Top 50 Keynote Templates

When you create a presentation you have to make it interesting and easy to understand for your audience. This is why developers from created many unique Keynote presentations you can purchase and use. They were created according to the rules of presentations and designed by professionals to be multipurpose or perfectly suit a specific presentation theme. Developers create these templates with care about every detail and let you customize and fill slides with content in any way you prefer. So check out our 220+ templates to find out more. For a short introduction to some of our favorites, we present you with these Best Keynote Templates for 2018.

1. Add Color Keynote Template

keynote templates

Add Color is a colorful and eye-catching Keynote template. This is the perfect tool for creating a unique presentation. Designed by professionals, this template will fit multiple types of presentation themes. You’ll find themes for education, social programs, advertisement programs, and many more. It has multiple layouts, diagrams, visual elements and color schemes. It is fully editable and you can play with design and change it in order to achieve a desirable result. You can follow the link and check Add Color on our website to see how superior and versatile it is.

2. Fitri - Creative Keynote Template

 Fitri - Creative Keynote Template

If you need a good Keynote presentation template than you should take a look at Fitri. It is a professionally made presentation template that will help you attract the attention of a wide audience. It has 60+ sophisticated pre-built slides with beautiful designs. It is also decorated with various visual elements and icons, fonts, diagrams and many more. Fitri contains animated slides and you can use them to create emphasis on some important parts of your presentation. After you purchase Fitri you will have a reliable and fully editable product. It is easy to add or remove some elements of Keynote presentation. And if you have any questions you can always address them with our Fast and Free support.

3. Besix Keynote

Besix Keynote Template

Looking for a multipurpose Keynote template with a neutral color scheme and minimalistic style? Well, now you’ve found one. Check out the Besix presentation template. It has a nice design that will fit multiple types of themes. You can create a presentation about your company, educational presentation, or create a portfolio with Besix Keynote template. Due to a dominance of black and white colors in this presentation, any colorful image you insert will look better thanks to contrast. You can easily add some visual elements or change the layout. It contains many pre-built pages and visual elements like the world map with separate areas or vector based icons. It also has predefined text and font styles and many more features you can find by following the link and visiting the product page.

4. Fashion Designer Keynote Template

Fashion Designer Keynote Template

This stylish presentation will fit perfectly for fashion related presentations. Due to its sophisticated design it can be used for fashion products, fashion magazines, and so on. Although it was developed especially for fashion related presentations it is a multipurpose template. You can use it for other themes by changing or editing it in any way you want. To help you create a unique presentation perfectly suitable for your needs we added many useful features. It has various color options. You can also paste your own text, add and remove text boxes, etc. Download it right now and your presentation will always be perfect and interesting to your audience.

5. Voyage Keynote Template

Voyage Keynote Template

When it comes to the travel business it is important to present your services and the countries you work with to your client. And it is not a secret that the simplest, yet effective way to present your services is a Keynote presentation. However, it takes some time and designer skills to create nice and attractive presentations. You have to create slides and fill them with content. You also have to create many slides to make your presentation diversified. And this is where we can help you. The Voyage Keynote template has all you need for creating a successful presentation. It contains various layouts for slides, color options, diagrams, charts, tables, and other visual elements. Follow the link and check it out yourself on the product page.

6. Exodus Keynote Keynote Template

Exodus Keynote Keynote Template

If you need a multipurpose Keynote presentation template with perfect design and professionally made slides, then Exodus Keynote is definitely what you are looking for. Just click the link and you will see how good it is. It has a design developed by professionals according to all presentation rules. Yet it has various options and you can change the look of the presentation slides as you wish. You can also add or replace any visual elements you want. It contains 70 pre-built slides so you can use them for various occasions and present all you want. It fits perfectly for finance presentations, education, IT, travel, and many more spheres. And, it contains multiple unique icons, infographics and other visuals.

