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Win Tesla Model S with Social Stock

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Do you spend most of your day online? Are you a web design fan who is eager to spread cool ready-made stuff on the web? Then you can't pass by TemplateMonster's Social Stock program. Aimed at the active social media users, it will help you sell themes without the need to create your own marketplace and win Apple devices, Harley Davidson Street or even Tesla Model S!

What is Social Stock program all about?

Discounts ... this magic word captivates millions of people worldwide. Whether in the retail or online store, discounted products lure shoppers, creating a desire to take a closer look at them and let friends, colleagues or simply everyone around know about the lucrative offer. Basically, with Social Stock you can do all the same and even compete for getting valuable prizes.

To put it simple, Social Stock is a unique program initiated by TemplateMonster, as part of which you can get a 10% discount on all themes from their inventory, with the purpose to share it with friends and social media followers. If your social media community is made up of web developers, designers and simply those people who enjoy keeping track of the latest novelties in the industry, then you should enroll. Especially taking into consideration how simple everything was done for you.

Terms and Conditions

Created with the purpose to let people around you save on the purchase of TemplateMonster's themes, Social Stock campaign is intended to save both time and effort on spreading the word about it in your community. So, in order to participate you will need to do the following.

  • Apply for registration.
  • Check your email inbox for your 10% unique personal promo-code for any TemplateMonster's theme.
  • Share the promo-code with your friends.

How to make people know about the program? Everything has been done for you.  As soon as you get registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your login and password details as well as your 10% promo-code. Then, go back to the Social Stock page, log in and see what we have prepared for you. Your profile will include sets of memes, banners and even pre-written texts for email and personal messages, which you can send to your friends.

Memes were made appealing and easy to recognize. Featuring funny animals, popular cartoon characters, actors and celebrities, such visual content in intended to make your social media posts more noticeable and catching. Here are a few examples.




You will also have access to a set of social media banners with texts explaining the purpose of posting the latter in your timeline. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin social sharing options are integrated into your account. So, just pick any banner and share it with friends.


If you wish, you can create your own memes and banners, your creative approach to the matter is always appreciated.

Just in case you do not want to brainstorm on the text of your email that is supposed to inform your friends or fellow users about the promo-code, you can pick any of the pre-written texts and simply replace the default coupon with your unique code.


One again, all this and plenty of other cool stuff will be available to you after the registration in the campaign. So, go ahead and take the first step towards your dream.


Here comes the most important part - PRIZES! Depending on the number of points that you have collected (1 point equals 1 promo-code usage) you can choose from 8 stunning prizes:

  • $100 on your PayPal account for 10 promo-code usages
  • Smartwatch Pebble for 20 sales
  • iPad Mini for 50 sales
  • iPhone 6 for 100 sales
  • Canon EOS  6D for 250 sales
  • Macbook Pro for 500 sales
  • Harley-Davidson Street for 1,000 sales
  • Tesla Model S for 10,000 sales

What's so great about the rewards is that you are the only one to decide on what and how many prizes you can get. For example, if you have 30 points on your account, you can get two different prized for 10 and 20 points each or keep on collecting sales to get a more valuable reward.


In your Social Stock profile, there is a separate field to track the number of your promo-code usages.  Enter your unique coupon code there and the system will automatically count the number of sales for you. Additionally, there will be a list of prizes with a button placed in front each of them. As soon as you have collected enough points to get a certain prize, the button will turn green. As soon as you choose the prize, the counter will automatically withhold the number of points that equals to that prize and keep the difference in points, so that you can  keep on participating in the campaign.

Basically, that's all that you need to know about Social Stock in order to participate and win. The campaign will be running till December 31st, 2016, so you still have plenty of time to enroll and win all the prizes from the list.

Good luck!