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How I Reached the “Top 5” in the TemplateMonster Web Design Studios Catalog

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TemplateMonster marketplace is more than just a provider of quality website templates. This is also a trusted resource where freelancers and web developers can find new opportunities for their professional growth.

The ability to launch sites from their ready-made website templates save time and money on website development and boost earnings is luring to both beginners and top design studios.

My web design studio was no exception.

So, let me introduce myself. I am Alexander Sviridov, the founder of the And here is my success story of the cooperation with TemplateMonster.


We partnered with TemplateMonster not that long ago.

Once, I came across a commercial on Facebook, from which I learned about the Certification Center offered by TemplateMonster. I saw that it targeted both beginners and experts. I decided to check my knowledge and completed a test for webmasters who know how to work with ready-made themes.

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It didn’t take me too long to pass the test. As soon as I clicked the submit button, I was reached by Steve who was impressed by my high score (I got 95%).

Having seen my high score, Steve offered me an opportunity to be the part of Web Studios Catalogue by TemplateMonster, featuring over 3,000 freelancers registered since its launch in 2016.

It didn’t cost me a single penny. I applied. Next morning, I received an email from Gerald Smith with the confirmation of my application. I was astonished to learn that my profile had been already added to the Catalogue of certified TemplateMonster partners.

To cut a long story short, it took me merely 30 minutes to pass a quiz and receive a certificate from TemplateMonster, confirming my level of expertise of working with WordPress themes. I also received a discount on all themes from TemplateMonster and became their affiliate partner.

Now, you can find us in the Web Design Studios Catalogue.

web studio catalogue

The moment when I was certified by TemplateMonster I was already working with a client who was rathe picky. We provided him with three different design variations for a tattoo salon website. However, none of the mockups that we provided were to his liking. This is when I came up with an idea to show him 5 different live demos of themes from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

To my big surprise, he really liked one of the designs and requested to make his tattoo salon website look exactly the same as on the live demo.

The budget for this project allowed us to order the theme installation from TM Service Center for $49 (as a comparison – my programmer earns $60/hour for the same kind of job). This was my first experience of working with TemplateMonster themes, which was really beneficial to us.

Afterwards, we installed RMS shop on our site.

In fact, TemplateMonster affiliate managers did it for us in about 30 minutes at absolutely no cost.

By doing this, I can show live demo versions of website templates to our customers, without a single reference to TemplateMonster.


I partnered with TemplateMonster 5 months ago. As of now, I already have 14 web projects launched with the help of their ready-made themes.

Wrapping it up, I would like to say that I am really satisfied with the quality of website templates, technical support, tools, and the advantages of their affiliate program.

During the last 5 months, I managed to reach the Top 5 web design studios in Belarus. Being listed in the Web Design Studios Catalogue rewarded me with several new clients who requested customization of TemplateMonster themes.

To sum up, I am really happy to be a TemplateMonster affiliate partner. I believe this is only the beginning of our long and successful cooperation.

If you are a freelancer or run your own webdesign studio, then go ahead and follow my example.

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