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Top Reasons Why Affiliates Should Build Localized Versions of Their Sites

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Every company that targets foreign customers should go multilingual. Localized versions of websites are the great sources of traffic for the modern-day businesses. Also, that's one of the proven ways to boost your customer reach. Search engines rank different language versions of your site separately. Your audience can access the necessary pieces of data in their local language, without being affected by the linguistic barrier. This grows the chances that the site browsing session will end up with a conversion or the positive buying decision. Is it worth building localized versions of websites? Yes, definitely!

localized versions of websites

There is a pressing need for more localized websites in the globalized online marketing.
There is no doubt in the fact that English is generally considered as the main business language worldwide, however this doesn't mean that absolutely all consumers are ready to accept and understand information in English.

localized versions of websites

That's why it's a HUGE mistake to make the main emphasis on the development of English-only marketing campaigns or avoid translating your site in the languages of your target audiences. With the flow of time, this will result in the tremendous sales losses.

Localization of your site's content is the ideal demonstration of how much your company values its customers. This is one of the best ways to grow your customers' engagement and build trust in your brand.

Geo-targeting Advantages

49% of marketing specialists worldwide consider geo-targeting the main the main source of ROMI boost. Geo-targeting is such a type of online advertisements that are based on ads display based on the geographic location of the web users. This is rather convenient since people can see those ads that are the most relevant to the region where they are based currently.

The primary goal of geo-targeted marketing is displaying ads to the narrower audiences, thus boosting their effectiveness. The technique is used mainly in the banner and contextual ads. With the help of geo-targeting, you can minimize the ads campaigns expenses and attain an impressive increase in customers in return. Also, geo-targeting is of the great use of social networks.

With the help of geo-targeting, you can access specific groups of customers. That's why it's important for the customers to click such ads and land of the localized versions of the respective sites. This will improve their buying experience.

Conversions & Localization

According to the Common Sense stats, it's important to include localization in your online marketing campaign for a number of reasons:

localized versions of websites

It's not surprising that more than a half of respondents (52,4%) make purchases on localized business templates. For example, this is how more than 60% of customers in France and Japan do. Taking into account the aforementioned stats, those companies that reach international and global audiences should understand the real value of localized marketing campaigns.

The key advantages of localization include:

  • better customer loyalty;
  • higher conversion rates;
  • better feedback;
  • establishing a business reputation, etc.

So, is there any reason to deliver information to your clients in the language they do not understand? It's very likely that people will refuse your services just because you use English-only strategy to sell and establish relationships with the online community.

localized versions of websites

For example, take a look at the stats presented in the table. The numbers show the tendency of the customer engagement growth on the localized pages of TemplateMonster.

TemplateMonster Referral Traffic

localized versions of websites

Creating localized versions of your website is a great way to attain impressive conversions boost. This provides for better buying experience, excluding any sort of misunderstanding with your customers.

It's especially important for affiliate programs to build localized versions of websites. Working with the companies that provide services and sell products within a specific region and abroad, affiliate partners can grow their affiliate commissions and receive quality traffic that will grow their affiliate income as a result.

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