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You wander, but don’t feel lost? Just like to do things and go places. All you need for life and work is in your backpack? You are a digital nomad and we are going to make your journeys even more enjoyable with all those tools for each and every need you might have on the road, from finding the place to spend the night to free WiFi around you.

We will talk about nomads and nomadic lifestyle a little to bring up to date those who are not in the trend yet and then pass over to the tools, apps, plugins, and resources for nomads.

Who are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn their living and live a nomadic lifestyle.

Nomads typically work remotely, generally from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces and even recreational vehicles, to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace.

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Digital nomads use advanced technologies like wireless internet, smartphones, Voice over IP, and cloud-based applications to work remotely wherever they live or travel.

They often use coworking spaces like cafes, house sitting agreements, and shared offices in major cities around the world.

Digital nomads don’t cease to travel while working with clients or employers.

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Surely, this sort of lifestyle is rather challenging sometimes. The issues may be connected with maintaining international health insurance with coverage globally, abiding by different local laws and sometimes obtaining work visas, and maintaining long-distance relationships with friends and family back home.

Other difficulties may also include time zone differences, the difficulty of finding a reliable Internet connection, and the absence of delineation between work and leisure time.

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The digital nomadic lifestyle is growing popularity now. The first international conference for digital nomads (DNX GLOBAL) took place in Berlin, Germany in 2015, besides websites providing cost of living and other useful data to help them choose where to visit pop up like mushrooms after the rain. We will also make our contribution to spreading this epidemic of thrill, freedom, and adventures.

From my point of view, nerds become nomads because of different reasons. Some of us lose connections or even never had them, some just need to break the routine, some want to see the world, some start to understand that the things we own are our owners in their turn, and so on.

While you are thinking if you are ready to become a nomad, we will provide their booming community with tools, apps, plugins and resources that will relive many of their headaches.

If you are a nomad web designer/developer, click this link for Themes for Sports, Outdoors & Travel Websites, they will incredibly speed up your work process and help you meet your deadlines. Use multiple filters on to find exactly what you need.

Tools for digital nomads list:

Tools for Android

tools for digital nomads

  • WiFire - automatically connect to free Wi-Fi around you. All of us have been there - yet another "open" or free WiFi hotspot. Register, login and all the other pain there is. WiFire does away with all that.
  • Shift - eliminates time zones and makes scheduling calls a breeze. No matter how much you enjoy having a remote team, there is always one issue with that - scheduling a call which includes colleagues from more than one time zone. Shift allows you to schedule calls across different time zones and immediately see what time will be at other participants' time zones. Call invitations can be easily sent from within the app and all participants will receive an e-mail with all required information. If you are in a hurry, you can use 3D Touch to quickly create events from your home screen.
  • Horizon for Android - provides short and midrange stays within trusted networks. Horizon for Android offers new support for sublets. The app enables you to list your sublet opportunity with an indicator of whether you can offer a floor, couch, room, or apartment along with a paragraph to explain the situation (dates, price, pets, etc.) & link to an external site with photos (AirBnB, Craigslist, Dropbox, etc). You can then make that space available to your trusted network of friends, friends of friends, and communities/groups.
  • Guides by Lonely Planet helps to explore city guides curated by experts.
  • TheSquareFoot allows to easily find the right office space for your budget.
  • Breather 2.0 allows finding a space of your own faster with more flexible scheduling.
  • Better Diary (Android) allows capturing your favorite experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

