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What’s That Name Again? Help Us Choose the Proper jQuery Category Name

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You may have noticed that we at TemplateMonster have a lot of website templates with jQuery elements in them (e.g. slideshows, navigation tabs, functionality and design add-ons etc.). And we really mean that there's a lot of them - there's actually so many templates of this kind in our collection that it's time for us to arrange it into a product category of some kind.

jquery template

But since we're pretty much new to all of this jQuery thing we do not really know what the best bane for that category would be. After all - the names of categories are for the audience, not for employees. So now we're asking you guys your opinion about what we should call that category. Is it 'jQuery templates'? Or 'jQuery-powered templates'? Those were the first ones we could think of - perhaps you have better ideas (if you don't - you are free to vote for the ones we suggested).

And of course no help will remain unappreciated! The randomly picked 5 participants that suggest the name that eventually will become a winner (or vote for that name in the comments) will receive any jQuery template from us for free AND the awesome 'jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide' eBook by Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg from Packt Publishing, also for free. As for all other participants - they'll receive a 10% discount active for any template from TemplateMonster (so make sure you provide the right email in comments to this post).

The voting will only last during the first week of March 2010, so be sure to vote while it's not too late!

  • Ralph Davis

    JQuery Powered

    • Anna Lenczowska

      This name is good

  • James

    jQuery design templates

  • ego


  • Inside the Webb

    jQuery powered? Eh, I dunno what to say for this… I suppose just keep working at it haha!

  • Allison Wong

    jQuery templates…keep it simple and sweet

  • ali cam


  • dan Leubitz

    Jquery Enhanced,
    JQuery in Action,,
    JQuery Just cool,
    Smokin the J query

  • Rafal Kanabus

    jQuery Lightweight

  • Gerard

    Ha ha! Some are very funny. 🙂 What about:

    1. Q-Plates
    2. JayQ-Plates
    3. Qir-Site (just kidding)
    4. JQ-enabled
    5. JavaSet Template

  • Aling

    ‘jQuery templates’ is more than enough.

  • Bernard Toplak

    The category has to have full name “JQuery”, don’t make the audience wonder FT* is that =))

    My suggestions:

    JQuery Enriched Templates

  • Sylwester

    Powered by JQuery
    JQuery Powered Templates

  • Odeta

    jQ powered templates

  • Ackros

    AJAX Templates

  • Mario Morera Meis

    jQueryMonster Templates

  • Arthur Kerkmeester

    jQuery Monsters !

  • Igor

    Java Script Powered
    Java Script Featured
    JS Featured
    JS Enabled

  • Aamir


    And yes off course as Arthur Kerkmeester suggested:
    jQuery Monsters !


  • Pete

    Web 2.0 Templates

  • René

    Dynamic Templates

  • Samix

    JQuery Templates

  • Tom Yates

    Flow Templates , “Flow” meaning movement

  • Martijn

    jQuery Enhanced Templates

  • Sébastien Julien

    JQuery live templates
    JQuery templates
    WAT (web applications templates)
    JQuery Based templates
    Jquery Dynamics templates
    Paladium templates

    So anything but with JQuery inside
    JQuery is only on is first steps.
    Dont forget to includes version and file type using in the template.

    For example, i have lots of flash template to choose but i never have technical informations regarding if pictures and texts are loaded using xml or if they are hard coded into the animation.

    I suggest to never forget to include technical informations in case of templates using technologies like Action Script , Javascripts , JQuery and others.

    Great site.

    • Crystal

      Totally agree with Sebastien on the tech info. This is why I do not use templatemonster anymore or have my clients pick templates from here. It totally turns into a nightmare because you do not know what your getting. Especially on some of the older templates that are in tables. It would be nice to have more detailed tech specs.

  • Pablo Aguirre

    “jQuery Elements”

  • Aamir

    Another one:



  • Andreas


    or maybe: jQWeb

    • Ignacio LPM

      My vote goes to:

      jQ Monster

  • Noora

    jQuery templates.. simple

  • Utkarsh

    jQuery Powered flash-less animation

  • Rozie

    jQuery Template Binge

  • Marek Detko

    jQuery Inside


  • yumasan

    I like “jQuery Powered” and “jQuery Enhanced”.

  • tmatthew

    JQuery Templates

  • Promovis

    jQuery Theme Plates
    jQuery mPower Templates
    jQuery empowered
    jQuery Tuned Templates
    jQuery Monster Templates
    jQ TM; TMjQ

  • KJ Jackson

    JavaQ Templates
    jQuery Scripts
    jQuery Library
    JavaQuery (jQ) Templates

  • Charissa Wilson


    jQuery Integrated Templates

    jQuery Style

  • Tenshi Phillips


  • Ergi Bardhi

    jQuery Inside

  • Jose

    Web 2.0 Templates and FLASH TEMPLATES

    • Alex

      Jose, I’m not sure that calling them either Web 2.0 or Flash templates would be a good idea. Thanks for taking part though.

