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TemplateMonster Video Testimonial #1

4.33/5 (3)

If you are a too-busy shopper and curious about other customers’ personal experience with our company, then you would rather click-and-watch our today’s video testimonial.

Featured below is the first video testimonial to be published on our blog - it represents the thoughts and opinions of one of our successful clients. From now on we'll be publishing those video testimonials on our blog from time to time to show you just in how many ways we were able to help our customers.

Martin Browne, that’s the name of our honorable customer who’s been using TemplateMonster’s templates now for seven years, will share his experience of using our products and services. His video testimonial will bring out the strong points about using our templates and will possibly eliminate any doubt our prospective customers may be having regarding our products. So go ahead and check out what other people say about TemplateMonster:

That was existing customer’s satisfied endorsement of our products and services. Our guess is that there are lots of you people who also wish to share their impressions of working with TemplateMonster team. So that is why we highly encourage all of you guys to keep the testimonials flowing to us! If you have made a purchase at TemplateMonster some time ago, than feel free to send us a favorable video review about TemplateMonster and we'll give you a 50% discount for any of our products. All what's even more important - that could be your perfect chance to promote yourself on our website. For additional tips and instructions on how to record and deliver the video files to us, visit our Video Testimonials Info Page!

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  1. Nice, although I couldn’t understand which website this guy is refering to, can someone post the url in the comments please?

  2. I agree, TM is the best. But that’s nothing new these day’s. The first time I ‘discovered’ TM was back in 2004, really impressed by all that beautiful flash stuff. Also integrated in HTML sites. I think they should design a videoblog in the TM website where people can give comments. Not just on Youtube or Vimeo…

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