7. NOYA Keynote Template

NOYA Keynote Template

NOYA is new and very eye-catching presentation template. It contains 70+ slides you can use for literally any presentation theme. It is very multipurpose due to the number of slides included, their professionally made design, and various visual options. For example, you can change styles, color of background, and elements like icons or shapes. It is fully editable so you will have no problems changing the content or editing it. It has more than 1000 icons included. There are 500+ Vector Line Icons and 620+ FontAwesome Icons. It is fully responsive and works perfectly on all devices (PC, smartphone, laptop, and so on). If you have any questions you can use the included PDF documentation or contact the free and fast support team.


BOSH - Keynote Template

Bosh is a very stylish and modern Keynote presentation template. Yet it is also minimalistic and can suit any presentation for all activities. How is that possible? Well this is something you have to see for yourself. So press the link and go to the BOSH product page. You will see that it has 70+ slides with various layouts and design. There are more than 1100 icons, with more than 620+ of those being FontAwesome Icons, and another 500+ being vector icons. Moreover, it is fully editable and you can simply change position or type of visual element. BOSH also has various color options. It has various styles and shapes. And if you want to learn more about this presentation template than you can read included documentation or contact free support.


MAON - Vertical Keynote Template

This soft and stylish Vertical Keynote Template is multipurpose. It has a neutral yet eye-catchy design created by the best designers. With MAON you can make a presentation for different spheres of business or lifestyle. You can create a presentation for your school, university or even a financial report for your board of directors. It is multipurpose due to the multiple color, shape and layout options. And it is important to mention the huge number of visual elements included in this presentation template. MAON includes 1100 icons, many free fonts, and full documentation. And do not forget about free updates and support. This is why you have to follow the link and download MAON to make your presentation eye-catching and a real time saver.

10. MURO + Big Bonus Keynote Template

MURO + Big Bonus Keynote Template

You need a good presentation template if you want your presentation to look good and use it or edit it fast and simple. MURO is the Keynote template that you need. Made by skilled designers, it is a great tool that can be easily edited or changed. It has numerous icons, diagrams, schemes and other visual elements you can use to make your presentation informative and easy to understand. It has more than 115 unique pre-built slides you can fill with content. All of the graphics are vectors and fully resizable and editable. Images can be presented in high quality. And if you have any questions you can always rely on free support or find useful information in the included documentation.

11. Smart Phone Keynote Template

Smart Phone Keynote Template

Smart Phone Keynote Template is a very reliable and responsive presentation template. It was developed to work perfectly on all devices and show your content in high quality. It was made especially for smartphones because people tend to view presentations on various gadgets like smartphones or tablets more often than on desktop PCs. If you have the Smart Phone Keynote template then your audience will have no issues with viewing, zooming or editing your presentation via smartphone. It has two different size options: one for smartphones and another for iPads and tablets. So download it right now and see how good this creative Keynote template is.

12. APPO 3.0

 APPO 3.0 Keynote Template

Working on a mobile startup? Then you need a tool to present your startup for investors or client audience. It has to look perfect and contain useful visual elements. It also has to allow you to change or edit your content and layout quickly and easily. APPO 3.0 can deal with this. It was developed specially for mobile startups. It contains 50 unique slides made by professional designers that you can fill with high-quality content to attract your audience. Although it was developed for mobile startups, APPO 3.0 fits many presentation themes due to its modern design. You can even use 4k resolution content for your presentation. So check out APPO 3.0 and download it right now to be successful in your startup.

13. Bilbao - Minimal Keynote Template

Bilbao - Minimal Keynote Template

Sometimes you have to present something. And when you do you definitely want your presentation to look good. You need a presentation tool that has an eye-catchy design and various functions. This is why we present you Bilbao Minimal Keynote Template. It has a huge library of 130 modern style slides made by a team of professional designers. The slides can be edited in a simple manner. And in order to help you edit or fill your presentation with content, we included more than 620 icons, color options, images of devices, maps and other visual elements. In order to answer all possible questions about how to use and edit presentations, Bilbao has full documentation inside a template.

