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What’s Up, Monster? [TemplateMonster Weekly Briefing #14]

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Today is Monday, that’s the first day of my working week and I believe it’s yours as well. If you are not in a hurry, have a cup of coffee and if you have a few minutes to spare, hop in and I will gladly share with you a few key items of news and articles you’ll enjoy this week.

By the way, do you recognize this man? That’s right, it’s Raymond Loewy, the father of industrial design. You know why I placed his photo as this post’s featured image? I’ve recently stumbled upon a great article in The Atlantic about him and, oh man, it was a great read.

For those who enjoy this kind of material, just as I do, feel free to check out the full article on this amazing person.

Well, now it’s time to review some news and material I prepared for you today, so let’s get a move on!

A brief guide on iPhone X website designs

This is how the iPhone X looks
This is how the iPhone X looks

As you will all recall, Apple recently launched and presented the iPhone X. The first question that sprang to all the developers’  minds was about the rules and guidelines that everyone will have to follow while building the apps and websites for the iPhone X.

And yeah, basically, it’s all about this unusual curve on the upper part of the new smartphone.
And yeah, basically, it’s all about this unusual curve on the upper part of the new smartphone.

That’s why I decided to share this article from the Webkit with you. It’s a small guide on designing the iPhone X websites with examples and live demos that you may click around and enjoy.

No worries, guys, we’ll get used to this new device as we have got used to everything before, just give it some time!

ThemeZilla is history now

As a key player in the template building industry, we couldn’t leave this situation without a look or a brief comment.

This is the e-mail that was sent to the customers of ThemeZilla
This is the e-mail that was sent to the customers of ThemeZilla

ThemeZilla, one of the WordPress template providers, is closing its doors for new customers. The official reason is shifting the focus of the company to eCommerce and other platforms, so people at ThemeZilla decided that they don’t want their WordPress themes’ website to languish and become tarnished without the proper development and attention from the team. Well, that’s a difficult, yet right decision.

We believe that it’s always important to make sure that you are ready to give your 100% to each and every client, so when you see that it’s not possible, it’s time to let it go and go conquer the other mountains.

It’s always sad to see someone leave this ‘game’, but we can only wish all the best to the ThemeZilla team!

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How well do you remember the branding of the industry leaders?

This is the funniest and coolest thing that I’ve seen for quite a long time. Guys from the asked more than 150 Americans to draw the top 10 iconic logos from memory and uploaded all the drawings online.

The Starbucks logo made me laugh so freaking hard!
The Starbucks logo made me laugh so freaking hard!

The idea is great, actually. We all admire the iconic logos like Apple, Starbucks, etc. But how deep are they ‘branded’ into our memory? This is a great way to see how important is the simplicity of your logo is.

You can see how easy it was for everyone to draw the logo of Apple and Ikea, for example. However, everyone had so many problems drawing the Dominos and Starbucks logos.

The statistics are fun, just take a look
The statistics are fun, just take a look

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TemplateMonster Office News

We have plenty of news for you today, so I hope you’re ready. The news will be great for those who love Joomla and Shopify CMS, so if you’re not one of them you can scroll down and skip this one… or check out our latest releases and become a fan of one of those CMS, it’s your choice!

First of all, we have recently launched the first Joomla template with the T3 Framework. From now on, we plan to use this framework in each and every new Joomla release.

Financial Advisor Responsive Joomla Template

weekly review

Live Preview | Purchase

Take a look around and check out the advantages that this framework gives to your website. The live demo of our template will be a great example for you.

For those who love the eCommerce functionality in Joomla Virtuemart, we have released a new template called the QuickFood.

Fast Food Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template

Food Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

Meet the latest Joomla news template. This one has been crafted and designed by our team while keeping in mind the importance of news-centered design for the magazine and news websites.

News Portal Responsive Joomla Template

News Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

One of the key things to keep in mind here is that this template has been designed without any third-party modules, only default Joomla functionality!

We decided to play around with the popular premium component called the SP Page Builder and created the ‘High Level’ Joomla template. Here, take a look, we believe it looks pretty great!

SMM Agency Joomla Template

SMM Agency Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

Our most popular Joomla templates got the most recent updates and here is a list of the fellas that got updated:

Jedi - Multifunctional Joomla Template

Jedi Joomla Theme

Live preview | Purchase

Jumerix - Multipurpose Joomla Template

Jumerix Joomla Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

Wegy Joomla Template

Wegy Joomla Theme

Live preview | Purchase

Our Shopify team released a template called the ‘Multifly’ and it includes 3 templates in it. So, basically, you get 3 Shopify themes for the price of one, how cool is that?

Multifly - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multify Shopify Theme

Live preview | Purchase

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Story of the week

A great story about the Snowbird company that placed a 1-star review on their ad and it turned out to be an awesome marketing move!


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