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7 Web Design Trends To Hold On To In 2019

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The world of web design is dynamic and continually evolving. Sometimes, it's hard to keep up with this rapidly changing, creative discipline. Designers and creative professionals watch what’s in and what’s phasing out. Sometimes, user experience drives the design trends. For instance, in 2017, Nielsen Norman Group showed that users took 22% longer to navigate through an ultra-flat design, which explains why flat design phasing out.

Usually, we get this frequently asked question at the term of a year “What’s going to change in the next ten years?” But there is something that nobody ever asks, “what’s not going to change in the next ten years?” Trends do not always have to change. Sometimes they last the test of time. We will be presenting some of the latest web design trends that are making their way into 2019 and other stable ones that we’ve grown accustomed to. And yes, the stable trends are not changing anytime soon. So, without further ado, let’s point out some of the trends for 2019.

Animations will be limited

We have seen how everyone went overboard with animations, but visitors do not necessarily like all things animated. Web designers recognize that animations and gifs need to be limited in web layout. They usually ruin user experience by causing distraction or sometimes confusing the user on call-to-actions. Clearly, in the coming years, this trend is likely to become a thing of the past.

Say goodbye to flat designs

In 2019, flat design will be breathing its last. It was seen as a trend that leaves less room for creativity, and flat design takes longer for visitors to navigate through. So, through trial and error, we now know that flat design will soon be replaced, and gradients and drop-shadow will gain more acceptance.

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Interactive storytelling to take center stage

One of the proven techniques to engage visitors on the web is through storytelling. More web users are getting accustomed to watching animations and videos that illustrate a story. In 2019 and beyond this trend is going to grow stronger and visitors will expect every web experience to have a story.

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Maximalism gaining momentum

As odd as it sounds, maximalism is the new trend to take over as we move into 2019. We have believed that good design is supposed to be clean. It should communicate the message but be free of all visual distractions. It is more of a rebellious trend that can phase out in a few years’ time. The idea of maximalism is to fill up all the space but give way to negative space to communicate the message. At first sight, this new trend may seem cringe-worthy, but if allowed to stay, it gives way to meaning.

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Typography rules and gets bolder

Fonts have always been a practical tool for communication, but we are entering an age where it is used to display personality and evoke emotions. In web space reality, whatever visuals fail to communicate is often delivered by typography, and the latest trend makes it bigger and bolder. Bigger fonts increase the likelihood that the visitor keeps reading your website. Do you recall any recent web design or redesign with huge fonts? We have an example for you.

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You’ll tell me that responsiveness is not a trend in web design since it’s more about development, not about the visual presentation of your site.

I respectfully disagree. You might have noticed that more and more people use their smartphones rather than their laptops. That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure your site looks as pretty on the phone screen as on the monitor.

Asymmetry to break grid layout monotony

After years of using websites, users are aware of what to expect. Hence a smooth user-experience is somewhat pre-defined. A visitor knows where the navigation panel is and scrolling can show them more in-depth pages. Click on various CTA buttons leading to relevant pages. Once the basics of navigation are established in the minds of users, the designers are now actively experimenting with grids and layouts, and asymmetry has been an effective design change to surprise and smoothen the customer journey. How do you find this trend? Share your thoughts.

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web design trends

This trend is an easy way to make your site on top, and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, geometrical elements look very minimalistic, so people will definitely appreciate your design when their eye will notice what they need right after they came to your site.

Secondly, if you care about your site loading speed, this trend will be of good help since these simple minimalistic elements won’t overload the site.

Design to support VR videos

Virtual reality videos will shape the future of web design. It is going to transform the way we view web interface. VR headsets are already proliferating into the market and gaining acceptability among geeks and entrepreneurs alike. In 2019, we will see the interactivity of the web will reach a different level after VR video integration.

Besides some of these web design trends, we will see the emergence of voice-based user interfaces complemented with integrated voice search functionality. Also, conversational chatbots, internet of things and Artificial intelligence will leave a mark on the web. So, what’s the trend that gets you psyched for 2019? Share your thoughts with us.

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