14. NORS

NORS - Keynote Template

NORS is a multipurpose Keystone presentation template that can be used to create the presentation of your dream. NORS has an attractive design that can be easily changed or edited in order to fit your presentation theme. It also has many eye-catchy graphics that can be used in the design of your presentation. There are 20 minimal stock photos and 4 PSD Mockups included in the product as a free and very useful bonus. You can use these photos both for private and commercial use. NORS contains more than 130 slides with high-quality visuals and modern design. It is fully documented and includes instructions about how to use NORS Keynote presentation.

15. Century - Keynote Template

Century - Keynote Template

Century was developed as a Keynote presentation with minimalistic yet modern and corporate design. It is truly multipurpose and you can use it for various types of presentations. It will be perfect for educational presentations, financial reports, photo galleries, or even a TED talks presentation. Century contains more than 100 unique slides. These slides have various layouts and include multiple visual elements. All these visual elements are resizable and have various color and shape options. So, do not waste any more time and go download the Century Keystone template. It will be your most powerful tool for creating presentations.

16. Wild Minimal Creative Presentation Keynote Template

Wild Minimal Creative Presentation Keynote Template

One day our developers decided that we needed a beautiful and expressive presentation template. It is important to create a proper atmosphere that provokes interest in the audience. Interest and curiosity are those types of emotions that are partly responsible for presentation success. And this decision was the reason we have the Wild Minimal Creative Presentation Keynote Template. It has an impressive design with various types of graphics. It contains schemes, maps, diagrams, and so on. A well-matched color scheme allows you to use this Keynote template for various presentation themes. It can be used for the fashion industry, art gallery, education purposes, or corporate activities. Choose the Wild Keynote template and you will impress the audience.

17. Bright Multipurpose Business Presentation Keynote Template

Bright Multipurpose Business Presentation Keynote Template

No matter what type of business you are into the time comes and you have to present your product for the public. And the most efficient and common way to do so is a computer presentation. But there are some presentation rules you have to follow. And you usually have to be a designer to create an appropriate color scheme or visual elements. You can purchase visual elements or other parts for your presentation. Yet, this method is time-consuming and requires special skills. We have a better idea for you. The Bright Keynote Presentation template was developed by professionals and contains all the elements you need. It also follows the presentation rules. Now you have found the perfect tool for your business presentations.

18. VIGO + Bonus

VIGO + Bonus Keynote Template

It often happens that you have to make presentations for various themes or spheres of activities. What should you do? What kind of tools do you need? You need a multipurpose Keystone presentation. You need a presentation that includes many different visuals and has a minimalistic design, like VIGO + Bonus. It has a modern, clean design that you can edit or improve with the content. It also contains numerous graphics with various shapes and colors. As a bonus, you get 20 hi-res Stock Photos and 04 hi-res PSD Mockups at no charge. In addition, it is eye-catchy and you will definitely like how it looks after you click the link button and check out the product page.


ARONA - Clean Keynote Template

Looking for a neutral, attractive and extremely multipurpose Keystone presentation template? Then we have what you need. Thanks to a team of developers from TemplateMonster, we have ARONA Keystone template. It is very multipurpose. You can use it for business projects, financial reports and educational presentations. ARONA has more than 110 high-quality slides. These slides have different layouts and contain various eye-catching visuals. You can choose among more than 1100 icons, various fonts, and other elements. It is also very responsive and can be viewed vertically on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, all slides and vectors are fully editable.

20. BizPro

BizPro - Proposal Keynote Template

A nice design, appropriate color scheme, and a huge amount of additional visual elements make this proposal Keystone template perfect for multiple types of presentations. It works for several themes like business, finance, art, service and many more. Developers added full documentation to this template in order to help you learn how to use and change BizPro. They also added 10 hi-res minimal photos included as a bonus. You can use more than 105 slides for your presentation. All of them have a different layout. It was designed with modern style and has a neutral, yet appealing color scheme. Purchase BizPro and your presentation will be an example of success.