Tools for iPhone

  • Café Wifi shares cafés and their Wi-Fi speeds with Foursquare check-ins.
  • BucketListly 4.0 is the most beautiful & advanced bucket list you will ever have. The idea is simple, you can create a bucket list, keep track of your life goals and easily share your "achievement unlocked" moments to your followers and friends. The goal is to create a community of travelers to come together, discuss and share life lessons and knowledge, and encourage people to achieve more in their lives. The app is equipped with powerful tools for you to manage hundreds of goals while keeping it simple to use and pretty on the eyes.
  • Pretty Streets allows to discover cities through customized walking itineraries.
  • NomadMe is a Nomad List and Remote OK viewer app. It also provides some additional information on the remote jobs from You’ll enjoy figuring out where to live next and how to make money on the road.
  • Vindora provides relaxing alpine ambients to keep you calm.
  • Lookmark 2 lets you save iTunes content for later. Lookmark is an iOS app that collects all your lookmarks. Lookmarks are iTunes items (apps, movies, podcasts etc.) that you have discovered but didn’t want to download at that very moment. Perhaps you want to wait until you have a WiFi connection, or maybe you would like to buy an app when the price drops. Lookmark can notify you. You can lookmark items directly from Safari on iOS using the share extension or from any of the iTunes content apps like App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks etc. And if you are browsing the web from your computer you can lookmark stuff using their browser extensions for Chrome or Safari. Bookmarks will instantly be sent to your iPhone.
  • Inviita 2.0 helps you find experiences that match your mood. In other words, Inviita is helping people everywhere finding great things to do and places to visit.
  • Flip - helps you get out of your lease, hassle free.
  • Sup 3.0 is a creep-free way to see nearby friends.
  • Lookmark lets you bookmark apps to save and download later.
  • Wonders is an inspiration app for stories about travel and outdoor culture. The app was developed to inspire people to go and play outside.
  • RingMeMaybe is a phone number for every occasion. Virtual SIM cards over IP. Burner forwards the call to your SIM card, RingMeMaybe works entirely over IP and uses Push Notifications to send you the Calls and Texts, so that the App work independently from the mobile carrier and anywhere in the world.

Productivity Tools

  • lets you keep track of where and when your team is. Easily plan meetings + calls with your remote, nomadic team without having to Google. Modern global teams have awesome people spread across multiple time zones. Lots of teams have digital nomads changing locations faster than we can keep up with. Often it gets tricky to remember what time it is where your teammates are. Enter
  • Remotive is an email digest of tips on remote work and productivity.
  • Quill - collaborative drawing and wireframing app for iPad. Quill is meant to be a nimble tool that easily allows you to capture the spark of an idea and then iterate with your team and route it where it needs to go.
  • Travel Butler (iOS) knows almost everything a nomad needs: what to pack, where to eat and what to see.

Web Tools

  • Outsite for Retreats is team retreats and offsites as a service. There is a need for more creative live/work spaces for remote workers. Companies and startups teams are also eager to get away from the city and get some work done. Now they make it turnkey for teams and companies to host work getaways as often as they desire.
  • Bench helps to gather rapid fire meetings to get shit done. Even when you’re not in the same room you still see exactly the same thing.
  • Startupbnb - discover unique co-living spaces and co-working spaces.
  • Compton makes it easy to give remote presentations. It helps designers and like to present their work remotely.
  • getWiFi shows you a global map of 500,000+ open, public WiFi hotspots. The developers wanted to make free WiFi simple to find, no app required.
  • Nomad Projects allows finding fellow digital nomads for your next side project.
  • Thisopenspace - discover and book unique short-term commercial spaces. thisopenspace is our solution to make commercial spaces accessible. Brands searching for space connect directly with hosts, find undiscovered spaces, and bring their community together. People with space open their doors and host events growing their business with additional income and reaching new audiences.
  • Monimen - this is like skill bars on graphical resumes, they look slick and draw attention to your strong and weak points.
  • Remotely Awesome Jobs curates remote job posts from around the Web. They're currently scouring 10 sites for remote jobs and plan to add a few more soon. Remotely Awesome looks great on mobile devices too.
  • Higherme is a platform for hiring hourly employees.
  • Remoters is a collection of resources to empower digital nomads & remote professionals.
  • Avoid Humans - a special treat for introverts. Find empty cafes, bars & places nearby.
  • Talentboard 2.0 - the best and simplest way to find remote work. Talentboard sends your CV to 300+ companies for FREE. Also, employers can find remote workers by visiting this page:
  • LinguaTrip Silicon Valley Homestays - experience Silicon Valley as an insider. Stay with locals. This seems like a really cool idea for foreign entrepreneurs to get a quick deep-dive into the Silicon Valley ecosystem.
  • At Nomads is a collection of interviews, tools and tips for the Digital Nomad community. Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned Nomad there should be some helpful stuff. This is an ongoing list that is updated daily.
  • Startup Retreats - find remote work retreats for you and your startup. The thing is not just limited to startup retreats, but also retreats for tech workers like Surf Office and even travel groups for digital nomads like Hacker Paradise and Remote Year. Which in a way are like "startup" retreats.
  • GoRemote - the daily aggregator of all latest remote tech jobs in one place.
  • NomadWiki - find the answers to the key questions of aspiring nomads. The resource is not aimed at collecting all the products aimed for nomads, but rather collecting 80% of answers to questions that aspiring nomad could have. Mostly there are articles with product comparison, researches, and pages that give you a good overview of options.
  • - a simple invoice generator with Stripe.
  • Remotive Jobs - a curated collection of remote startup jobs.
  • Remote Work Stash is a curated directory of remote jobs, books & tools. 100+ resource about remote work (jobs, places to work, tools, books, communities, stories, podcasts, blogs, newsletters).
  • Wifilist helps you find the best WiFi around.

