4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme

Sep 23, 2013

"Life is too short to drink bad wine." And I can say, that it’s also too short to choose bad designs. Thumbs up for high quality and the skillfully done goodie that is waiting for you!

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme – the new design from a young lady and our designer – Ivy Green. If you want people to learn more about your wine & winery business, choose this freebie that is ready for you to use it. Need a website for another business sphere? Add minor changes to the layout and get what you need.

4 "Whys" You Would Like New HTML5 Website Freebie:

  • Sleek layout. This HTML5 theme displays deep red colors that are visually intensive and are associated with the color of wine. Talking about wine industry online, the choice of this color is good for giving visitors a fun, interactive tasting experience.
  • JS Animation. It enlivens the layout, making it richer visually and more captivating for browsing.
  • Slider. The home page houses a bit customized Full Screen jQuery Image & Content Slider. Wine sites usually go with a certain categorization of products that can be neatly placed in tabs of the slider. Every slide features its own background image and content part placed above it with the important information about the products a company offers.
  • Logo. This freebie contains a little present for you – the logo that was carefully made for your needs. It goes with a following layout, but can be easily extracted and customized for other projects of your own.
    Note! Want to know the secrets of logo creation, wise tips and instructions for customization? Check out our blog entries to find the logo creation tutorial on Friday. Following the steps of tutorial, you’ll be able to create such a logo and see how to bring the desired changes into it.


Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Have a look at the subpages of our Free Wine & Winery HTML5 Theme:

Our Story Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Food & Wine Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Wine Clubs Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Events Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Contacts Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme

Starbis - Multipurpose HTML5 Theme

multifunctional HTML5 theme

Katarina Klementi
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2014-09-24 10:16:00

The Download Link does not work

2014-10-03 01:48:00

Please try again, the link is working.

2013-09-24 06:29:00

Download Link doesn't work

2013-09-24 08:43:00

Please try again downloading the archive. The size is quite big - 188MB, so it takes some time to download it. Make sure that the process is finished, before you start unpacking the archive.

2013-09-23 13:24:00

Thanks to Ivy Green and to you, Katarina, for the nice gift! Blessings to you!

2013-09-23 07:54:00

what a nice colors :)))) thanx

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