21. NORS

NORS - Keynote Template

NORS is a good choice for stylish and multipurpose Keystone presentations. Made in neutral grey color, this presentation theme fits everything from finances to the fashion industry. You can use it to create the presentation of your dreams. It contains more than 130 different slides. Made with care by professionals these slides can be easily edited or remade in order to fit your presentation theme. Developers built-in a huge library of various icons in order to help you in the creation of the perfect presentation. NORS contains also different graphics like diagram and maps. Moreover, it includes bonus images and PSD Mockups.

22. Infographics Keynote Template

Infographics Keynote Template

Are you working with a big amount of data and numbers? Need something that can help you explain your work or results of important analysis? Well, you definitely need a presentation. Luckily for you, and for us, we have a presentation template that is perfect in case you have to use graphics, charts, and schemes. We present to you the Infographics Keynote Template. It contains a huge number of visual elements that will be perfect for the large amount of data. In addition, it has a colorful and eye-catching design. Just click the link button and look at the Infographics yourself! You will definitely like it.

23. Rework

Rework Keynote Template

The Keystone presentation template is also good for a wide range of other presentation themes. It has many built-in elements. With Rework you can make a presentation for any type of presentation: business, portfolio, corporate, branding, advertising, etc. It has Google icons, more than 700 slides with a different layout, media placeholders, and many more. It is always a good idea to find a ready-to-use template on the marketplace. Otherwise, you would have to spend a lot of time learning how to create a presentation. And then spend even more time creating a multipurpose presentation. This is why you have to download Rework right now!

24. Sella 2.0

Sella 2.0 Keynote Template

Just take look at Sella 2.0! It is great! It was made by a team of professionals and you can use it for a wide range of presentation themes. It has modern and minimalistic design stylized in a creative color scheme. It supports high-quality content and you can easily change the slide layout or visual elements. All elements are resizable and can be maintained with a simple drag-and-drop manner. You can play with layouts and create new slides in order to suit your expectations. Sella 2.0 is an attractive and simple-to-use Keynote template. Use it and feel the power of modern technology!

25. Business Infographic

Business Infographic Pack - Keynote Asset Keynote Template

Any business requires work with a large amount of data and numbers. And the most efficient way to show this data to the public and explain it fast is a presentation. And if you are the proud owner of a Mac then Keystone presentation is what you need. This is why we present you the Business Infographics Keystone template. Besides the eye-catching and colorful design, this template has a huge number of useful graphics. Made by professional designers, the diagrams, schemes and images look perfect. This state-of-the-art product contains more than 480 slides with various layouts. Included slides are easy to customize. You can change the size or shape of the visual element. Just go to the product page and see for yourself.

26. Doodle Infographic

Doodle Infographic Keynote Template

This is one of the most creative Keynote templates. Designers created an amazingly interesting and very attractive product. They decided to highlight this template by using doodles and stylizing the whole presentation accordingly. Doodles are popular nowadays. They look nice and you can create nice and neutral doodles to make your presentation suitable for a wide range of presentation themes. The design is not strict, yet you can use it even for corporate or financial presentations. It also perfectly fits educational presentations, travel agency advertisements, art gallery marketing, and so on. Doodle Infographic includes more than 100 slides and many useful visuals. It will be an attractive and reliable tool for your Keynote presentations.

27. Corporate Life

Corporate Life Keynote Template

As the name implies, this Keystone template was developed with a strict and neutral style. The soft color scheme and business style drawing suits financial, legal, or even insurance presentations. Corporate Life is a very attractive presentation. Designers succeeded in the creation of a beautiful product within strict limitations of corporate style. Due to their hard work this Keynote template includes more than 70 slides with unique layout and visuals. You can play with design and insert your own content and graphics. And if you have some questions about how to use or maintain Corporate Life you can always ask support to help you via call, email, chat, Skype or TeamViewer.

