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5 Tips to Make Sure Your WordPress Blog Has the Best Functionality

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A large percentage of web traffic has been moving to the handheld sphere.

For WordPress bloggers, it’s a pressing concern because WordPress is not push-button mobile-friendly. Users need plugins to make their self-hosted sites mobile-optimized. There are several plugins to choose from.

WordPress Form Builder

There are plugins for literally everything. Even flimsy work like dragging and dropping WordPress form builder can be done using plugins such as WPforms. WPforms is among the best WordPress tools I’ve come across because it has the following functionalities.

  • It is responsive. You don’t have to try anything extra to make it handheld-friendly.
  • Instant notification of leads and response system saves time.
  • Consolidation of leads streamlines workflow.
  • Collection of payments and online orders are processed in no time. Sites that bank on donation, benefit from this functionality.

There are similar plugins that you can select. If you are a fan of pre-designed layouts, give Themify a chance. An additional advantage of this plugin is an array of wonderful themes.


Responsive WordPress Themes

If your preferred theme is not responsive, no problem. You can convert a normal WordPress theme into a responsive one. Here’s an excellent guide that describes step to step how non-responsive WordPress themes can be made responsive. The coding work mentioned in the tutorial is super easy to follow.

Making your WordPress site responsive is the first step. Next steps include.

Mobile Optimized Content

Writing content for mobile readers is a bit tricky. Unlike desktop users, mobile users don’t prefer long-form content. People use mobile Internet on the go and they tend to prefer succinct content.

For the same reason, the F-shaped viewing pattern doesn’t apply to mobile users. Their eyes move very quickly and they only view the top left segment of a web page. An eye-tracking study of mobile users reveal a new pattern called Golden Triangle. Here’s how it looks:


best functionality

The center of a webpage attracts 68% of the visitor’s attention. The graph below confirms this. Take a look:

Best Functionality



Hence, place the important parts of the content at the upper left part of the screen and make sure to highlight them using relevant WordPress plugins or backend coding.

One key aspect of mobile-optimized content is an eye-catching headline. Use odd numbers and buzzwords so that visitors notice the headlines. The bottom line is, don’t make mobile readers struggle; they hate it. For the same reason, use short paragraphs and no unnecessary nothing.

Consolidation Leads to Optimization

The beauty of WordPress is you can operate everything from a unique dashboard. With the help of XML sitemap, you can play up the key-phrases in the content. Plugins like Google XML Sitemap are there to help you.

WordPress relieves you from specifying the H-tags in HTML coding. Multipurpose WordPress plugins take it to the next level. Such plugins were built keeping Google’s Webmaster Central and Website Optimizer in mind. If you are a WordPress blogger, WordPress XML plugins let you highlight H-tags.

As we talked about mobile users’ preferences earlier, highlight important headings, subtitles, and relevant sentences to keep readers glued to the content. The more unified your blog optimization efforts, the better your WordPress site’s functionality.

WordPress plugins


Multimedia Without Flash

Adding multimedia to a WordPress blog may seem like a cakewalk, but WordPress is an open source CMS platform is not equipped to render too much multimedia content without downtime or buffering.

WordPress themes offer a solution. There are plenty of themes; they have beautiful layouts and all the settings you need to upload your audio or video. Themes like Attitude, Flexible, and Cube support customization and provide admins with color options, drag-and-drop interface, and several other leverages. Cube is my personal favorite because it allows front-end video publishing.

Besides themes, plugins are also a solution. You may come across occasional glitches like a media library not working, HTTP error while uploading multimedia, etc. Multimedia plugins provide easy fixes to all these problems.

An important reminder for you is never to use flash. Flash makes your media elements invisible to search engines. Aside from that, the mobile crowd is accustomed to HTML5. On top of all these, Flash takes a toll on site visitors. Very few upgrade outdated Flash players, most leave the site.

Choosing WP Host

This is a key determinant of a WordPress site’s functionality. There may be a plethora of options to choose from, but make sure not to invest in the wrong one. Below are the guidelines you need to follow to choose the best hosting for WordPress.

  • Hosting type: Don’t listen to the judgmental lot who reject shared hosting simply because it’s shared hosting. Check your revenue before deciding on hosting type. Shared hosting is useful if your revenue stream is low-flow. In terms of security, however, shared hosting is a poor choice to make. Managed hosting can be a great solution for WordPress bloggers because it lets them install tailor-made custom services.
  • Caching and page load: The host you choose must have its own built-in caching system because using plugins for caching is not a good idea. Page load time is equally important. A fast-loading WordPress site with enhanced security lacks site downtime.
  • Good backup: WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacking. Plugins do lower the risk but don’t eliminate them. The host you select must provide excellent backup so that all site data remains safe.

You can change your existing WordPress host if it doesn’t perform up to your expectations. But still, it’s not wise to waste money on one.

convert website to mobile app


Social login capability

WordPress eases social media integration. However, there’s more to it than what meets an ordinary blogger’s eyes. Run-of-the-mill social features no longer appeal to site visitors. They look out for new features like social login capability.

WordPress sites are infamous for limiting social media choices of visitors. Visitors trust websites allowing social login capabilities more than websites that don’t allow it. For site owners, this feature amounts to better functionality because of genuine registrations and less spam.

When offering social login capability, make sure there are enough login options. Visitors are tired of seeing the “Login with Facebook” icon. The more social networks they have for login, the better. Once again, use plugins for this because there’s no dearth of them.

Summing up

WordPress still powers more than 20% websites, which means if your site lacks on the functionality front, you’d have a difficult time getting visitors and retaining them. The five tips discussed here are here to assist you in your effort to do everything that ensures a positive outcome for your WordPress blog.

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