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Some Interesting Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Themes and WordPress Plugins

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People rarely pay attention to the appearance of the WP admin panel.

Usually, web devs are looking for design WordPress templates. And what about the default WordPress admin interface? Some say that it’s stuck in the past, is complicated enough, and can cause difficulties for beginners. For those who have used WP for a long time, getting used to the default panel occurs naturally and they usually don’t have problems. In the default design, there’s nothing special, but it’s functional.

However, if you want to change the default style, you have several options. Modifying the WordPress admin interface is a difficult task. While you are improving one thing, all other obsolete items become visible. The default interface is not very well suited for user iteration. So, the plugins and themes are a chance to quickly test some new ideas on how to visually improve the WordPress admin user interface.

This article describes several free and commercial plugins and themes that will allow you to use various designs in it.


AG Custom Admin

dashboard themes plugins

This plugin is much more serious than the previous one. After installation and activation, it adds the “AG Custom Admin Settings” page with seven tabs of various settings. Here you can configure the panel to your liking; you can change icons, pictures, menu items, add content, and edit any inscriptions in the footer and edit the main page (console) of the panel. In the login page, you can upload your logo, change the links and text. In the admin menu, you can change the standard names of WordPress menus. And in the color tab, you can play with various color schemes.

Admin Menu Editor

dashboard themes plugins

This plugin allows you to adjust your Dashboard manually: hide or move some items, rename menu subheadings, even move the items from one subheading to another, etc. Also, you'll be able to work with URLs, icons, CSS classes and so on.

Slate Admin Theme

dashboard themes plugins

Here's a plugin which in fact is a theme itself. This Slate Admin Theme has been designed for those who prefer simplicity and minimalism. It's been designed with a focus on the content writing experience, so if you run a blog for this purpose and don't want something to distract you, you might find this plugin really useful.



We want to present you our best Bootstrap admin templates. If you know what's inside /css/admin-style.css file you'll be able to implement them to your WordPress site. Good luck!

1. MonsterAdmin

MonsterAdmin Dashboard Admin Template

Demo | Download

Demarcus Brice Love

I was originally drawn to this template for an internal project that I was working on for my organization. I wanted something that was usual and appealing at the same time and this template delivered in both departments. I bought the template the other day and am still working on it to deliver the information that I truly need, so far so good. I cant say if this should be this should be used for for novice or experts. I am tweaking the template to my needs for a dashboard that was already in existence, and so the ability to add and take away was really helpful. All in all, this is a great template that is useful and appealing to the eye. I have no complaints what so ever.

2. Rubikus

Rubikus Dashboard Admin Template

Demo | Download

Erica Ledesma

Is a great theme and is useful for our sites, the clients are happy with this choice

3. Bluefire


Demo | Download

Armando Corral

We used this template as the backend for our VoIP website and it was great! It was very easy to customize and it allowed me to create an admin portal that was intuitive and easy to use. A very nice bonus is that the template includes A LOT of plugins that can make your website look professional; also it makes using animations very easy, which is something I usually struggle with when creating my own websites.

4. Coloribus


Demo | Download


I choose the Colorlib Admin theme because all the necessary components were included. Great template! Thanks a lot!

5. Meter


Demo | Download


Excellent control panel, fully functional to make multiple projects proposal, intuitive interface for both development and the end user, simple and functional programming update, nice and updated icons, standard fonts. Multiple design options. Excellent components and reusable, very good examples that can be used in any project. Many types of graphs for indicator control panels. Compatible with one hundred percent. Totally recommended.

6. Pixel Admin

Pixel Admin

Demo | Download

It’s an excellent theme for creating a custom admin panel. It’s easily and quickly configured for any task and any taste. In the kit, you’ll get a set of plugins and UI components which will give you many options for your admin dashboard adjustment. The primary purpose of Pixel Admin is to provide options for the admin menu on all user levels.

7. Magilla


Demo | Download

Arthur F

Very good template. Easy to modify and contains several extremely necessary items in the construction of an administration system. The icon pack is very good with great options. The responsive for mobile browsers is very good. I do not have any criticisms to make about this temple, because I really enjoyed it.

8. Quantum Able

Quantum Able

Demo | Download

With this theme, you can customize colors, fonts, the appearance of content by using a special menu. For more advanced users, customizable CSS styles will be available for registration. And, of course, this panel comes in a modern flat style. This is one of the best themes for those who love and appreciate the fashionable style.

9. Webadmin


Demo | Download

The Webadmin theme also uses a flat design. You can customize the panel and the menu, as well as the login page and objects in the footer, just as you want. Now the theme has been downloaded multiple times, which means that when you buy it, you’ll have a high-quality admin panel that occupies the leading position in the market.

10. A2 Admin

A2 Admin - Angular 4 Material Design Admin Template

Demo | Download

David De La Sota

This version of angular template facilitates the development javascritp with the multiple bookstores that this manage, an excellent purchase option to develop a customer area in a faster form and with an excellent visual quality

11. Flintstone


Demo | Download

Jorge Eduardo Ospina Rubiano

The template is amazing, works correctly and have a lot of pages that makes easy to integrate

12. Gradient Able

Gradient Able

Demo | Download

Epsilon Business Solutions

A very nice product. Liked it very much, especially the graphs.

13. Admiry


Demo | Download


complete dashboard template, simple design and easy management

14. Ready Pro

Ready Pro

Demo | Download

Scott A Scialabba

This was an awesome template!! Worked great no issues, and sleek design. There was so much there to choose from and there were lots of comments in the code so it was easy to make changes and remove or included whatever I needed I really wish there was a matching landing page to go with this dashboard.

15. Material

Material Admin Dark Responsive Admin Template

Demo | Download

The design of this admin panel template is made in dark colors. With the Material theme you'll be able to add different charts and diagrams for everything you need. You'll get a template with a fully responsive display with a bunch of features!

16. AdminX


Demo | Download

AdminX theme will match you perfectly is you want your admin panel to be convenient and smart. Having bought this template you'll get cool animation, predefined color schemes, free fonts and icon fonts and more! Also, the theme is fully responsive and all the documentation is included.

17. Smarty


Demo | Download

Smarty is a fully responsive based on Bootstrap template. It is meant to make the work on your projects easier. It includes many unique features which you will definitely find useful and helpful!

18. Maple Admin

Maple Admin

Demo | Download

This Maple Admin template will help you in creating your personalized style of the admin panel. It is ultra responsive, includes lots of element you might need, has chat widget, email interface, and more than 1000 icons! Also, the documentation is included so you won't have any problem with its installation.



Demo | Download

StartUp is a creative admin template. It includes 6 fancy color themes, graphs vector maps, editable user profile, lots of UI elements such as buttons, tabs, modals, spinners, grids, layouts, etc.! If you pick this theme, you'll be able to personalize your dashboard the way you want!



Demo | Download

With the Everest admin template you'll be on top! Editable and smart, this theme includes a bunch of useful features and components which will help you with your projects. Moreover, it is fully responsive, that's why you mustn't worry if your laptop is with you or you have to work with any other device.

WordPress Templates


As you can see, there are more than enough ways to create your own admin panel. And if you still decide to transform this working tool, I hope this article will help you in this.

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