28. Business Plan

Business Plan Keynote Template

Reliable and made with care by a team of skilled designers, Business Plan is a great Keystone template for your financial reports, product presentations and as the name implies for business plans. Due to state of the art design and many useful visual elements Business Plan is suitable for work with big data and a huge amount of information. It is a very interesting product because it includes more than 2100 slides. It has two types of background versions: dark and bright, yet both of them look modern and eye-catchy. It also has Multi-Color & Bi-Color Themes. Business Plan is what you need for an interesting and informative presentation!


BUILD Keynote Template

This is a multipurpose Keynote template developed to fit especially well the business sphere. Designed in corporate and minimalistic style, BUILD is a good presentation tool for those who want to impress their audience with the look of presentation and effectively convey the information. Professionally selected color tones and nice graphics are the highlights of this template. You can fully rely on more than 120 slides with nice visual elements. And in case you want to edit these slides you can do it fast and simply. You can create new slides using built-in visuals. There are many more useful features in BUILD Keystone template and you can learn more on the product page.

30. Axa

Axa Keynote Template

This is truly a multipurpose presentation template. And it is beautiful. Axa has very expressive slides with a dark background and colorful visual elements. It contains more than 90 unique slides that you can change or fill with graphics, maps, images and other visual elements. And the graphics are fully resizable. Moreover, some images can be automatically shaped. It has a huge library of Smart Charts, Maps, Text Slides, Tables, and so on. Just check the product images on the product page and you will see how the developers care about their clients. Purchase Axa now and create the presentation of your dreams.

31. Reverta

Reverta Keynote Template

Reverta Keynote template is one of those presentation templates that have a soul. When you look at the products demo images you know that developers put a lot of hard work into these products. It is attractive and looks very stylish. It contains more than 100 slides and all of them have unique layouts and collection of visual elements. It has more than 1150 icons, various maps, diagrams and many more visuals you can use to design your presentation. The developers also included built-in full documentation so in case you have any questions, there will be a manual for you.

32. E-Trainer

E-Trainer Keynote Template

This modern and well-designed presentation template can impress you with the numbers of built-in visual elements and slides. It contains more than 70 unique slides with unique layouts. They are simple in editing and remastering. E-trainer also has more than 1650 icons, 200 country flags and 50 design assets as a free bonus. You can use all these visuals to decorate your presentation. Moreover, this template is print friendly. It also has vector graphics. E-trainer is a great product for marketing, education, corporate communication, digital marketing and content strategy presentations.

33. Portfolio & Product

Portfolio & Product Showcase Presentation Keynote Template

This template can be used for different presentation themes. It is a great tool in case you need to present some product or create an art gallery. Yet it suits education presentation, marketing, travel guides and even corporate presentations. Depending on what kind of audience you have and what kind of theme you want to use, you can choose between dark and bright background themes. All 35 unique slides are the result of hard and persistence. It has super custom animated effects and performs visuals in a high-quality definition. And after you purchase this template you get the manual with instructions on how to use and edit this Keynote template.

34. Business Talk

Business Talk Keynote Template

If you need a simple Keynote template for business purposes then Business Talk is what you need. It has five eye-catching design styles with attractive color tones. You can use more than 100 unique slides to create a presentation. It is possible to change the slide layouts and add or remove visuals. Business Talk has built-in documentation about how to use and edit the Keystone template. Although it was developed for business purposes it can also be used for various other presentation themes. You can use it literally everywhere. This Keystone presentation follows the presentation rules and performs visuals with high quality. Use it to impress your audience.