  • Dan Anderson

    “jQuery Powered Templates” seems to be the most straight forward and self explanatory. I think the word powered points to the fact that the template is not for jQuery, i.e. jQuery is not a CMS system like Joomla, but the templates use jQuery to enhance their functionality.

  • Brandon

    ‘JQuery Elements’ sounds like a great category.

  • Trudy Maresch

    JQ Designs
    JQ Monster Designs
    JQ Designs By Monster
    JQuery Designs
    JQuery Designs By Monster
    JQuery Monster Designs

  • Tom Feight

    I vote for jQuery Powered Templates

  • Crystal

    JQuery Ready Events
    JQuery Ready Effects

    Since JQuery checks to see if the page is READY not necessarily if all the images have downloaded. Also either of these would imply that these are extra effects/elements of the template not completely made of JQuery like a Flash template may be.

    Just some ideas, I also like JQuery Powered as Sylwester stated above.


    • Crystal

      I guess I should add JQuery Ready
      to the list too.

  • Anand

    JQed Templates

  • Ricard Martorell

    The simple is the best ‘jQuery templates’

  • Robert

    EZNav – Powered by JQuery
    EZNav Templates – Powered by JQuery

    The name reflects what it actually is, designed to make it easier to navigate a document.

  • Dmitry

    I guess it should like a brand nick:
    Jayry Works or JQ works
    JayQy Works
    jQ works
    JQ engine or JQ drive
    enJQsion or exJQusion or inJQsion or injQtor
    JQ fusion
    JQ fashion – in my point of view the best for templates with JQuery
    JQ function
    JQ rate
    JaQuracy or JQuracy
    JQ lab or JQ set or JQ tag

  • Albert

    jQuery-powered is good

  • Dmitry


  • albert

    My recommendation would be:

    jQuery Active
    jQuery Active Templates

  • Ahmet Cetin

    I think jQuery-powered templates

  • Christina

    jQuery Effects Templates

  • Christina

    jQuery Action Templates

  • Greg Parker

    JQuery Hub

  • Brady Barrows

    Keep it simple:


    • Juraj

      I agree, simplicity!


    jQuery Dimention


    jQuery system


    jQuery Design

  • Dennys Darckian

    jQuery Live Design

  • Angelo

    KISS factor 🙂

    ‘jQuery Templates’ from the proposed ones, and
    ‘jTemplates’ as my suggestion 🙂

  • Phil

    JQuery Power Torque Awesome Fantastic Super Lightning Fast Go Cool Stupendous Terrific Zoom Jump Twist Templates

  • Abel

    howabout “JQuery Templements”

  • Michael

    jquery Templates or jTemplates are the only two I know of where most people would know what they are.

  • Meiyi

    “jQuery-powered templates” fits best.

  • Cornelius3D

    The thing with jQuery (and I have only just started adding jQuery functions to my pages) is that it is used to add functionality or effects or cool little shiny/smooth/complex bits to your pages easily. So I don’t think it is the same as like HTML/CSS templates, or Flash Templates, or PHP pages.. you would add an image fader to your CSS template.. or add a date picker to your php page. so I would call it something like.. jQuery Widget Templates, jQuery Lib Templates.. or how about jQuery Libgets Templates. for Library Widgets 🙂 jQuery UI Templates I think it possibly the best/simplest/most straight forward/accurate perhaps. jQuery Packs Templates?? no that one is no good. jQuery Add Cool Things To Your Pages Templates 😀
    jQuery ACT Templates.. (Add Cool Things) Im just getting silly now..
    jQuery Widget Templates
    jQuery Lib Templates
    jQuery Libgets Templates
    jQuery UI Templates
    jQuery Add Cool Things To Your Pages Templates

    I added my URL but it is still under construction and no jQuery there yet… just some of my YouTube vids.

  • Digital-Eyes Customs

    jQuery must be in the name. Either “jQuery-based,” “jQuery-powered,” or simply “jQuery” templates. Please make the guide part of the download!

  • Samy Fawzy al-Qasim

    JQuery Templates

  • twodogs@bellsouth.net

    jQuery sTuff

  • Get more straight not all that yallah.. ex www.norwegian.no

    Get more straight not all that yallah.. ex http://www.norwegian.no

  • John Taube

    jQuery Smoothies

  • Warren Brownstein

    I recommend: jQuery Enhanced Templates with the acronym jQET for a short form


  • Paweł Komarnicki

    I would name it “JS-powered Templates” or “JavaScript Templates” – anyway jQuery is JS, right? 🙂

  • Jay Schechter

    Query by JPower

  • Dean Day

    Jemplates? 🙂 or Query Jemplates etc. JQ Plates.

  • Mike

    Accually… With this new name you cant just be creative and invent something “funky”..

