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Significance of Typography in Design

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Typography is a crucial aspect of a design anyday. Be it websites or business cards, written content, even if little, is fundamental to complete the whole picture. Typography puts words to the emotions and messages you want your visuals to convey. According to experts, typography helps to bring clarity to the unspoken visual elements lying around. It’s important because absence of words might at times provoke misleading understanding among viewers. Thoughtful use of typography eliminates such risks and enables the design to send a legible message to the viewers. More precisely, written words magnify the value of your design and make the whole content easy to read, understand & share.

Usage of typography also helps to beat visual fatigue. Plain visual arrangement can be monotonous for the viewer. Appropriate use and placement of written content bring variation in the picture and render meaning to the whole layout.

Research studies have shown, written words play a decisive role in influencing the audience. The stroke, arch, form and positioning of letters present a glimpse of your entire brand at a glance. No wonder, seasoned designers always stress on careful selection of typography in web design. Careful application of fonts helps to distinguish one theme from the other in a jiffy. And this is not limited to just web designs but applies to all forms of designs we can have. For example, typography is a major differentiation factor between warm inviting ceremonial invitation cards and sharp formal curt business cards.

Interestingly, typography is a dynamic space where we see new typography trends with each passing. To start with, a responsive typeface is really the order of the day in the contemporary “smart” world. With 70% of the online users shifting to smartphones for web browsing, there is an increasing need for responsive websites. Responsive typefaces are designed to complement the responsive sites which grow & shrink according to the size of the browsing device. Mix & match typeface is also garnering a lot of attention of late. It’s excellent when you want to create a boho statement and would be cool for creative industries. Other recent trends in typography are geometric fonts and handwritten or hand-drawn styles.

typography design

Typography is powerful enough to make or break the unique aura of a design- be it for a website o a poster or a banner. Thus, designers have to be very particular regarding the selection of font style, size, line length as well as other related elements.

typography design

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