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Top Google Web Fonts You Can Instantly Add to Your Website

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Have you heard about the recent ‘Google Fonts’ resource update? It can considerably simplify the life of a web designer as now you can choose top Google web fonts and paste them right into your site with the help of 2 lines of code only.

Want to add some fresh fonts to your Photoshop? It’s not a problem either. Download fonts archive to your computer as usually.

By thew way, all recent TemplateMonster's themes support Google typography design fonts.

But let’s return to discussing 'Google Fonts' and its capabilities in detail.

The goal of the resource

We believe the best way to bring personality and performance to websites and products is through great design and technology. Our goal is to make that process simple, by offering an intuitive and robust directory of open source designer web fonts. By using our extensive catalog, you can share and integrate typography into any design project seamlessly—no matter where you are in the world.

The quality of typefaces

top Google web fonts

Google is working with designers from many countries. BTW, you can also join this creative community. Such cooperation allows producing best-in-class typeface designs made specifically for the web.

The users can explore, sort, and test fonts in more than 135 languages. But that’s not all, far from it!

The website showcases individual type designers and foundries. It gives full information not only about people and their processes but also analytics on usage and demographics.

Plenty of filters

top Google web fonts

Font series are grouped. You can filter them by popularity, trends, and your geographic location.

Want to create your own customized collections? You can easily do this by filtering families, weights, and scripts. Test color themes and review sample copy.

Easy to share

A huge benefit is that collections can be shared. This feature makes collaboration on projects easier and ensures that typography is optimized and streamlined throughout the design and engineering process.


top Google web fonts

All fonts in the Google catalog are free and open source. That is, best Google fonts for websites are accessible to anyone for any project. Share your favorite fonts and collaborate with friends and colleagues. Google Fonts takes care of all possible issues with licensing and hosting. The service ensures that the latest list of best Google web fonts is available to everyone.

Striving to make the web faster

top Google web fonts

Using 'Google Fonts' makes product and web pages run faster. It caches fonts with full respect to users’ privacy and security. Their cross-site caching is designed so that you need to load a font only once with any website. Then, they will use that same cached font on any other website that uses Google Fonts.

Compiling a trendy Google fonts collection

Let’s check out how it works.

Entering the we see a great number of phrases written with different fonts. We can continue browsing them clicking pluses (adding) the ones we like the most to our collection. By the way, each item has the following functionality. You can view the font as a sentence, paragraph, alphabet, numerals or custom. You can try to apply different styling to the selected font (or all of them): light 300, regular 400, bold 700, etc.

You can also tweak the font size with the help of the runner or see the specimen.

Ok, we have played a little with fonts settings… Now let’s look at the sticky header. We are on the ‘Directory’ page now.

top Google web fonts

We can view featured Google fonts collection, read about the service, change the background color and click the loupe icon to either search for a particular font or make the sidebar with additional functionality slide out.

top Google web fonts

Well, what do we see here… That we can filter the fonts by categories (Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, Monospace). We can sort them by Trending, Popular, Date Added, and Alphabetical order. We can also change languages and styles here. Moreover, the number of styles, thickness, slant, and width are also adjustable.

I think it’s a good time to make up my own collection of Serif trending fonts. You will be able to copy and paste the code to embed the ones you like the most right into your website or download the whole zip.

top Google web fonts

Click these links to view all the fonts I have picked out.

top Google web fonts

This is how your collection with the code will look on the site.

Embed the font

To embed your selected fonts into a web page, copy this code into the <head> of your HTML document.

<link href="|Bree+Serif|Cinzel|Cormorant|Cormorant+Upright|David+Libre|Droid+Serif|Fauna+One|Halant|IM+Fell+English+SC|Italiana|Josefin+Slab|Junge|Maitree|Marcellus|PT+Serif|Playfair+Display|Pridi|Quando|Quattrocento|Rasa|Rhodium+Libre|Rozha+One|Sanchez|Scheherazade|Slabo+27px|Sree+Krushnadevaraya|Trirong|Unna|Vollkorn" rel="stylesheet">

Specify in CSS

Use the following CSS rules to specify these families:

font-family: 'Bitter', serif;
font-family: 'Bree Serif', serif;
font-family: 'Cinzel', serif;
font-family: 'Cormorant', serif;
font-family: 'Cormorant Upright', serif;
font-family: 'David Libre', serif;
font-family: 'Droid Serif', serif;
font-family: 'Fauna One', serif;
font-family: 'Halant', serif;
font-family: 'IM Fell English SC', serif;
font-family: 'Italiana', serif;
font-family: 'Josefin Slab', serif;
font-family: 'Junge', serif;
font-family: 'Maitree', serif;
font-family: 'Marcellus', serif;
font-family: 'PT Serif', serif;
font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif;
font-family: 'Pridi', serif;
font-family: 'Quando', serif;
font-family: 'Quattrocento', serif;
font-family: 'Rasa', serif;
font-family: 'Rhodium Libre', serif;
font-family: 'Rozha One', serif;
font-family: 'Sanchez', serif;
font-family: 'Scheherazade', serif;
font-family: 'Slabo 27px', serif;
font-family: 'Sree Krushnadevaraya', serif;
font-family: 'Trirong', serif;
font-family: 'Unna', serif;
font-family: 'Vollkorn', serif;

Not sure that you understood how to add fonts to web pages? Click here to see the starting guide with examples.

Click here to download the fonts archive.

Speak Up!

At the end of this article, I would like to ask you a few questions as usually. Do you use the Google Fonts resource with all its new functionality? What do you like the most about it? Which fonts are your favorite? Do you consider my experience with the resource useful for you?

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