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Top TemplateMonster Vendors Who Became Nouveaux Riche

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Table of contents

  1. Create&Code
  2. DevItems
  3. Evatheme
  4. GT3Themes
  5. PremiumCoding
  6. PremiumLayers
  7. Jetimpex
  8. Novi

Every game has a person who is above the game. We can talk a lot about David Beckham in soccer, Michael Jordan in basketball or Babe Ruth in baseball.

the best in each sport

Today, I want you to meet the list of the best vendors that contribute the top-quality products to our marketplace. There are the top contenders, they are above. You want to be on their spot, but you’re not. Can you tell me, why the hell not?

I want you to do your homework and get a dose of motivation out of this article. Check out the products that these guys bring to the table and what makes their products stand out.

What? Do you think you’re better than these? So prove it. Start your business journey on the TemplateMonster marketplace and bring any of them down.

Looking for the usable data powerpoint presentation examples? There are a number of PPT templates to choose from.

So let’s talk business for a minute. I’d like to tell you how much you can earn if you decide to contribute your themes to the TemplateMonster marketplace.

I’d like to take one of the bestsellers as an example and give out some calculation that will give you a perfect understanding of what you can expect and what profit we are talking about.

This is Monstroid2 by Jetimpex vendor. This multipurpose theme has been sold 3842 times. Can you imagine what kind of money we’re talking about? Anyway, I’ll show you.

In order to understand what is the real profit, we need to make a few calculations.

So the Monstroid’s price is $75. It means it’s $288.150 we’re talking about. Of course, this is not the clear profit, let’s calculate what is the amount that the developers were paid by the marketplace.

Monstroid2 is an exclusive products, it means that it has been sold only on our marketplace. It means that the developers got 70% from each sale.

So the clear profit will be $201.705.

Live Preview | Purchase

Theme priceMarketplace feeSalesClear profit

Of course, in order to land so many sales, you’ll have to work hard and develop a really top-quality product. It should work perfectly out of the box, it should look professional and work as a Swiss watch. We’re talking about delivering, not only talking shit.

Create and Code

TemplateMonster vendors

These guys love to work with premium WordPress themes. Their main motto is focusing on one thing that they do really well. That’s the reason why their themes are so well-thought, they do a good job at the early stages of the niche research prior to the actual developing process. They state that they are the only ones who understand what it takes to make the coolest website in the industry. They design themes for your business for decades. They’ve won some awards and worked with big brands.

Their experience is one of the key things that differ them from the new players who talk too much but do not bring enough passion and quality to the table.

Also, make sure to try out their support team, their customers do not hesitate to shoot them a brief review and showing the appreciation of the customer service quality.

Here are a few themes that they sell on the TemplateMonster marketplace, make sure to check out what a good product these guys bring to the market.

Clinic Pro WordPress Theme

TemplateMonster vendors

Live Preview | Download

Production Pro WordPress Theme


TemplateMonster vendors

Live Preview | Download



TemplateMonster vendors

This is a team that consists of 45+ designers and developers with a strong web-development experience.

They develop themes for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc. So they play big and they do it for quite some time. Also, you can get the PSD templates, logo designs, and mobile app designs.

While describing what makes them good at what they do, they say:

  • We use clear, accurate and polite language.
  • We like to Work carefully, skilfully and efficiently.
  • Project delivery within a deadline.
  • We provide free tutorials for our clients so that they can manage their website easily. (If Require).

Here are a few examples of their designs on the TemplateMonster Marketplace:

Sheltek - Real Estate Responsive Website Template

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Outside - Minimalist WooCommerce Theme

 Minimalist WooCommerce Theme

Live Preview | Download


gt3 logo

The GT3 Team wants to give you the opportunity to express your business vision through their designs. The bring you the best products that should serve you as a tool for achieving new goals and conquer new heights.

Do want a customizable and multi-functional solution that will not hit your budget too hard? That’s GT3.

They also have the drag&drop builder that makes the customization process easier. If you have any questions regarding their products, the lifetime customer support will be there for you.

Wicon - Software Application WordPress Theme

Perfect Mobile App WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

GeoPhoto - Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

GeoGraphic WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download


EvaTheme Logo

Evatheme is a team that’s driven by common goals. They want your websites to work fast and meet all the modern trends. Their themes are aimed to be convenient and be suitable for a variety of niches.

Among their themes, you can find the ones for photographers, bloggers, designers, businessmen and other niche professionals.

Standing out from your competitors is something their themes want you to be.

Here is what Evatheme brought to our marketplace and landed more sales than you.

Fortunado - Gamer Responsive WordPress Theme

Gaming WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Fortunado - Gamer Responsive WordPress Theme

Blog WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download


Premium Coding Logo

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a theme for your personal website or corporate project. PremiumCoding offers clean and minimalist themes that can be used in any niche. Their templates are multi-functional and beautiful.

Narya - Food Blog For Cooks WordPress Theme

Food Blog For Cooks WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Camila - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download


Premium Layers logo

Profit and results are the things that Premium Layers are focused on. They believe that these are the things that affect your success and business in general. Making themes that make your customers go ‘wow’.

They have a good experience with different marketplaces and with that being said, they know for sure how important is the customer service. They believe that their support team will cross any borders to make you happy. Wanna try them out?

Museum - History & Art Gallery WordPress Theme

History & Art Gallery WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Max shop - WooCommerce Theme

Max shop - WooCommerce Theme

Live Preview | Download


Jetimpex logo

JetImpex is a company that works more than 15 years in the web-development niche. They design and develop web-products, templates and different kind of extensions for a long time and the quality of their products speaks for itself.

All the templates that JetImpex delivers are complex, yet very easy to use due to the intuitive design, darg&drop developer, and different customization tools.

he themes forged by JetImpex are diverse and well thought-through, so that even a beginner will have no problems using them. And the extensive customization features and multiple settings will satisfy the most demanding clients.

JetImpex company uses uncommon approaches to create the effective products that will suit every need of the wide range of customers.

JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Wapuula - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download


Novi Builder Logo

These guys developed a builder that lets you create hundreds of pages for your website with the best drag-n-drop experience. You can also edit the existing ones and change the layouts to your needs.

One of the best things about Novi is the fact that it's a great tool for both newbies trying to launch their first website, as well as real coding experts.

As of today, this is a number one selling page builder and you can add it to your cart along with any HTML template or landing page template.

Novi - HTML Page Builder & Visual Content Editor JavaScript

HTML Page Builder & Visual Content Editor JavaScript

Live Preview | Download

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