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8 Useful Tips to Increase Effectiveness of a Mass E-mail Campaign Up to 35%

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Marketers use many channels of communication these days, but email remains the most powerful tool regarding ROI. However, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know how to launch a successful mass email campaign. They receive poor feedback and their messages sometimes even end up in the spam folder.

As a serious marketer, you can’t allow yourself to make such mistake. You need to be prepared and deliver the best result, paying attention to each segment of this process. In this article, we will show you eight tips that can increase the effectiveness of your mass email campaign up to 35%.

8 Steps to Perfect Email Marketing

Marketing specialists at Rush My Essay often say that there are a few essential and mandatory actions which can prevent email campaigns from falling apart. These actions include proofreading, spam prevention, or A/B testing. However, our goal here is to go beyond basic rules of email marketing and reveal tricks that can improve its productivity by more than a third. Let’s take a closer look at these tips.

Create a catchy subject line

A subject line is the first thing receivers notice when you send them an email, so you have to come up with the solution to grab their attention immediately. Make it sound appealing and exciting to the target audience or else they will just forget about your message.

Here’s a simple example:

  • Boring subject line: New language courses available
  • Mind-tickling subject line: Learn a language with only 5 minutes a day

The first solution doesn’t tell you anything fresh and exciting about the language course. On the other hand, the second option sounds very interesting, and it’s hard to imagine someone who could neglect an email with this kind of subject line.

Optimize for mobile experience

Today, more than 50% of users read emails on mobile devices, which means that you have to adapt messages to fit the mobile experience. Users who notice technical issues in your emails will switch to another activity and probably unsubscribe from your mailing list. For this reason, you need to adapt email campaign and make the messages look good on all sorts of mobile devices. Pay attention to every detail - sometimes text font will change, while some other time you could experience an issue with images. Keep this in mind and don’t send emails before testing.

email campaign effectiveness

Don’t send from noreply@ address

The final objective of each marketing campaign is to inspire users to engage and take some action. As a businessman, you most likely want them to buy something or check out your latest products. But if you send them emails from noreply@ or donotreply@ addresses, it immediately suggests that they shouldn’t do anything about your message. It’s a real party breaker regarding CTA, and you must use the different email address in marketing campaigns. We suggest you utilize an official brand name or even a personal email to get closer to your followers. Whichever option you choose, it will bring you more benefits than noreply@.

Mind the segmentation

Some marketers think that every message is appropriate for all users. They couldn’t be more wrong. According to the study, almost 80% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted and triggered campaigns. Segmentation is one of the critical aspects of successful email marketing campaigns, so you need to know an average buyer persona.

Some of your subscribers only want to receive information about coupons or discounts. At the same time, some users want you to keep them updated about new products or corporate events. You have to understand how your target groups think and design email marketing campaigns accordingly.

Consider timing and frequency

Let’s say that your target group consists of business people. When is the best time to send them emails? This is an essential question that you should answer correctly if you want to increase the effectiveness of mass campaigns. In our experience, business people usually check their emails before or after work. This means that you should send emails to these subscribers early in the morning or later in the evening.

Additionally, you don’t want to burden followers with new emails each day. A recent survey showed that almost 30% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails more than once per week. In other words, 70% of them don’t want to read your emails each week, so you should probably send them messages around three times a month. This is not too much, but you still get to remind subscribers about your work often enough.

Offer incentives

People love free stuff. It’s a well-known fact, and you should exploit it whenever possible. If you provide subscribers with some special offer, you should design landing pages to lead them directly to the gift. In this case, it is allowed to send a series of emails to boost the interest of your target group – they will appreciate the fact that you give them something free of charge and won’t mind your reminders.

email campaign effectiveness

Personalize your messages

Personalization is the next step of email marketing segmentation. Using segmentation, you address a smaller group of subscribers who share similar interests. With personalization, you go straight to the individual user and treat him/her as a friend.

For instance, you can use their first names at the beginning of an email. Furthermore, you can analyze previous activities of this same subscriber to learn about his/her interests and send the corresponding offer. A study proved that personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, which is a perfect reason to embrace this email newsletter templates technique .

Measure campaign results

Measuring results is the only way to be sure that your email campaign is making the desired effect. It will reveal both the good and the bad sides of your strategy and show you the direction in which to go in the future. To measure campaign results, you should analyze these elements:

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • CTR
  • Bounce rate
  • Revenue per email
  • Conversion rate

These are all relevant indicators of campaign productivity, so try to keep them in mind and make future email marketing activities flawless.


Email campaigns have the potential to skyrocket your business and bring you a lot of new customers. But you need to be careful about this type of marketing and embrace the most productive techniques before launching it. In this article, we showed you eight tips to increase the effectiveness of a mass email campaign. Don’t hesitate to give our tips a try and let us know in comments if you need additional explanations about any one of our suggestions.

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