Travel Tools

  • Coworkies is connecting people between coworking spaces. COWORKIES is helping members of coworking spaces to grow their network and find work opportunities globally. A web platform where coworkers can connect with like-minded people to share knowledge by opening discussions on targeted topics; grow their network by browsing / connecting with coworkers from the same space or even around the city or the world; look for job opportunities directly from other coworking people; discover the coworking scene around you by following events and other happenings.
  • Places to Work lets you see 10,000+ places to work from near you. This is made specifically for iPhone and Android. So open it in your browser there and walk around your city and find a nice spot to work on your laptop.
  • Coworking in Town - discover the most popular coworking spaces in your town. Provides a fun way to discover great work environments for startups and connect with them.
  • Nomad List Collections - curated collections of the best places to live and travel. The road map for Nomad List is pretty much doing what Product Hunt does for products and then does it for cities/countries/places. The Nomad List grew from 25 cities to now over 500 and soon over 1,000 cities. Curated collections by famous travelers, entrepreneurs, and athletes (who all travel a lot) have been added recently. The option of letting users make their own collections is available as well.
  • Travelisty 2.0 is an app for travel stories. Here are some new things you can play around with.
  • We Roam - travel and work remotely around the world.
  • If it were my home - see your life in a different country.
  • Tripsak - plan your next trip with the best travel tools in one place. Tripsak will make your life easier as you will have all the data you need about every destination in the world in one place.
  • QuestOrganizer - multi-book your flights. Spend less & find free stopovers. QuestOrganizer knows the optimal cities to add to any flight. Using machine-learning QO compares hundreds of possibilities for every connection & learns from each search you make.
  • Coworker - find your perfect coworking space, anywhere in the world.
  • Traveller Stash - a curated directory of 60 resources & tools for modern traveller. A curated directory of resources and tools can help you while planning your next trip.
  • Tripdelta - save with hidden flights, smart area search & trip splitting. That’s what tripdelta does differently: finds hidden flights by combining rival airlines; its smart area search looks at every airport near your start and destination and checks every single combination to find better alternatives; it splits your return flights into open jaw tickets; etc.
  • Teleport Directory - a curated directory of tools for people on the move. There are great ones and mediocre ones; brand new startups and more established service providers; those focused just on visas and then on the housing or box moving or just plane tickets. Bookmark as reference for your next move, keep coming back for additions.
  • Caravanserai is a Global co-living on a subscription basis. You pay one rent and can travel the world from one paradise to the next, optimized for nomads (super-fast internet, etc.) In a sense this is about not having to worry about your location and work environment. Complete peace of mind. Pick one of the destinations, go there and everything is already set up for you.
  • Modern Atlas - discover where to travel. Modern Atlas is built around the use case of planning trips and exploring new places. It maps out millions of guides and places from Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, and OpenStreetMaps, and gives you the freedom to craft custom maps and trips tailored to your interests.
  • Voyagic helps you with your next perfect trip in just a few taps. Voyagic is different to other travel apps in terms of speed. Just choose a city, select a few personalization options and in a few seconds you’ll get a beautiful timeline of the best attractions, restaurants, and nightlife that you can visit in a single day. Save as many trips as you want for offline and share what you discover with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • NOMAD SPACE - quickly discover and book workspaces in London. Nomad lets you find, book and pay for flexible workspaces from their app.
  • Recharge - take a nap or shower in a luxury hotel. With Recharge there's no need to rent a hotel for a day at a time. If you have a conference or something and want to just have a shower/use the gym, Recharge enables you to pay for the hotel by the minute.
  • Tripnary 2.0 helps you find great places to fly on your budget.
  • Esplorio is the simplest way to record and share your travels. It's a travel app that automatically checks you into the places you visit, maps out your routes, and uploads the photos you take and adds these to your own private digital travel journal.
