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Jan 08, 2016

Yesterday, we initiated a MonsterPost Reader's Survey, letting our readers express their thoughts about our content and suggest topics that they would enjoy reading the most. In less than one day  after the activation of the survey, we have already received a host of your replies, and we are very grateful for that. As promised, from now on we will be publishing only those articles that are of the biggest value to you. #1 on the list is a compilation of TemplateMonster's top 24 eCommerce themes.

Every day our inventory is expanded with a bundle of new designs that are intended for multiple purposes and for different web platforms. Individual approach to the creation of each template is one of the many aspects that TemplateMonster is known for. At the moment, you can choose from 499 WordPress eCommerce themes of different styles and for multiple purposes, all coming with WooCommerce/JigoShop integration. We understand that it might sound like a daunting task to pick the best template for your niche out of so many options. That's why we have decided to make things a little bit easier for you and handpicked 24 of the most popular WordPress eCommerce themes from TemplateMonster website. So, please welcome the chart.

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Auto Tuning Workshop WooCommerce Theme

CarTuning is a Cherry Framework powered theme that is intended for online stores selling parts for cars and motorcycles. The theme was built with valid HTML5 and CSS3 standards, with the implementation of HTML plus JS animation. The parallax scrolling effect enhances the visual appeal. For quicker and seamless navigation, the menu remains fixed to the top of the page as a user navigates through the site. To help customers with decision-making, the store's products were supplied with star rating and "sale" badges.

Download Demo




Eric P.

I purchased this template for a clients website and its been so easy to use!

Speed Junkies WooCommerce Theme

Speed Junkies will work well for cars and motorcycles eCommerce websites. The theme was designed in dark tones, with the implementation of fiery elements and bold orange calls-to-action and headlines. The latter work as great attention grabbers. In order to add the illusion of depth, the theme was enhanced with parallax scrolling effect. Sticky menu, tabbed navigation and back-to-top button are also here. For a more enjoyable shopping experience, the store's products were supplied with Quick View and star rating options.

Download  Demo



Reggie B.

We found Speed Junkies WooCommerce Theme which fit their business like good leather riding boot. After changing out a few background photos and dropping in content, the customer was thrilled with what we had produced. The WooCommerce theme was perfect for selling their products and the design gave plenty of room to display product photos and giving their end user that "motorcycle feel".

Travel Agency Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Bon Voyage runs on Cherry Framework and comes with WooCommerce compatibility. The theme was designed in the neutral blue color, which allows to draw users' attention to the content. Best suited for travel and hotel sites, the template comes with the online booking form, letting your audience make quick reservations.

Download  Demo



Melissa W.

I’m using this theme for an online store, rather than for a travel agency as the theme intended. My criterial included a well formatted WooCommerce layout, mobile friendly design, attractive homepage with a slideshow and hero units.

Yummy Sweets WooCommerce Theme

As the name implies, sweets, food and drink eCommerce projects will look impressive when built with Sweets Store theme. With the purpose to catch users' attention once they land on your page, the header of the theme features a customizable carousel slider. Products were organized in a grid-based list, which allows the users to scan your offerings unintentionally. In addition, the home page features several clearly defined blocks for Special and Featured products. Quick View, star ratings and several call-to-action are integrated into product previews on the home page.

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Abigail B.

Great template! Great Customer Service! Made a beautiful site! Very easy to use! Up and running very quickly!! Easy to customize and clean look.

Trendy TShirts WooCommerce Theme

T-Shirts Store can become a rock-solid foundation of fashion and beauty stores. It was created in the classic black and white colors in order to bring the main focus on the products that you sell. The theme's header doesn't include a slider. Instead, there is a large hero image demonstrating your most popular items to the visitors. The parallax scrolling effect was integrated into the header image and full-width photo backgrounds, adding the feeling of depth to the theme.

Download  Demo



Safe Toys WooCommerce Theme

Toys Online Store theme comes loaded with all functionality that you will need to start an eCommerce site selling gifts, clothing, toys or any other stuff for kids. Designed in soft pastel colors, the theme is pleasant to the eye. In order to entertain the audience, the main menu was made multi-colored and fixed-to-the-top. A larger hero slider is accompanied by two big  banners below it, making it possible for the users to filter all products by the ones that are intended for girls and boys. The product previews were made functional, letting the users start making purchases right from the home page.

Download  Demo



Simone N.

Good template. Easy to use and install and very fast. I've not encountered any problems during the installation and developing the web site.

