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How a Professional Web Design Company Must Integrate Marketing Strategy While Designing a Website

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The world of web design is changing at a rapid pace.

With Google’s algorithm changes and evolving user habits, web design companies can no longer focus on the design elements only and ignore the fact that a website is, at first, a tool for making sales.

That’s why any professional web design company that wants to have a chance to maintain its place in the marketplace must have a strong understanding online marketing and know the best practices for combining a marketing strategy with the website design process.

But what are the most critical aspects of digital marketing that must be considered when designing a website?

Well, here are a few things you must consider.

User Experience is Crucial

As mentioned before, today’s internet users are more sophisticated than ever, and they are used to a convenient and easy experience online, so if a website isn’t able to provide that, they will leave and go someplace else.

But how can you improve user experience? Well, there are multiple steps you can take.

First off, as a design agency, you must ensure that every design element has a clear purpose and makes browsing the website more pleasing while at the same time positioning the brand in the right way.

Other areas to focus on are ease of navigation, website speed, as well as clear and engaging call-to-actions that naturally guide the user where he needs to go.

Don’t forget that more than half of internet users in 2018 use a mobile device, so all of your design efforts should have a mobile-first approach.

Make It Trustworthy

The importance of social proof and trust factors in online marketing cannot be underestimated – simply put, if there’s even a shadow of doubt about a website’s reliability, most prospects will not take that risk.

Luckily, there are a few ways how you can add instant credibility to any website.

First off, ensure that the website is protected and has a secure SSL certificate. That will at least avoid the dreadful “not secure’ sign next to the address when using the Chrome Browser.

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You should also use social proof elements such as testimonials and reviews, where they are appropriate, and also employ trust symbols such as PayPal or other payment methods

Make Lead Capture a Seamless Experience

A crucial part of the success of any website is its ability to convert visitors into subscribers, and ultimately, customers.

That’s why a web design agency should make the job of the digital marketing specialist easier and design the lead capture process in the most intuitive and natural way possible.

Many websites with an otherwise good offer fail to convert their visitors into subscribers because the opt-in box or landing page is a pattern interrupt. Web designers have a unique opportunity to think ahead and, working together with marketers, design a way to capture leads that’s the next logical step in their journey.

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