    So why? Well… Lets say that maybe 15-20% of you buyers might accually KNOW what jQuery is – and the rest is like… “Yea, whatever”…

    Then the strategic smartest thing would be to call it something… Understandable… To humans aswell… But i guess such a name dont exist.. :b

    So while this new name proberbly do not exist, you could do something else… Make somekind of “What is jQuery” in the top of the themes to make people qurious, and make them understand what it accually is (ie when you click view, place it in the top or so) or maybe even make a newsletter about this subject? 😮

    Anyway, in my oppinion best and most explaing name would be “jQuery powered templates..


    1. It contains “jQuery” (Which is defiently needed)
    2. It tells you that this theme use somekind og cool tool??!! (jQuery)
    3. It is a template ofcouse.

    Anyway, good luck finding a name – and sorry for my poor english if there is a lot of misspelling..

    Mike – Denmark

  • edgetwism

    “jQuery based templates” sounds good….

  • steve cameron

    Querky Templates

  • Chris Wilcox (LX24)

    This is the one:

    jQuery Enhanced Templates

    after all jquery is used to enhance the usablity of a site

  • Cameron

    how about: Jzilla or JayZilla

  • Pablo Aguirre

    jQuery Elements

  • Omer


  • Almog

    – smarthemes
    – tempjets
    – jqt
    – innoative themes

  • Robert

    Are their multiple posting sites for this naming contest? I posted yesterday and now I don’t see my comments.

    • Robert

      My bad and not enough Jobe. Just saw the ‘Older Comments’ link.


    JERY would be apt for the theme

  • Roman

    My recommendation would be:

    Insert a advanced field, inside Template description.
    Example near the : “Sources Available: .PSD;.PHP”
    Just add this (for example): Requirements: JQuery (for drop-down menu)

    🙂 Good Luck

  • Pete

    The problem with this competition is that it is seeking to give a name to something that is really an attribute of a website. How much jQuery does a page need to use to be considered a ‘jQuery’ template? What about templates that use mootools, or plain Javascript – should they have their own section?.. I would recommend adding a better categorisation system rather than a top level category name, flash powered, jQuery powered, mootool powered etc.. I mean ultimately every new website is going to be using jQuery/some other library isnt it? (I commented earleir that I think “Web 2.0 templates” would cover it due to this reason, but the same argument applies, everything will be web 2.0 eventually!)

    • Pete

      ……And in the time it took me to write this the guy above me (Roman) has shown a good way to do the attribute bit in your monster site 🙂

  • jeremy


  • Jose Colon


  • Mladjan Nesic

    What about:
    Sea Query templates ?

    From Seaside framework and jQuery

  • JM

    MonsterJ (no, that kind of a monster J, pals;)
    Monsterquery.com (that sound like the horror for every SQL Developer;)


    Did anyone even realize that this website here is called TemplateMONSTER;)

    How about “Mr. JayQ” or http://www.jayq.com

  • Bose

    I suggest “jTemptation”

  • Bose

    else we might name it as Jery Cat templates

  • Bose


  • Alvaro Ojeda

    jQuery – Templates, Simple.

  • Mlackea

    JooQ templates


  • Chase Mann

    jQuery Flow Templates

  • Boris

    I suggest “jTemptation” as Bose

  • Ace Chandra

    Powered by jQuery!

  • Lounatech

    I vote for: jQuery Optimized
    Since jQuery is essentially an optimized Java library, it makes sense.

  • Adolfo

    I think jQpowered would be a perfect name for the new section.

    • Vesna

      jQpowered – definitely.

  • Gepmadar

    Yes It is. jQpowered perfect.

  • Mahfoud

    JQ is also good

  • Zurik Phillips

    I would like to see jQuery elements

  • tony leonard

    J 2 Q = jay two the second power Q

  • Websitegirl

    JQuite Cool Templates

  • MAC

    jQuery Powered is direct

  • Christopher C

    How about jQuery Optimized?

    Because I think a template isn’t completely “powered” by jQuery but is rather optimized to give it some “falir”

  • Christopher C

    jQuery Driven sounds really cool as well. I hope these names are what you are looking for. : )

  • Rodrigo

    Could be RIA (Rich Internet Application)

  • Christopher C

    jQuery built or Built on jQuery could also be used. That way itis easily understood.

  • Nikolaos Papanikolaou

    jQuery Powered for president.

  • Javier C

    jQpowered Templates sounds like the first choice would search for, so i reckon “jQpowered Templates” !! =)

  • Jason

    I like j-iq or jQPowered

  • Samer Chidiac


  • Bose


  • Bose

    I think jTemptation is ideal, because the way chef, Templatemonster cooks (designs) various dishes (web templates) and makes it ready to serve …..it is quite lip-smacking. And, now introducing a new jVariety with full of excitement and temptation we all should call it “jTemptation”.

  • Rui Cerqueira

    jQuery Simple the Best

  • yudhistira kiswara

    jQuery-powered templates is my suggestion.

  • Michelle

    jTemptation has a nice ring! Good one Bose 🙂