Car Audio Video WooCommerce Theme

Booster will be a perfect option for content heavy websites. Lazy load effect will make all data quick to load on any device. In addition, the presentation is enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect and neat fonts, which are very easy to read. Cars and motorcycles as well as sites selling tech gear will be able to stand out of the competition when built with this responsive eCommerce theme. In addition to the grid-based list of products supplied with star ratings and calls-to-action, the home page includes a list of the latest blog posts. Each of these displays the number of comments on the thumbnail image.

Download  Demo



Eric H.

This template was the perfect layout! It was exactly what we were looking for. TemplateMonster has a lot of great stuff...Thank you

Natural Foods WooCommerce Theme

Natural Foods is a clean and minimalist eCommerce theme that is best suited for selling food and drink online. Supermarket websites can also benefit from this template. The pages are easy to navigate and the products are quick to scan. On order to let the users find the desired products in a matter of clicks, the live search functionality was integrated. Since we are dealing with a theme for a store selling natural foods, the use of green design elements is very appropriate.

Download  Demo



Chris P.

Everything is working great. It loads fast, looks professional. I had an issue with the variation images changing when clicked however the customer support was on it and made it work for me. Very happy.

Samsara WooCommerce Theme

Samsara is a fully responsive eCommerce theme that will perfectly fit any beauty or healthcare shop. The floral design of the theme, enhanced with the retina ready images, the parallax scrolling effect, and bold multi-colored banners look well-balanced. Thanks to the smart use of white space, the site's products are brought to the forefront and the design literally "breathes" with energy and freshness. Audio and video integration allow you to make the presentation of your offerings even more remarkable.

Download  Demo



Jen H.

I love the them I bought. My daughter installed it and it was very easy. Im a novice web site builder and am finding it very user friendly.

6 Gear WooCommerce Theme

6 Gear is a great theme for online stores selling car parts and accessories. The design was made simple, which allows the site visitors to focus on the products mainly. For better navigation, categories menu was moved to the left sidebar. Featured and popular products as well as top-sellers are all organized into the clearly defined content blocks on the front page of the theme. In order to trigger curiosity and motivate the users to commit an action, the theme makes use of the bold red colors.

Download  Demo



Bora M.

I'm very happy with your template. It's not the first template that I bought from, and the only thing that I can say is that your templates are the best quality and the support is 100% helpful.

Mountain Bikes WooCommerce Theme

Grey and red make up a perfect combination in this theme for Bikes stores. All the other eCommerce sites selling equipment for cars, motorcycles and active lifestyle gear can safely make use of this template. Running on Cherry Framework 2.3.1, it was made fully responsive and crossbrowser compatible. WPML support will make your site translation-ready. In terms of its visual presentation, everything was made simple and intuitive, which allows both first-time visitors and loyal customers to find the desired products effortlessly.

Download  Demo



Ray N.

Out of the box it saved me a fair amount of time getting organised. A nice selection of pictures to smarten things up.

Flowers WooCommerce Theme

Florist is a ready-made solution for a flower shop. With the purpose to better introduce the audience to your store's offerings, the header features a full-width slider, which is easy to customize. Captions, transitions, the amount of slides, images, fonts and other elements can be easily managed via the theme's admin panel. The template comes with full social integration. Quick links to your company's social media profiles are easy to reach on the front page. Instagram feed was placed at the bottom of the theme.

Download  Demo



Andrew C.

Intuitive...easy to use....great sample data to import and then replace! Love it!

Vacation Agency WooCommerce Theme

Travel and hotel sites will look great when built with the help of this responsive Travel Online Shop. The parallax scrolling effect and transparent elements add more elegance to the theme's layout. The tours on offer were organized in a grid-based list. White space, that surrounds written and visual content, makes the theme more readable and balanced. Tabbed navigation and sticky main menu with the dropdown functionality provide for seamless site browsing. Newsletter subscription form will help  you to keep the audience always updated on your hot offers.

Download  Demo



Ahmed S.

I was mainly looking for a an elegant theme that give my client a big wow. The client was really impressed with the template and picked this one over 4 designs I have showed him.

Gifts Shop WooCommerce Theme

Gifts Online Store is remarkable for its interactive slider in the header.  Consisting of several image previews, it reveals more on the mouse over. All banners and product previews were supplied with the hover effect. The design of the template was made simple. However, multi-colored banners and fonts make it look more lively. Newsletter subscription form was placed at the center of the front page and highlighted with the vivid orange color. Twitter fans can read the news feed in the Twitter widget placed at the bottom of the theme.

Download  Demo



Alex L.

Professionally designed and high quality. Great choise for a business, no matter the niche. Design appeals to trust and bring loyalty. I recommend Gifts Shop WooCommerce Theme to all!

