors who joined the digital marketplace at the moment. A customer can look through the entire list of vendors or search for a specific vendor using his name and nickname.

With a click on the vendor name, a client is taken to the Vendor Page. Each vendor who is registered in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace is provided with his own profile page where a client can see more details about the digital products and services being provided by the vendor, as well as his rating info.

For example, on the Vendor Page, you can see more details concerning the vendors' ratings. For example, ZEMEZ has been with TemplateMonster for more than 7 years already. The vendor has uploaded 4,000+ digital products to the marketplace, which have been sold for 188,000+ times.  The vendor is given the personal rating of 67/100, which is caused by such factors as Design Index, Support Quality Index, and Users' Rating.

remarketing campaigns

Now, the vendor can reach the wider web audience through the online remarketing campaign. All that is needed is to enter their Facebook and Google Analytics IDs in the profile settings and link the vendor page with the popular social media service for the better efficiency.

That's pretty much it.

Go ahead and try how the remarketing campaigns work. Reaching the wider audiences and multiplying your earnings is easier than you think!

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