What’s Up, Monster? [TemplateMonster Weekly Briefing #11]

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Have you ever started your week by noticing that it’s already Wednesday and you forgot to do something?

Yeah, that’s the same feeling that I have right now.

So I was sitting and having my morning coffee an hour ago and tried to remember what the hell happened to me and why I had so much free time yesterday. To be honest, I had tons of ideas and finished this guess-work along with my coffee.

When I got back to my place and something struck me: where the hell is my Weekly Briefing?

That’s something I totally didn’t see coming and thank god I remembered it today!

With that being said, you can now live under the impression that I’m hell of an irresponsible hobo! But make no mistake, I am still here to fix this!

Wednesdays are way better than Mondays and there is plenty of reasons to stand by this statement. The main point for me is that it feels like the week is going forward and you are moving somewhere, at least you’re getting closer to the weekend!

Damn, I don’t even know… Is it enough to make an impression of someone who is sorry for the fact that the weekly briefing didn’t get released in time? I feel like I’m very close to the needed point, so let’s just dive into the news and see what’s up on the internet.

Flash Player’s funeral is scheduled on 2020

Our company is 15 years old and some of you may remember us as a distributor of the top-quality Flash Templates. That’s true, that’s how it was at the beginning. However, time goes by and we left the flash technologies behind and went forward.


It’s been a hell of a journey for the Flash and Shockwave, but according to the Adobe’s latest press release, they are going to abandon this technology. You can check the full post at their corporate blog for more details.

It was a lot of fun, but you should be able to say goodbye to something old and give a birth to something more relative and cool.

The same thing works with our templates! Yes, we had the biggest catalog of flash templates on the internet, but let me be honest with you… If you check out our current catalog of premium WordPress themes or simply scroll around all the niche website templates we offer, you will definitely find numerous of amazing pieces of art!

MS Paint will live long and prosper

It’s funny to realize how many technologies are becoming old and weird nowadays, right? This is the second news item today and both of them have the same narrative… Almost the same!

Despite the rumors, Microsoft decided not to bury the MS Pain and go with a flow further! It’s not going anywhere, the only direction it takes is going towards the Windows Store as a free app.

MS Paint is here to stay, it will just have a new home soon, in the Windows Store where it will be available for free.

How do you feel about MS Paint? It brings lots of great childhood memories, actually. To me, it’s an app that I used quite a lot while being a kid. I didn’t have a computer and I had to come visit my older sister and sneak to her computer while she is busy with something. Despite the fact that I was a huge fan of computer games, as we all were, I also truly enjoyed working with painting and drawing funny pictures. Of course, to me, these were pieces of art, but let’s be honest with other, they were pretty crappy.

So to me, this is a great news and I am very happy to hear that my favorite childhood app is going to live forever! Well… nobody said that it’s going to live forever, but let me just believe in it for a second, alright?!

Weekly Medium Watch

Today I prepared a great blog post from Medium!

How often did you think about starting your own project while working on a normal 9 to 5 job? Did you consider starting it as a side project while making money at your current position?

This is a pretty time-consuming thing and sometimes people cannot separate their normal work and their side project and in the end, they screw up everything. It’s just like a collision of two completely separate universes.

Side projects are something that gives you the inspiration to live, work and create. Well, that’s what my side projects are to me and I hope you have some kind of project as well.

Darshan Gajara analyzed how having a side project affects your primary work. Check out his post the link and let me know what you think of his opinion!

Find yourself a design mentor and become a better professional

First of all, I’d like to make something clear. In my weekly digests, I provide you with lots of great posts on external blogs and link you to some services. And the thing is, it’s not an advertisement and nobody pays me for this. This news digest is clear and cannot be bribed! Everything I offer you to read or to use is something I read and use myself!

With that being said, let me ask you a question! Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself a perfect web-design mentor?

Yeah, I know, some of you do not like the mentoring process and believe that they are cool enough without this hassle. Yep, this section of my today’s article is not for you.

However, for those who actually look for some kind of guidance, let me offer you to check out the

The idea behind this project is quite easy, just scroll the list of mentors/designers and find someone who stands out and you believe he is the one. For now, you cannot become a mentor for free and sign up, but this feature is coming soon. As of now, there is a good list of top-notch designers to choose from. Try it out, you will not regret it, I’m sure!

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