  • Tripfix - plan your next trip in less than 5 minutes. Tripfix enables you to make your own itinerary using tinder-esque swiping.
  • Work Hard Anywhere - find the best laptop-friendly cafes and workspaces. An iPhone (Android to come) app that helps you discover the best laptop-friendly cafes & workspaces. The app can be currently used to explore 2500+ locations across 600 cities countries.
  • Hitlist 3.0 - plan, share, and book trips with friends. Hitlist helps you find places that excite you, follow friends that inspire you, and scan the best prices for all the types of trips that might interest you.
  • Scout has been built to help travelers do amazing things with no planning. It connects you with local assistants who can find and book any experience.
  • Overnight 2.0 lets you book a last minute room with locals, in seconds. The stays on Overnight are primarily with locals, like you're booking an extra bedroom in their home. The app brings people together and provides an extremely unique local experience. It's not a vacation-rental experience — it's truly home-sharing.
  • Wayzaway - create and share personalized journeys with it. Wayzaway allows you to map a journey and tag interesting places along the way. It’s perfect for people who like to walk and discover little hidden gems when exploring a new city.
  • Nestpick - find your next home online, live anywhere. Nestpick is a rental platform that enables anyone from anywhere to rent their home entirely online.
  • Teleport: Startup Cities lets you discover and budget your next move to 100+ startup cities.
  • Croissant 2.0 unlocks the hottest coworking spaces in your city. The app gets you access to a curated selection of inspiring workspaces.
  • Zenly is a GPS tracker, so you will be able to locate your friends in real-time. Zenly can be compared to a social network built on a map, with your friends and family.
  • Couchsurfing Hangouts connects nearby travelers and locals without the required planning. People primarily use Couchsurfing to stay with a local when they're traveling or to host travelers coming to their town.
  • Party with a Local 2.0 makes your night out anywhere better with a local. With this type of app, it's all about community, and PWAL attracts a fantastic group of people.
  • Startup Retreat Japan - a unique company retreat in Japan. A lot of makers and startups would like to visit rural Japan, though, it's really difficult to approach it without having the right contacts. So, this might help.
  • Patagonia on a Budget - have your adventure on $30/day.
  • Nomad List - the best cities to live and work remotely.
  • The Bleuberry Project - the largest interactive database for the on-demand economy. Bleuberry is a comprehensive, collaborative, and curated, interactive database for the On-Demand + Sharing Economy. It currently covers 26 cities and 16 service categories - Food, Flowers, Alcohol, Convenience, Groceries, Cleaning, Laundry, Handyman, Beauty, Massage, Things to Do, Hotel, Shipping, Pet Care, and Transportation.
  • Nomad House Retreats - retreats with other like-minded digital nomads. On these retreats you'll have the opportunity to work, collaborate and explore with other like-minded nomads.
  • Nomad List 2.0 - find the best cities to live and work remotely. Nomad List indexes the best cities where you can go to live and work remotely. It started with 25 cities and 100 data points, and now has 500+ cities and 50,000+ data points.
  • Worldpackers - exchange your skills for accommodation. It's like Helpx, Workaway, and Skillstay, but there's a variety of skills on the main page, which means that people are actively looking for those skills, such as arts, web development, and even social media (apart from the obvious: social work, gardening, etc.).
  • Nomad House - houses around the world for nomads to live and work together.
  • Horizon delivers trusted contacts (Facebook friends, friends of friends, and common group members) by location with the initial focus of hospitality exchange. Those of you in the Product Hunt Facebook group will be able to find one another from within the app using the Product Hunt filter and indicate whether or not you have a floor, couch, or spare bedroom for out-of-towners passing through.
  • Skypicker - find and book the best low-cost flights all around the world.
  • Travelindicator - a new interactive and data-driven travel guide. Travelindicator takes a data-driven approach to discovering travel destinations and puts the would-be traveler firmly in control of discovering those, allowing you to query our extensive database of travel destinations.
  • Toured - list, discover and book adventure activities and excursions. Their goal is simple, make adventure more accessible.

