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Top 7 Mistakes Committed by Magento Users

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The internet has changed the way we live. Since its introduction, it has touched upon all aspects of life. And business has probably been one of the most affected by the internet. Since its advent, business has found a new aspect. Online stores have emerged. And they have changed the shopping experience to a great extent.

Several tools and platforms have been introduced to enhance the experience of the users while they shop from the online stores. And among these, Magento surely has carved out a niche for itself. It has been one of the most used platforms for developing an online store.

You can very well go ahead with your plan of creating an online store with Magento. It has been in vogue these days. And a lot of ecommerce websites are embracing this web development platform to create their websites. However, there are a few common mistakes to avoid creating Magento store. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • Magento Installation via Ftp
  • Modifying the default theme
  • Not adding a blog
  • Not changing the default settings
  • Ignoring social media
  • Disabling customer reviews
  • Not using layered navigation properly

Installing Magento by ftp

Well, this is one of the most common mistakes committed by Magento users, especially the beginners. There is no need to download the full version of Magento and install it via ftp. Magento offers a separate downloader functionality. It ensures that you can get the stable Magento version. Thus, using the downloader is surely going to help to make your ecommerce website up and running.


Modifying the Default Theme

Magento offers a default theme for the design. These might not look extremely attractive to you for your website. So, the common trend among the Magento users is to change the default immediately. But that might not help. If you are planning to enhance the appearance of your online store, you can try something else. You should copy the designs and skins from frontend to your theme directory. This is going to help you get a unique theme for your ecommerce store. Moreover, it can be modified just the way you wish.

Not Adding a Blog

“My ecommerce website is only for selling my products. And it does not need a blog at all.” Well, this is what a lot of ecommerce site owners think about their own online stores. But not creating a blog for the site can be a major mistake for your Magento website. Remember, blogs are the best ways to clear the doubts of the clients about your products and services. And blogs are important for ecommerce websites as well. Moreover, you can also communicate with your target audience through the blog and receive their comments. This will help you understand the requirements of your customers and plan accordingly.

Not Changing the Default Setting

Your online store must be having a name. And you will surely want the customers to know the store by that name. But what if you don’t let them know the name? Yes, this can happen if you forget to change the default setting of the Magento store. Besides, the default name of the logo also needs to be changed from that of the Magento store. Only then you can expect to create some brand awareness about your online store.

Ignoring Social Media

Social media is the buzz of the online world these days. Millions of people are present on these platforms. So, you can connect with many of them if you can use social media to your advantage. So, if you have an online business, there’s no reason why you should not use social media to expand it. In fact, social media for ecommerce websites increase sales. There are quite a few social media platforms now. You need not be present on all of them. But if you have account on a few of them, make full use of these platforms. This is likely to help to increase your business revenues to a great extent.

Disabling Customer Reviews

For any ecommerce site, the products play a major role. The sole idea is to sell the products. And the purchase decisions of a customer about a product is greatly influenced by what others are saying about it. This is where a customer review, especially a positive one, can come in handy. It can persuade others to come to your website and buy stuff from you. Besides, customer reviews can also act as user generated content on your website. It can help in enhancing your search engine page rank.

Not Using Layered Navigation Properly

Most of the ecommerce site owners using Magento prefer layered navigation. But, if not used properly, this type of navigation might cause duplicate content. The best way to solve this problem is to close the layered navigation from the search engines. The customers, however, will still be able to see this type of navigation.

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Using Magento can be a great way to build your ecommerce website. But you need to remain wary of the pitfalls to ensure that you can avoid them for the best return on investment.

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