Tennis WooCommerce Theme

Tennis is intended for sport and travel related online stores. White, grey and turquoise colors make the layout fresh and airy. You will not find the standard horizontal navigation bar here. The menu items were minimized and presented with the help of the hamburger icon. The front page doesn't include loads of featured items. Instead, there are multiple product banners organized into grinds. Live search and customers' account were placed in line with the hamburger menu.

Download  Demo



ARTplus o.

This is a good combination between e-shop and blog. It is specially good for comprehensive description of good and services offered in shop.

Medical Instruments WooCommerce Theme

Medical Equipment is a responsive theme featuring the parallax scrolling effect and polygon styled  backgrounds, which will make any healthcare site look trendy and professional. The theme runs on Cherry Framework and was built with valid HTML5 and CSS3 languages. Lazy load effect makes it the best choice for content heavy eCommerce projects. For better visual hierarchy, the author of the theme  played with different font sizes.

Download  Demo



Gijs W.

Clean design, lots of features, complete. Nice design. My customer want big photos in header, no problem, responsive correct on all platforms.

Extremex WooCommerce Theme

Extremex was designed to appeal to all adventure seekers. The parallax scrolling  and hover effects integrated into the theme make it even more interactive. Placed on the fair background, metro style inspired banners look more outstanding. Polygon-styled header and footer designed in ligh and dark grey colors immediately catch the attention. The front page includes easy to reach contact details and large noticeable social sharing options.

Download  Demo




Catriel P.

The template is beautiful and functional, with a professional look that's what I was looking for. It's super customizable to like one, intuitive and of excellent quality.

Infant Clothing Store WooCommerce Theme

Thanks to the use of multi-colored background, this Infant Clothing Store looks very cheerful. Photos of kids wearing your store's clothes make the visitors smile unintentionally as they browse your inventory. The theme is noticeable for the abundance of multi-colored banners, product stickers and calls-to-action. Though it doesn't feature the parallax scrolling effect, image hovering compensates that. In terms of navigation, the main menu, users' profile, shopping cart and other options (presented with the help of the hamburger icon) remain fixed-to-the-top.

Download  Demo


SoftSun WooCommerce Theme

SoftSun is best suited for presenting sunglasses and accessories shops on the web. The layout was organized in a creative manner. The standard header slider was replaced with several bold product banners placed one below another. With the purpose to motivate users for purchase, the designer made use of the vivid orange colors, which can be seen in the theme's background, calls-to-action, headings, icons, etc. Live chat functionality is available at the bottom of the page, and remains accessible to the users while navigating through the site.

Download  Demo



Perfume Shop WooCommerce Theme

Perfume Shop is focused on the effective presentation of the site's products. In order to save on space, such design element as menu was minimized and presented in the form of the hamburger icon. Hover navigation is the feature that makes this theme remarkable. Airy and spacious, it can present loads of information in a well-balanced manner thanks to the white space.

Download  Demo



Cookware WooCommerce Theme

Cookware is intended for online stores selling kitchen supplies. The layout looks  creative thanks to the implementation of metro style banners. Product categories are clearly outlined on the front page of the theme, which allows the site visitors to have better understanding of what your business offers. The footer of the theme was made informative and functional, providing users with quick access to the rest of your site's pages and social profiles.

Download  Demo



Bikes Store WooCommerce Theme

Bikes Store will appeal to those users who enjoy elements of grunge style in web design. Intended for building online stores selling sport and travel stuff, the theme also has a fully featured blog section. You can make use of Blog and Portfolio in order to inform and entertain the audience. Newsletter subscription form allows to keep the customers always updated on your company news and the latest arrivals.

Download  Demo



Book Store WooCommerce Theme

Create the atmosphere of the real library on your site by means of this Book Shop theme. The simple and intuitive layout of this theme will appeal to those users who are new to your site and those who keep track of the updates on a regular basis. The product pages were made informative and usable. Product galley, detailed descriptions and reviews will appeal to the most avid readers.

Download  Demo



Tools Online Store WooCommerce Theme

Tools Store is the last, but not the least theme on this list. It looks masculine and professional. The parallax scrolling effect adds more interactivity and appeal to the theme. Fixed navigation bar and categories menu moved to the left sidebar facilitate navigation. Informative product previews on the front page are intended to save users' time and provide for quicker decision-making.

Download  Demo



These were 24 of the most popular WordPress eCommerce themes from TemplateMonster website. During the year we will keep on tracking our customers' shopping preferences and keep you updated on the templates that are of the greatest value to our shoppers. But all this will happen in the future. Now let's see what eCommerce products you enjoy the most. What features are of the greatest value to you? Please share your thoughts with us below this post.

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