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Here’s a Monstroid2 WordPress Portfolio Theme That Will Make Your Projects Shine

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Are you a fan of minimalist WordPress portfolio themes? Have you ever dreamt about a perfect background for your works? Tell me what it looks like? Something like the Sahara desert, airy, spacious and created in a stylish color scheme?

Let’s start from the beginning. Hi, how’s it going?

Not so well? Do you want to get more clients from the web or just show off your best creations? In case you want to enhance your existing online presence and want to find a perfect graphic designer WordPress theme, follow me!

First of all, let me share with you some tips that  I wish I knew when launching my own designer website. All of them are tried and true, so you can be sure to implement them and improve your WordPress portfolio.

  1. Your fellow designer says that you should concentrate all your effort on building websites, while media says that web app creators are in a huge demand right now. In what should you invest your time? I have for you some standard and maybe old-fashioned advice. Do what you love. In the event you are eager to change the direction of your career from time to time, you can fill out your portfolio accordingly and proclaim yourself to be a Jack of all trades. If there is something specific that you have enjoyed doing since the early start of your career, build your portfolio around it.
  2. Make your portfolio real. Your future employer knows what the designer world is really like, so there’s no need to give the impression that you are a magician or a super lucky person that hustles any project on the fly. Your ability to fail and learn is exactly what’s valuable.
  3. What? You have been designing awesome stuff since high school? Good for you! But, you are not going to list all your victories and failures on your CV, right? Nobody cares about that cute wood puppy that you carved; all they need to know is whether you are worth working with.
  4. Remember that cool but totally useless vase you made for your mum? Needless to say, mentioning your ability as a potter on your CV is a waste of time for both client and potential employer. We don’t want that, right? Thus, you have to produce a solution for a problem that currently exists on the market, and which will satisfy your client’s needs. Don’t even bother to put a project that “looks good”, like your mum’s vase, in your portfolio.
  5. “What a beautiful button this website has. I don’t even care that I have no idea where it leads too, I just love the look of it” - said no visitor ever. Your online presence was created for a reason, it has to pursue certain aims. So, even a five-year-old should understand how to interact with your site and which button will help them to get to their page of choice.
  6. What is your idea of a typical portfolio? I bet it has to be centered around visuals and nothing else. Well, this is partially true. Of course, clients would like to see the final result of your projects. But, how can it show them what you are really capable of? That’s why you should supply each picture with a short “success story”. Provide all the details about the challenges that you faced and how you managed to deliver the result, which was expected by the client in the form of a mini case study.

But, it all starts from a solid foundation. From my point of view, it has to be a responsive, fully editable and SEO-friendly WordPress theme for graphic designers. What’s your opinion? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Regardless of your response, we are glad to introduce to you a stunning child of our beloved Monstroid 2 - ShowPage Portfolio WordPress Theme.

Demo | More info

Here’s why you need to download this WordPress designer portfolio theme

It will be a perfect way to express your creativity. Thanks to the visually-oriented design, all the accent will be focused on your projects. Nothing more, nothing less, this theme can be a perfect background for any type of creative work. Thus, it will provide for a distraction-free presentation of your content.

For which kinds of websites will it be a perfect fit?

  • Designer portfolio
  • Photographer website
  • Creator’s CV

Now it’s time for the juiciest part, the reveal of what is inside this designer portfolio WordPress theme.

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Clean layout and nothing apart from your top-notch works. This Monstroid2 WordPress child theme has the coolest portfolio functionality that you have ever seen.


This page is handy for both you and your visitors. Your target audience can check the price of the desired service and plan their budget in advance. Through an embedded contact form they can place orders, request all the necessary information and get in touch with you.


By means of Cherry Services plugin, you will be able to explain each project in detail and convert visitors into clients more easily. In addition, you can use this page to provide all the necessary information for your target audience and make them curious to learn more about your “oeuvre”.


Integrated blog functionality is a way to market your talents with style. It is highly flexible, in other words, a dream to use. Numerous post formats will help you to convey more about your favorite job and immerse each and everyone in your story.

Apart from the features listed above, this theme has social buttons, which will help you to get noticed across various social media.

What about customizing options? Take advantage of Power Page Builder to craft layouts to your liking and diversify them with plugins, modules and content blocks.

WordPress Live Customizer support will give you an opportunity to play around with typography, post formats and blog layouts, color schemes, headers, and footers.

Also, it comes with a number of pre-made pages, which you can use to focus your visitor’s attention on the benefits of your services.

Remember, I mentioned that this theme is a Monstroid2 child? It means that for only $75 you can get Showpage, multipurpose website design, and 10+ child themes. What’s also cool, is that Monstroid2 has a 100% GPL license.

Can you imagine that? You can get a pack of ready-made designs for any purpose!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this responsive, fully editable and cross-browser WordPress theme and make your projects stand out on the web!

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