Hiring & Recruiting

  • RemoteBase - find the best remote companies & jobs.
  • - search jobs by keyword in 50+ countries.
  • We Work Remotely - find your next remote job.
  • Remote | OK - a daily aggregator of all remote jobs. Think of it like a search engine for ALL remote jobs out there. It aggregates all remote jobs from lots of different sources and then if you'd like to apply for a job, it links you back to the source.
  • Jobscribe - a daily email with remote jobs at tech startups. At Jobscribe they pick everything by hand based on trending names in the industry. Each email is focused on the industry, so you never see a job out of your interest. They have a private job board as well for existing members to view older jobs.



  • Destinesia - free housing in Lisbon for digital nomads.
  • - a collection of interviews with remote workers.
  • Coinpip - a better way to pay remote and international employees.
  • Flock - daily standups for remote teams.


  • Taylor - you start with sharing your GPS location with it via chat. Then it can find coffee shops and coworking spaces near you, as well as hotels and hostels. And it takes into account what kind of traveler you are, a budget backpacker, or more expensive expat. And makes recommendations based on that. Also it can tell you people that are around you (based on other people chatting with Taylor). And then you can tap their username and chat to them instantly.


  • Nomad SMS - receive a local SMS anywhere in the world. Nomad SMS allows you easily create a number in one of 15 countries for a few dollars a month. Any SMS sent to that number will then be forwarded to your email / viewable online in your account.


  • Coffee and Power - the best coffee shops for working. Wi-Fi passwords included.
  • Workfrom - best coffee shops and cafés for working.


  • Nomadler - Hacker News for nomads. There is a go-to place that you can visit once in a couple of days and get all the best content curated by nomad-community itself similar to PH, Designer News or Hacker News.
  • Copass - a globally recognized coworking community membership. Copass is basically Coworking on steroids. It allows anyone to access a global network of 300+ coworking spaces (and counting) with one single membership. It even lets people see who can host them at their flat so you can connect to local coworkers, be hosted by one of them and work from anywhere on earth. When community members 'only go to' the coworking spaces listed in the community, then you have a great service on your hands. This is the best coworking platform out there, it's great. All the information you need and you can meet with the right people even when you're not acquainted with the local community.
  • #nomads - a chat community for digital nomads.


Please don’t take this blog post as a call for leaving your cozy homes and families and hitting the road. Being a nomad is a synonym to independence, freedom, new experiences, full-time education, making connections, getting new opportunities, doing self-experiments, etc. That’s the truth.

However, everything has its flip side. Not each and every person is ready to vagabond the world and live in foreign countries. Nomads have a certain mindset, it’s in their blood. Their minds are wide open and their souls are waiting for the new challenges.

Nomads are not closely tiered to the material world and all the comfort it gives. They are able to find happiness in simpler things. They don’t do fundraising, they save experiences. They know plenty of tricks and lifehacks how to stay safe, full, be hired, have a place to work and sleep…

In short, we hope that our collection of tools, apps, and plugins for nomads is serviceable. Have any comments/stories/additions? They are welcome in the comment section.

And don’t forget to like and share this compilation with other nomads.

We wish you more red-blooded moments if you have chosen this crackbrain lifestyle.

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