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Website Builder Comparison. Novi Builder vs Major Competitors

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The web grows bigger, and the customers become pickier. Soon after the first visual page builders were introduced to the community, the demand started to grow, with more companies launching their own drag-and-drop solutions. Today, drag-and-drop builders can be purchased independently or integrated into the ready-made themes. Whatever CMS or eCommerce platform you decide to work with, you may feel certain that there is a builder that will match your search criteria.

In one of our previously published posts, we were talking about Novi Builder. The functional drag-and-drop HTML builder is intended to be used by the users of different skill levels and for multiple purposes. The visual page builder can be bought either independently or as a part of a website template. And what about its major competitors? How can those be bought and what features do those include? Let's discover in the website builder comparison chart.

Website Builder Comparison

In this post, we are going to compare Novi Builder with the three major competitors, which are also used for the creation of the responsive HTML sites. These are:

  1. HTML Builder. It's sold independently. The builder is being mainly used for the creation of the landing page. You can also find it inside of other builders used as the white-label product.
  2. Architect Builder can be also purchased as an independent product. At the moment, there are no ready-made website templates containing this builder available. Architect Builder is used as the foundation for saas Dorkoy.
  3. Variant Builder isn't sold independently. Designed and developed by MediumRare, the builder can be found inside their website templates only. Currently, this is one of the greatest competitors to Novi Builder in regards to the functionality that it provides for the end-users, webmasters, and businesses.

So, what are the characteristics making Novi Builder stronger or less powerful than its competitors? Let's divide the comparison table into several sections, each of which will highlight the specific functionality that targets the end-users, web developers, and businesses.

Comparison Chart

There are always two sides of a coin. In addition to the range of the features making one solution different from another, there are also certain characteristics those have in common. Speaking about Novi Builder and the three competitors, all of them support multi-page HTML templates and landing pages. All of them feature tools and features that will be of use for the end-users, business owners, as well as webmasters. However, only Novi Builder can be applied to the existing HTML sites. Is there any anything else making Novi so special? Let's take a look.

What's the Best Drag-and-Drop Website Builder?

Novi BuilderHTML BuilderVariant BuilderArhitect Builder
Add/Remove blocks (sections)YESYESYES-
Add/Remove elements (widgets)YES--YES
Stylized text (bold, italics, color, etc.)YESYESYESYES
Multiple pages creationYESYESYESYES
Tools for designersYES--YES
Fonts set managementYES --YES
Change site iconYES ---
Copy/paste elements from 1 page to anotherYES ---
Project backupYES-YES-
Responsive designYESYESYESYES
Save project in the web browser cacheYESYESYES
Save project and edit from any deviceYES---
Publish site on serverYES---
Download source code .zipYESYESYESYES
Extra pages developmentYES- --
Page previewYES - --
Dividing blocks by categoriesYESYESYES-
Search blocks by name/category/contentsYESYESYESYES
Search pages by titleYES ---
Grid setupYES -YES-
Media library supportYES -YES-
Edit URLsUses pluginYESYESYES
Edit labelsUses plugin---
Replace imagesUses pluginYESYESYES
Replace YouTube/Vimeo videosUses plugin -YESYES
Replace font iconsUses plugin -YES-
Replace SVG iconsNeeds plugin- --
Navigation setupYESYESYES-
Map setupUses plugin-YES-
Contact form setupUses plugin-YES-
Sider setupUses plugin-YES-
Background images setupUses plugin-YES-
Countdown timer setupUses plugin-YES-
Sections height setupNeeds plugin-YES-
MailChimp Form setupUses plugin-YES-
CampaignMonitor form setupUses plugin-YES-
Parallax setupUses plugin-YES-
Accordion setupYES-YES-
Tabs setupNeeds plugin-YES-
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook setupUses plugin-YES-
Facebook/Disqus comments setupNeeds plugin-YES-
Built-in color schemes setupComing soon-YES-
OWL Carousel Uses plugin---

HTML Builders for Business

Novi BuilderHTML BuilderVariant BuilderArhitect Builder
Sells as a standalone productYESYES-YES
Any HTML site importYES---
Tools to create extra pages featuring basic contentYES---
Tools for the creation of the blockYES---
User scenario toolsYES---
Plugin development APIYES---

Features of HTML Builders for Developers

Novi BuilderHTML BuilderVariant BuilderArhitect Builder
JS code editorYES--YES
CSS code editorYES --YES
HTML code editorYES--YES
HTML sections editorYESYES- -
Highlighting elements in the source code with a click in the working spaceYES---

Wrapping up...

The main idea standing behind the drag-and-drop HTML builders is to make it easy and worry-free to bring changes to layouts of their existing or already launched websites without the need to tweak the source code. The comparison chart reveals that Novi Builder and its major competitors feature both common features and a range of characteristics making them different from one another.

Looking at the tables, you can pick the best builder that will meet your personal or business requirements perfectly well, import the already existing site and tweak its pages code-free or grab a ready-made theme integrated with the visual builder to get started with the online project with the minimum effort.

And who is your winner? What features are of the biggest value to you as you select the best drag-and-drop HTML builder?

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One Response

  1. Novi Builder is probably the worst $99 I have spent in the entire year. I have been developing website development tools such as WIX and WordPress for last two years. It took me 10 minutes to familiarize myself with those tools. Novi builder took 3 days to configure a list of 12 pages ( Index page, Buttons page are count in those 12 pages) so although my website template had 41 pages with beautiful graphics in them I could barely use 6-7 custom pages. When I started developing it was not nearly as easy as WIX. Rather even after my poor work experience and knowledge in HTML PHP and CSS, it was easier to edit the code for the website. The templates are beautiful but I wish I could get my $99 back.
    If you want an instant website to be made in 2-3 days then never even think of going with NOVI.

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