Top 10 Web Design Magazines for Graphic & Web Designers

Dec 26, 2017

The web design industry is developing and evolving at the tremendously fast speed. New innovative approaches to the web design, graphic design, advertising, technologies, trends, and tools hit the web more often than one can notice. If you want to be aware of the latest news and innovations, you need to follow the experts from the field. It's a great idea to add a couple of the top web design magazines to bookmarks in your web browser. Are you eager to be aware of the latest news and innovations?

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Top 10 Web Design Magazines for 2018

Below you can find a list of the top 10 magazines for web designers and developers, which provide a number of the useful information and resources. Subscribe to their updates and merely follow their official social media profiles to be aware of the latest news in the industry. All of them are frequently updated. So, go ahead and check out the list to find your best source of the web design inspiration.

Graphic Design USA

This is one of the most informative and largest creative magazines on this list, which will be of use to the web designers and developers looking for the latest news from the industry, inspiration, motivation, and useful guides. The magazine provides practical articles written by the experts in the field. This is the place where you can find explicit information about design, photography, illustrations, book reviews, interviews, history, and much more.

Web Design Magazines

Creative View

The magazine was launched back in 1980. It makes graphic design understandable even to the newbies. This is a monthly updated resource that covers such topics as web design, technology, typography, animation, books, tools, and a whole lot of other things related to web design and development.

Web Design Magazines


This is an online magazine that will be especially useful to everyone interested in typography, UX, creativity, design, business, inspiration, etc. This is the place where you can find articles about all the thing related to the modern-day web design, reviews, interviews, history, photography, examples, inspiration, latest web design news, and a whole lot of other things.

Web Design Magazines


Print is the graphic design journal that highlights all the aspects related to the web design theory, culture, events, news, photography, typography, information design, etc. You can access the magazine online or other the print format. You can also subscribe for a PDF, find it in iTunes, Google Play, on Kindle or Nook.

Web Design Magazines

Gadget Magazine

This is one of the most frequently visited and best-selling magazines about web design. As the name suggests, the online magazine is intended to appeal to the web tech-savvy users looking for the latest news and inspiration. This is the place where you can find articles and tutorials about modern web design, UI design, HTML5, JavaScript, WordPress, PhotoShop, and much more. There are also some guides that can be downloaded to your PCs or wearables via Google Play, Amazon, and other popular services.

Web Design Magazines


The magazine was launched in 2005. In the beginning, this was a purely educational site covering the topics of design and photography apps. Now, the online magazine highlights the topics of photography, web design, multiple creative tools, modern-day web design techniques, and much more. This is also a place where you can find information about hardware and software. You can also subscribe to their newsletter updates to be notified about the latest tutorials shared on the site.

Web Design Magazines

Communication Arts

Communication Arts magazine is available in two formats. This is both the online and print bimonthly magazine that covers such topics as illustration, photography, typography, advertising, design essentials, creative stuff, etc. You can access it via any popular web browser. The magazine is also available for download as a PDF and for iOS.

Web Design Magazines

Digital Arts

This is a great online magazine for digital creatives. It features loads of articles, tutorials, guides, news, and other pieces of data that will be of particular use to everyone working in the field of web design and development. This is a good online magazine that includes a lot of guides on many web design topics. Thanks to the newsletter subscription form, you will stay always updated on the web design novelties.

Web Design Magazines

Website Magazine

Website Magazine is available in both online and print formats. The articles and guides that you can find on its pages coder the topics related to design and development, eCommerce, mobile, SEO, online marketing, and a whole lot of other topics that will appeal to the web designers and developers.

Web Design Magazines


This is one of the oldest and most well-established magazines on this list. Graphis was launched back in 1944. It is being updated with lots of news articles, interviews, tutorials, guides, and more useful pieces of content monthly. The topics that it covers include illustrations, photography, branding logos, web design, etc.

Website Magazine

Final Thoughts

Both online and print web design journals are excellent sources of information and inspiration. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most and feel free to subscribe to their updates. Remember, forewarned is forearmed.

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