35. Business Creative

Business Creative Presentation Keynote Template

As the name implies, this template is one of the most creative products among Business Keystone templates. It was developed to impress and make an accent on the most important information. Developers also made sure that ten color schemes, together with bright and dark background styles, make this Keynote template responsive to all presentation themes. It has 80 unique slides, yet there are 1600 slides in total. It also has vector visual elements you can use to design the presentation. This template is easy to edit or change. It also contains a manual with instructions on how to edit and perform Business Creative Keynote template.

36. Timeline Pack

Timeline Pack for Keynote Template

Timeline Pack is a great template in case you need to explain something. It contains very nice schemes designed for efficient and detailed performance. Although nice schemes are the highlight of this Keynote template, it also has many other great features. It has more than 30 slides with 7 pre-made color schemes. You can also add or remove visual elements. Due to developers’ hard work, this presentation template suits any audience. With Timeline Pack you can create a presentation for a financial report, education purposes, or business plan. Save your time and purchase this professionally made ready-to-use presentation right now.

37. Darkness

Darkness Keynote Template

Darkness has something unique in atmosphere and the impression it creates. It is very stylish and one can even say that it is more like a piece of art than an ordinary Keynote presentation template. It is perfect for many presentation themes. It will work especially well for photo galleries, art portfolios, and other creative presentations. If you have Darkness you can create any type of presentation, even corporate or marketing. You can use your creativity and play with layouts or icons. It will help you develop your own unique Keystone presentation. Don’t waste any more time and purchase Darkness right now!

38. Logistic

Logistic Keynote Template

This Keystone presentation template is perfect for logistics companies. It has a neutral design with various color and background options. It has more than 60 unique slides you can edit and fill with high-quality content. When we talk about a presentation for logistics we need proper images, maps, diagrams and icons. Logistic has it all! This Keynote template can present your company or the services your company provides. It does not look too harsh, yet the designers developed it in a corporate style to fit business presentations. And in case you want to create a new slide or layout there would be no issues because this template is fully editable. In addition, Logistics is a fully responsive template and works perfectly on all devices.

39. Batoh V2

Batoh V2 Premium Presentation Keynote Template

In need for an elegantly designed Keynote presentation template? Do you need a reliable presentation tool than contains Slidemaster, Devices Mockup, and bonus icons? Then you should check out Batoh V2. It has a modern design made by professionals. Due to high responsiveness, the Batoh V2 design looks perfect and works without issues on any device. You will also like the multiple bonus icons built into this template. It also has elegant data charts graphs, fully editable maps, and layout mockups. You can also decorate your presentation with diagrams, graphics, and images that you can alter in many ways.

40. Modela

Modela Modern Presentation Keynote Template

Modela is a very stylish Keynote presentation with a wide range of design features and full functionality. You can do anything you want with the slides layout and visuals, texts, and other content. It is fully editable and contains numerous visual elements. It is the creation of skilled developers with a lot of experience. And, of course, it has an attractive design and all your products or visuals in the gallery will look perfect with Modela. Modela will be a great presentation tool for fashion businesses, model agencies, accessories stores, and so on. In addition, if you have some questions you always can address them to free and fast support.

41. Nova Modern

Nova Modern Keynote Template

As the name implies, this template has a unique, minimalistic and modern design. Due to this professionally created design you can attract and inform a huge number of people. And thanks to the sophisticated structure presentation created with Nova Modern will be easy to read and understand. In order to reinforce your presentation, you can also use various visual elements included in this Keynote template. Nevertheless, if you want to insert pictures that are not included in the Nova Modern template you can easily do it. It is fully editable and easy to use.

42. Education

Education Presentation Keynote Template

Perfect for educational presentations, this Keynote template is very useful both for students and for teachers. Made according to presentation rules it is easy to read and learn. Moreover, you can simply edit presentations made with this template to fit your needs. It is also easy to change all 35 unique slides. Developed with care, the Education Keystone template has a great design. It has a neutral and clean background and various visuals made in different colors. Although it was developed especially for educational purposes this template suits various presentation themes. If you need a minimalistic presentation for all life cases then you have already found it.

