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Webdev Humor: Things That Only Developers Will Find Funny

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According to the Parkinson's law, "work expands so as to fill the time available for its competition". Logically, when you set a deadline, your work is very likely to get done sooner.

Once I saw a pencil-drawn picture with an unattractive monkey which said: “whenever i feel the urge to work i lie down until it goes away.” I firmly believe, that none of us, at least in sound mind, wouldn’t seriously agree to that. However, it often happens so that we’d rather found ourselves somewhere far-far away from the task which we are supposed to do. What is the hardest thing for you to do when starting work? Actually starting work. Creating websites,  drowning in code,  searching for new WordPress themes to save your time, customizing them... The hardest thing is to start. Afterward, the working process flows itself.

There are thousands of productivity tips, hundreds of techniques, dozens of work efficiency tools on the Web which promise us that we’ll learn to be highly productive the next day after reading/seeing/using them. The whole world seems to be struggling against laziness and yet, doesn’t even closely win. Nike’s motto “Just do it” is doomed to be eternal, because as long as people exist, the struggle with laziness will continue. Of course, there are exceptions. I personally know a guy who kept coming to work while his vacation on his own will. For some people, a vacation is an official excuse to be late to work. Nevertheless, if you don’t belong to that group of lucky workaholics, the problem of procrastination is terrifyingly close to you.

The good news is this: everything is simpler than it seems. You don’t need to soak up the tips on how to make yourself work non-stop. Just tune up for a fun mood and remember, that "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun!"


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