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Happy Thanksgiving Day Dear TemplateMonstrian Community!

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Dear readers, may the good things of life be yours in abundance not only at Thanksgiving, but throughout the coming year! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Let's spend some time speaking about the origin of this great holiday! For the first time Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in 1621 by English colonists who lived in Plymouth Colony. Previous winter was very hard and brought hunger, next winter also promised to bring colonists lots of misfortune. That’s why Governor William Bradford decided to raise the spirits of his men and organize the first Thanksgiving Day. The holiday was celebrated together with British colonists and their neighbors, Indians, who help Plymouth colony to survive the starvation.

Puritans brought into this celebration deep religious sense - they revised it as an opportunity to thank God for his mercy. Later Thanksgiving became the national holiday after the relevant decree of the first president, George Washington signed in 1789.

Thanksgiving Day is associated with numerous traditions that Americans hold sacred and honored. All family members to go to church and after the service meet at the holiday table.

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day charity flourishes: Americans are trying to feed and somehow please their neighbors, who got an unlucky life. Even on subway stations they set special table, where everybody can put their donations, including food. The newspapers publish ads similar to this: "If you donate $ 1.90 - You can give the homeless a hot meal or a poor countryman. By donating $ 19, you can help feed 10 people ... " etc. On the eve charity organizations hand out gifts to indigent and organize meals for the homeless.

The second most important attribute of Thanksgiving is the turkey. At the first festival colonists and the Indians roasted and ate four turkeys, which they shot in the nearby woods. Since then, turkey and Thanksgiving are almost synonyms; aviculturists feed turkeys specifically for this holiday. The third attribute of celebration are the parades (mostly dressed in 17th century clothes and costumes Indians) and fun.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. Thank you, dearest Alex, Happy Thanksgiving Day to your Team, you and your family! Blessings and all the best! 🙂

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