43. Food Drive

Food Drive - Keynote Template

Food is taking a lot of space in our lives. It is the fuel of our body and soul. This is why it is essential that we have food businesses, culinary schools, food blogs, and so on. And if you are in some food business or are a well-known chef then it may happen that you need to present your meals this way. The best thing to do is to cook your meal and then explain it all via a Keynote presentation. It has a mastered design with more than 50 fully edible slides, two background versions, and many more. It has a huge vector elements library you can use to fill your presentation with content. Moreover, you will find all essential functions like Infographics, Data Charts, Portfolios, Team Work, and other.

44. Marketing Proposal

Marketing Proposal Presentation Keynote Template

Marketing is all about presenting your product to customers. You have to present it and keep the audience interested at the same time. It is possible with modern technologies and Keynote presentations. Yet, it is important to remember a number of presentation rules in order to create a good presentation. It is also important to create a proper design that will be suitable for your presentation theme. This is the reason why has a Keynote presentation. Made by professionals, these templates have everything you need for creating a presentation. It contains various high-quality visual elements like schemes, diagrams, icons, and so on. A minimalistic, yet eye-catching design will attract an audience and present your product in the best possible way.

45. Pista Car

Pista Car Presentation Keynote Template

When it comes to the car business it is important to make a detailed presentation with accents on the most important things. Moreover, your presentation has to be attractive and perform with high-quality images and visuals. Luckily, we have something that can help you with this. Pista Car Keynote template was developed specially for the car business and any other businesses related to automobiles. The Pista Car template contains premium slides with different visual features, bonus maps, bonus icons, and many more features made by professional designers. The modern and stylish design will also increase audiences’ interest in your presentation. This is why you have to download Pista Car right now and make your presentation perfect.

46. Inspire

Inspire Presentation Keynote Template

This is a very creative Keynote template developed for multiple presentation themes. You can use it literally for any type of presentations. It has an amazing design created by a team of skilled professionals with a lot of experience. You can use various color options. It has easily editable data-driven charts (pie, bar, line) and so on. It also has built-in visual elements able to diversify your content and decorative design. It is highly responsive and works perfectly on any devices. Download Inspire right now and your presentations will be an example of elegant and interesting work!

47. Pro Slides

Pro Slides - Keynote Template

This is a huge presentation template for all occasions. It contains more than 2200 slides that can be easily edited. You can use many built-in visual elements to decorate your performance and make the visual part of the presentation simple to read and understand. It has diagrams, schemes, icons and many more elements. The minimalistic design suits a wide range of presentation themes. You can use visual elements to make your presentation very informative. As a multipurpose template it is easy to customize. Due to this feature you can create a most preferable design for your presentation.

48. Business Solutions

Business Solutions - 2 In 1 Keynote Template

It is important to present your business in the best possible way. And in modern times when you need to present your products or company to a big audience you cannot do it without a Keynote presentation. It contains everything you need. You can use more than 440 unique slides with pre-built layouts and already filled with content. In case you want to make some changes, you can do it fast and without issues. Its minimalistic yet eye-catchy design will fit any theme and really attracts an audience. You can also create a presentation by yourself, although you have to know or be willing to learn many things. This is why the Business Solution theme is a good way to save your time and effort.

49. Varied

Varied Keynote Template

If you need a multipurpose Keynote presentation template with perfect design and professionally made slides, then Varied Keynote is definitely what you are looking for. As the name implies, this Keynote template has many options that can customize your presentation in order to suit any theme. It has ten premade template styles and 200 slides that you can edit according to various template styles. All slides are unique and contain distinctive layouts and a collection of visual elements. It has free fonts and icons that you can use to improve your presentation. Just download Varied right now and feel the power of a good presentation.

