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Top 10 CRM Plugins for WordPress to Grow Your Business

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To grow your business and communicate with your clients you need to keep track of your contacts, leads and community members. Many businesses these days turn to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to engage with clients and better understand their needs.

Before the computer era, business owners used a Rolodex which is a desktop binder with alphabet order markers. This analogue tool helped businessmen keep track of their contacts. As a rule, each entry had a business card of a client and a few notes about their needs and previous sales.

In today’s world CRM has grown from a desktop manual tool to entire software as a service industry with numerous solutions from simple to complex depending on your business needs. Here we’re going to talk about CRM solutions and plugins for WordPress to help you grow your business and never become lost in your huge list of contacts.

Why Do I Need CRM for My WordPress Website?

Modern CRM systems give you options and data a retro Rolodex could only dream of. They allow you to create a searchable index of your clients and help you track and manage every integration with a particular client throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of today’s CRM software:

  • client classifications (contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities and custom notes);
  • data management (import, export of data, data backups, and more);
  • organization (tasks, calendars, events, reminders, notes and more);
  • marketing (integration with email box, social media sites and more);
  • analytics (sales reports, trends and more).

All these features are just a tip of the iceberg. CRM allows you to keep track of huge amounts of data both personally and as a team.

There are tons of free and paid CRM solutions (such as Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others). Such types of services are quite expensive. However, instead of using a whole new service, there is also a way to keep everything inside your WordPress install. Here CRM plugins for WordPress come in handy. For those of you who are not going to spend a lot of time and money on a new CRM system, I have listed below 10 of the best CRM plugins that you can use with any of these business WordPress themes.

WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM


If you’re already using Salesforce to manage your contacts, then CRM WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM plugin is here to help you integrate the system into your site. It connects your WordPress site and Salesforce account. Also, it helps you to manage leads captured with your website, and sync with the Salesforce account. The plugin also allows you to add easy-to-use forms to your pages and posts.

WP-CRM - Customer Relations Management for WordPress


WP-CRM adds CRM features on your WordPress site for better communication with users. It empowers you to organize sign-ups with custom attributes, track correspondence and search by filters. Moreover, you can see charts and reports about your users' activities enabling you to understand your business leads better.

WordPress Leads


WordPress Leads is a popular solution with over 10,000 active installs. As you see from the plugin’s name, it focuses on leads. The plugin will help you to track users activities, capture and manage incoming leads and easily collect the email ids of your clients. WordPress Leads can also help you to understand what users do on your site, see sites and profiles of your users, and collect geographic and demographic data.

WP-CRM System


The WP-CRM System plugin was designed specifically for WordPress. It allows you to manage your contacts, sales, projects and tasks from the WordPress dashboard. It also has support for teams and task management features. WP-CRM System offers integration with contact form plugins to collect and organize your data.

UpiCRM – Free WordPress CRM and Lead Management


UpiCRM is a free solution which works with contact form plugins to capture and measure leads inside WordPress. It is accompanied by a powerful user management system which allows you to assign leads, organize contacts, send emails, and more. It also integrates with your contact form plugins. The plugin can integrate with Google Analytics to provide you with detailed insights into your website’s activity.

CRM & Lead Management for WordPress by vCita


CRM & Lead Management for WordPress by vCita helps you to manage your contacts and leads more effectively. It helps to generate new lead opportunities and track interaction with your users and team members. It lets you organize, search and edit your contacts, request payments and schedule appointments and mark for follow up. This plugin is not that quite popular yet, but it has huge potential.



Presspoint CRM is a premium powerful solution which is considered on the same level as Salesforce and Zoho, but not as expensive. It was designed exclusively for WordPress. It allows you way more than just storage of your contacts data. It also integrates e-commerce, memberships, e-mail marketing and more, all within the WordPress admin. Not only is the plugin feature-rich, but it also allows for complex queries and reports. Besides that, you can create integrated profiles for each customer.

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager


WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager is one more great premium plugin for WordPress which allows you to create client profiles with detailed information, status, and ability to export/import data. The plugin also lets you send and track emails, place and log calls, and track customer orders. All conversations between your sales team and clients would be stored in one place and can be seen anytime you need. Additionally, the plugin integrates with MailChimp.

Over to You

As you see, CRM is dramatically important for running a successful business with a WordPress website. The tools and plugins covered in this post are just suggestions to integrate a third party CRM with WordPress or even make WordPress a CRM itself. Now it’s your turn to choose which plugin might fit your needs. Let us know in the comment section below what CRM solutions do you use and why? Feel free to share this post via social media.

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