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Popular WordPress Plugins to Prepare your Site for Christmas

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I guess everybody simply loves the air that goes with the Christmas season. As you plan to add beautification to your home and surroundings why to ignore the most important part of your life? Yes, you heard it right. I am talking about your WordPress site.

With the jingle bells, snowflakes and Santa taking the center stage welcome the Christmas spirit to your online business as well. Without a shadow of doubt, such planning can make your customers experience the best Christmas shopping.

Today’s topic of discussion will revolve around some of the best Christmas embellishments that can be added to your site to make it look festive. Let me introduce you to some of the most popular and effective Christmas WordPress plugins:

My Christmas Calendar

wordpress christmas plugins
With shortcodes, any beautiful calendar can be displayed on any WordPress post. In addition, you can make the calendar fit your layout seamlessly by adjusting its height, width, border, and border color.

Xmas snow

wordpress christmas plugins

Although this plugin also adds snow to your site, it is in the shape of snowflakes. The plugin does not require any configuration and can be quickly installed.

Countdown Clock

wordpress christmas plugins
If you want a customized countdown clock, check countdown clock plugin that can be personalized for any event. With this plugin, you can add a variety of colors, sizes, and set text, time, date and time zone as desired.

Christmas Countdown Widgets

wordpress christmas plugins
This amazing plugin let Santa brighten the visitor’s day by displaying the countdown days in his beard. The background remains transparent to allow you to add any perfect WordPress holiday theme. However, the developers have recently added shortcodes so that you can display the counter anywhere in the site as you wish.

Xmas Lights

wordpress christmas plugins
Welcome your visitors with a string of colorful Christmas lights added to your site. The majority of the lights add an impressive festive touch.

Christmas Ball on Brunch

wordpress christmas plugins
If you wish to add something unique to your decorative site, add a small Christmas branch with bauble and lights to the top right-hand corner of the site. This is possible by using Christmas ball on brunch plugin.

WP Snow Effect

The plugin adds a beautiful animation effect of falling snow to your WordPress site. By adjusting the snow falling speed, you can stimulate snow storm on your site's pages.

Christmas Panda

Decorate your WordPress website with Christmas trees, Santa, snowfall or just display a pop-up to remember your visitors that it’s Christmas. Using the plugin, you can manage multiple decorations on your site, enable/disable snowfall, and manage popups.

WP Advent

Using this plugin, you can create an advent calendar on your web page. WP Advent uses shortcodes. So, you can add the respective functionality to any page or post of your site.

Christmas Music

Add the Christmas mood to your site with Christmas Music plugin. You can activate it for the entire site or individual pages/posts. There is a pause/play button at the right bottom corner so your visitors easily can disable/re-enable it.

Rocket Fireworks

This plugin will be the best choice for you when you are in the mood of celebration with your customers. It is very easy to install and works as a great tool when you want to celebrate important days with your audience. Firework blows in multicolor which looks cool, attractive & attentive.


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