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Some Interesting WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes and Plugins

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People rarely pay attention to the appearance of the WP admin panel. Everyone is just looking for WordPress themes. And what about the default WordPress admin interface? Some say that it’s stuck in the past, is complicated enough, and can cause difficulties for beginners. For those who have used WP for a long time, getting used to the default panel occurs naturally and they usually don’t have problems. In the default design, there’s nothing special, but it’s functional. However, if you want to change the default style, you have several options. Modifying the WordPress admin interface is a difficult task. While you are improving one thing, all other obsolete items become visible. The default interface is not very well suited for user iteration. So, the plugins and themes are a chance to quickly test some new ideas on how to visually improve the WordPress admin user interface. This article describes several free and commercial plugins and themes that will allow you to use various designs in it.

elementor wordpress plugins


Easy Admin Color Schemes

The first plugin we’ll look at allows you to change the color gamut of the admin interface by selecting one of the pre-installed plugin options. There are four colors available from the start: brown, green, purple, and red. On a separate page, you can add your own color scheme. This requires the fundamental knowledge of CSS. Although, of course, you can download any of the existing schemes and just make changes to the code. The result can be immediately observed in the preview section at the bottom of the screen.

AG Custom Admin

This plugin is much more serious than the previous one. After installation and activation, it adds the “AG Custom Admin Settings” page with seven tabs of various settings. Here you can configure the panel to your liking; you can change icons, pictures, menu items, add content, and edit any inscriptions in the footer and edit the main page (console) of the panel. In the login page, you can upload your logo, change the links and text. In the admin menu, you can change the standard names of WordPress menus. And in the color tab, you can play with various color schemes.


And the last one is a real premium monster for fans of customization. It will enable the ability not only to change colors, fonts, or logos but also to expand the administrator’s work with extra functionality. The plugin is fresh but has already received an excellent user rating and is quite well sold.

WordPress dashboard


WordPress dashboard


It’s an excellent WordPress theme for creating a custom admin panel. It’s easily and quickly configured for any task and any taste. In the kit, you’ll get a set of customizable widgets that you can show or hide at your discretion. The primary purpose of WPShapere is to provide options for the admin menu on all user levels. It supports the concept of “white label branding.” It supports the production of certain goods and services by one company and their further sales by another one under its own brand. For these purposes, it has a section for uploading logos.


The theme with the name “Forest” should be green. And that’s the way it is. This is a ready-made design of the admin panel in a green color scheme, but that’s not all. With this theme, you can customize colors, fonts, the appearance of content, and logos by using a special menu. For more advanced users, customizable CSS styles will be available for registration. And, of course, this premium panel comes in a modern flat style, optimized for Retina screens. This is one of the best themes for those who love and appreciate the fashionable style.


The “First” theme also uses flat design. You can customize the panel and the menu, as well as the login page and objects in the footer. Now the theme has been downloaded multiple times, which means that when you buy it, you’ll have a high-quality WordPress admin panel that occupies the leading position in the market.

wordpress themes


As you can see, there are more than enough ways to create your own admin panel. And if you still decide to transform this working tool, I hope this article will help you do that.

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