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New Twitter Contest – 20% Discount to Every Participant!

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Ok, quick news for you people here. We know you love Twitter and we also know you love each Template Monster discount code. When those two things are combined (in whatever form you wish) we assume you will worship it. Well, if worshipping is not an option than taking part in it would also be great - after all, this will also be your participation in making TemplateMonster what you want it to be. Sounds interesting? You bet it does!

So this time our new Twitter-powered thingy is about voting for the new templates that are being added to TemplateMonster on a daily basis. On our voting instructions page we show you the selected 5 of those templates and you vote for the one you like most by posting a preset tweet in your Twitter account (that means just pressing the button on our voting instructions page). For this one tiny action you'll get a 20% Template Monster discount code for any of our orders, we in turn get your priceless opinion about our new designs. Definitely that a lot of fun for both sides.

Oh, and one more thing. The template that you vote to be the best on certain day will then be sold at a random discount (20% at least), so be sure to choose wisely! That's a lot of discounts - and tons of savings! Just make sure you follow the terms and rules of the voting. Alright now, go ahead and vote for the template you like!

For more information on how to get Template Monster discount code visit our Promocodes Section.

2 Responses

  1. This is such a fantastic idea. Such a win-win situation. You guys sell more templates and designers get to store up!

  2. Hello, I follow you on Twitter, have you stopped giving out the 20% discount i joined about a week ago,

    Many thanks

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