50. Perfect

Perfect - Minimal Keynote Template

The last in the list, yet the best among the stylish presentations is the Perfect Keynote template. It has a perfect design that suits many presentation themes. It is minimalistic and fully editable. Due to these features you can use it for educational presentations, art galleries, traveling agencies, modeling schools, and so on. It is very elegant and you can fill it with additional content to make it even better. As a bonus, you will get free icons and maps. The Perfect Keynote presentation is a reliable tool for your presentations.


These have been the Best Keynote Templates for 2018. The various Keynote templates are the perfect tools for your presentations. Made by professionals and developed with care, these are the products you can truly rely on. Try them out. We are sure you will love them! And if you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 marketplace support.

Top 50 Keynote Templates

Add Color Keynote TemplateJumsoftGraphics$21
Fitri - Creative Keynote TemplatedesvibesGraphics$21
Besix Keynote TemplateSpesifikdesignGraphics$21
Fashion Designer Keynote TemplateJumsoftGraphics$21
Voyage Keynote TemplateJumsoftGraphics$21
Exodus Keynote Keynote TemplateZacomic StudiosGraphics$21
NOYA Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
BOSH - Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
MAON - Vertical Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
MURO + Big Bonus Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
Smart Phone Keynote TemplateRENUREGraphics$29
APPO 3.0 Keynote TemplateVizualusGraphics$22
Bilbao - Minimal Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$23
NORS - Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
Century - Keynote TemplateZacomic StudiosGraphics$21
Wild Minimal Creative Presentation Keynote TemplatetrigtypeGraphics$21
Bright Multipurpose Business Presentation Keynote TemplatetrigtypeGraphics$21
VIGO + Bonus Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
ARONA - Clean Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
BizPro - Proposal Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
NORS - Keynote TemplatePixasquareGraphics$21
Infographics Keynote TemplatetrigtypeGraphics$21
Rework Keynote TemplateReworkMediaGraphics$21
Sella 2.0 Keynote TemplateVizualusGraphics$21
Business Infographic Pack - Keynote Asset Keynote TemplateDigitCaseGraphics$22
Doodle Infographic Keynote TemplateRENUREGraphics$23
Corporate Life Keynote TemplateRENUREGraphics$29
Business Plan Keynote TemplatePixWorkGraphics$21
BUILD Keynote TemplateReworkMediaGraphics$21
Axa Keynote TemplateZacomic StudiosGraphics$21
Reverta Keynote TemplateReworkMediaGraphics$21
E-Trainer Keynote TemplateRENUREGraphics$23
Portfolio & Product Showcase Presentation Keynote TemplatePixWorkGraphics$21
Business Talk Keynote TemplateslidesugarGraphics$25
Business Creative Presentation Keynote TemplateslidesugarGraphics$25
Business Creative Presentation Keynote TemplateslidesugarGraphics$25
Timeline Pack for Keynote Templatesite2maxGraphics$22
Darkness Keynote TemplateInfinityVectorGraphics$21
Logistic Keynote Templatesite2maxGraphics$25
Batoh V2 Premium Presentation Keynote TemplateInfinityVectorGraphics$25
Modela Modern Presentation Keynote TemplateSpesifikdesignGraphics$22
Nova Modern Keynote TemplateInfinityVectorGraphics$23
Education Presentation Keynote TemplateDigitCaseGraphics$21
Food Drive - Keynote TemplateDigitCaseGraphics$25
Marketing Proposal Presentation Keynote TemplateJetzTemplatesGraphics$21
Pista Car Presentation Keynote TemplateInfinityVectorGraphics$22
Inspire Presentation Keynote TemplateInfinityVectorGraphics$21
Pro Slides - Keynote TemplateJumsoftGraphics$25
Business Solutions - 2 In 1 Keynote TemplateGraphicDarGraphics$24
Varied Keynote TemplateGraphicStanGraphics$21
Perfect - Minimal Keynote TemplateInfinityVectorGraphics$22

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