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Top 5 Creative Adobe CC Apps for Web Designers

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A web designer needs more than pure creativity to show his talent to the world. You never know when a new cool concept will occur to you. In order to express your creative capabilities to the fullest, you need to keep the right tools handy. What is today’s top recommended web design software? Let's check it out below.

If you posed this question in a conversation with a beginner or a pro webmaster, Adobe Creative Cloud apps would be the most likely recommendation. The design software developed by Adobe gives you the freedom to create graphic designs, undertake photo, and video editing tasks, optimize the workflow with cloud team services, and so much more. As a web designer, you need to use the tried-and-true software only.

Below is a list of the top-recommended Adobe web design software programmes that we'll review in this post.


Photoshop is the top favorite for the majority of web designers. This is more than just a photo editing software. You can use it to create graphic designs from scratch, build 3D artwork, videos, web and mobile apps, etc. Thanks to Adobe CreativeSync, you can access your works from desktop and mobile devices no matter how or from where you are connected.

Adobe Illustrator

By means of Photoshop Illustrator, you can create vector art and illustrations using a collection of shape tools. This is one of the best desktop apps for drawing creative logos. Drawing perfect shapes without touching control keys has become possible with the help of the hinting feature.

Adobe Muse

Muse allows the creation of great looking websites without coding. This is a website building platform featuring a recycled Photoshop interface. You will find Muse beginner-friendly owing to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. As you design your website (this is when Adobe Muse themes may be especially useful), you can also manage the master page that will reveal a set of common elements on all pages of your site. These include navigation options, headers, and footers.

Lightroom Photoshop App

Lightroom Photoshop App is the next web design software that Adobe offers you to try. Unlike the rest of the desktop apps, Photoshop Lightroom has website design software compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions. The software is focused on the proper adjustment of photos for websites. With its help, you can add haze to some areas of a photo, adjust colors, edit photos from the screens of handheld devices, etc. It also supports a browser-enabled photo editing feature.

Adobe Dreamweaver

You can download Dreamweaver to create fully responsive websites with modern-looking layouts. Offline websites will look just as good as the live versions. Dreamweaver has features that will appeal to coders and web designers alike. The software lets you code in all the major programming languages. WYSIWYG editor is also included.

These are the top 5 recommended Adobe CC apps that webmasters can use to build cool-looking websites. And what Adobe products are on your "top recommendations" list? Let us know in the comments block.

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