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Thank You Pages: 6-Step Upgrade

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Any online store has a Thank you page. But most marketers "leave it blank" without offering some other things to already converted clients. Let’s consider six options that can engage your customers do some other targeted actions at your store.

  • Offer cross-sale products. Somewhere half of those who already bought stuff at your site will be interested to browse more, but the blank “thank you page” they see makes ‘em close the window and wait for the arrival of their order.
  • Newsletter subscription. Some website owners excessively use this option at their website. Use newsletters wisely and don’t make em hate you for all those “Subscribe to my newsletter”, “Oh please subscribe...”, “Please, please, please...”
  • Create account at your store. If you have already simplified the purchase process that allows make an order without registration, still you can offer your client create an account that lets them get additional benefits of your store.
  • Provide useful links to articles about the sold product (in case it’s possible for the product).
  • Social media stuff...let them share with their friends through social media networks info about the product they’ve acquired.
  • Simply ask them a question, like: “What things you’d like to improve?” or “What do you hate about our website?” or any other you find appropriate.

Now let’s have a closer look at each one of these points.

Cross-sale products

One of the best ways to increase sales is to sell products to your existing customers – or those who already want to buy from you – by increasing their average spend. Chances are you've probably been cross-sold or up-sold to before. That magazine or chocolate bar you picked up at the supermarket checkout, the piece of cake you were tempted to have with your coffee, or that digital camera you bought that was just a little bit more expensive but had dozens more features - they're all examples of cross- and up-selling.

The beauty of cross-selling and up-selling is that you are selling to people who are already interested in buying from you by letting them know what else you can do for them, so your job is made much easier than if you were selling to a cold lead. The key is to sell them something that is relevant and useful.

Newsletter subscription

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, a newsletter gives you a little more space to share valuable information about what’s going on within your company, any new products or promotions you’re offering, and how they can get access to them. A newsletter gives you a chance to expand your communication in an organized way, directing it to the people who will value it the most.

Another benefit of having a newsletter is that it goes directly to your customer’s email box, giving you an active role in your bringing in customers, as opposed to just waiting for them to come to you. Just like a phone call from an old friend, a newsletter is a pleasant and helpful reminder that your company exists. Plus, an email newsletter is less likely to get lost in the shuffle of social media updates. It’s something that your customers will easily be able to go back to.

Create account

Average internet user has not less than 200 accounts created on web resources all around the web, starting from some local forums for dog owners up to some advanced networks. If a user creates account on any website he’s given an opportunity to use benefits

Useful links

This section would be really useful for every person. Everyone is interested to know some useful info about the product they bought, let's consider an exact example I bought a Galaxy SIII smartphone, I’m already really aware of it's capabilities cause I’ve read dozens of articles, watched same amount of video reviews at Youtube, but still I'm interested to know more. People who buy smartphones

Social media sharing

Among other options this one is the most important. We are all into social networking we use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on and so forth. So why not to let them tap once again that share button or to brag in Twitter about the product they’ve just got. Besides asking to share the specific purchased item you may suggest “following” your brand on Twitter and “liking” it on Facebook or perhaps offer invites to upcoming events.

Ask a question

This can be presented in a way of a form where user, upon his mood, will answer a specific question, or in a way of a survey where one needs to check the necessary answers (writing a full-length answer is not really an option cause people are too lazy to use their keyboards).

So, will it help?

These points are not supposed to replace or interfere order confirmation – you need to show order summary and all the pieces of info one needs to know about the order.

These ideas should be seen as supplemental components that can reduce checkout friction and further engage the customer. You can experiment and try out some different combinations. Think about your sphere: there are other unique opportunities you can capitalize on, creating delight and increasing revenue.

Feel free to share your own ideas and experiences in the comments.

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