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TemplateMonster’s Top Fans of July Awards

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Alright, time has come to award our July's top Facebook fans based on the activity info provided by the Booshaka app. Once again for those who don't know - during a month the magical app watches over the fans' activity on TemplateMonster's Facebook page and based on the number of likes, posts and comments rates our fans.

Once the month is done we award top 10 fans - it's all as simple as that.

In July our Top Fan is once again Noah Holland (by the way, happy birthday Noah!). He took the first place with 475 points. So he gets a free template, as usually. Also free templates go to Robin Lang and Oscar Leonardo Serrano Cadena who took second and third places respectively. 50% discount goes to #4, #5 and #6 (Bajan Heat, Will Yoo and Damon Sson respectively). And finally, 40% discounts will be delivered to #7, #8, #9 and #10 - these are Michelle Mauricio, Michael Giordano, Recep Ozgul and Jeremy Wattrelos. Thanks everyone for the time and efforts you've put in your activity on our Facebook page, we hope it was just as much fun for you all as it was for us.

And since it was a lot of fun, we'll happily award the top Facebook fans of our page in early September as well, based on the fans' activity during August 2011. So in case you're not in the Top 10 this time you're welcome to enter a competition right now - making it to the top 10 is very easy. See you next time!

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  1. Hey tm im sorry plz activate my facebook activity


  2. I haven’t seen a better example of a company, integrating in such a great way, the social networks into their business and clients. Thanks TM. You really are a case of success worthy of been follow.
    @TM… thank you very much… greetings from Colombia..

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