WordPress Product Review Themes 2020 [Updated]

Nov 26, 2019

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Presently, there are lots of review websites on the web. But why, some of them are respected, reputable resources and the others don't catch on with the audience? Is it all about the content and expert opinion or is there something else? Of course, writing objective profound reviews is highly important. However, this is far from all. First of all, there would be no one to read your brilliant reviews if your website is not optimized to show up in search engine results.

You should give the highest priority to SEO, especially if you are building your website from scratch. Choosing to build your website with WordPress theme for product reviews, you won't have such a problem. The templates are SEO-friendly, and it will be easy to optimize them for higher rankings.

Then, when it comes to the website itself, it should look solid and trustworthy. Content is the king, no doubt, but it is not the content that creates the first impression. If your website looks awkward, difficult to navigate or doesn't have any logical structure, the visitor would scarcely stay there long enough to appreciate your brilliant writing. The first impression would be spoilt. Mind this fact if you are planning to create your website from scratch. You should think everything over beforehand because all the tiniest details are important in creating the overall impression.

However, you have another way to go. You can consider using a review WordPress theme to build your website. Professional designers and developers with long years of experience have already created a perfect layout structure within a user-friendly environment. All you need to do is to personalize your template and to go live within a couple of days. Here are some examples of the best review WordPress themes you can use for your project.

WordPress Review Themes 2020

INGMAR - Movie News, Reviews, Blog and Database WordPress Theme

INGMAR - Movie News, Reviews, Blog and Database WordPress Theme

It can be turned into anything you want. It’s provided with a pack of movie images. Again, this template is super flexible and you can add various elements to make your website both eye-catching and useful for people. It comes with a dark mode, which is very popular today. The features of this template are:

  • Horizontal sided menu – add various elements and make it easy to use
  • A movie database – you can create various movie cards by filling fields, upload posters and add a review

  • A customized 404 page – make it look nice, instead of a page with a common message


EcoDex - Fresh Food Blog Website For Healthy Lifestyle WordPress Theme

EcoDex - Fresh Food Blog Website For Healthy Lifestyle WordPress Theme

This is a great creative blog theme (it can be turned into anything), where you can share some important information. Again, this template is provided with everything you may need to create an amazing website. The features of this template are:

  • Jet plugins – you can add various elements and make your website better
  • SEO-friendly – you can promote your website and make it easy to find
  • WPML-ready – create a multilingual website


FreeBook - Ebooks Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

FreeBook - Ebooks Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Books are very popular and that’s great. This template is right what you need if you want to tell people more about books. This template combines the magnificent design and numerous features that make this theme a great starting point for a useful online resource for people who like to read. This template has such features as:

  • Responsiveness – the website will be mobile-friendly
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website
  • Live customizer – the website updates as you add new elements or customize them (it makes the page easy to design)


Fixit - Gadgets Repair Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Fixit - Gadgets Repair Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Sometimes, our gadgets have to be fixed. This template is great if you want to tell people about various places where gadgets are fixed. You can create a useful website that can help people find the perfect place where they can get their gadgets fixed. The features of this template include:

  • Easy to install – it has an installation wizard
  • JetElements – add new features and functions by installing various plugins

  • Clean HTML code – it is optimized


Imagity - Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Imagity - Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

This template can be turned into anything you want. It comes with all the elements you need to unleash your creativity and create a useful website. Again, it’s optimized and it loads very fast. The template features include:

  • Mega Menu – a useful menu with all the elements that a visitor may need
  • Google fonts – find the font that you like
  • Elementor page builder – you can edit the page using the user-friendly UI and the drag-drop feature


Techguide - Tech Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Techguide - Tech Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

If you like various gadgets and you know much about them – then this is the perfect option to create your website. The template features are:

  • Various layouts – find the design that you like the most
  • Images – it’s provided with some images to start filling your website
  • JetElements – you can easily add new features


SocialVideo - Viral Youtube And Vimeo Video Magazine WordPress Theme

SocialVideo - Viral Youtube And Vimeo Video Magazine WordPress Theme

Nowadays, people prefer to watch a video rather than read an article. This template is great for people who want to create a video review website. The features of this template include:

  • Bootstrap 3 based – it is a modern, high-performance template
  • Social networks widgets – use social networks to promote the page

  • Meta box plugin – create and manage custom meta boxes easily


Fortunado - Gamer Responsive WordPress Theme

Fortunado - Gamer Responsive WordPress Theme

Almost everyone plays games. This is a great template if you want to create a website with games reviews. It has all the necessary elements. The theme can be customized easily so you can make it look as you want it to. All the provided elements are optimized so the page loads fast. The features of this theme are:

  • Responsive design – the website is mobile-friendly
  • Admin panel – easy to control everything
  • SEO-optimized – your website will be easy to find


Taste Expert - Restaurant Review WordPress Theme

The template features 3-column layout, which allows organizing the content in a clear, readable way. Custom post types make it easy to diversify your reviews and make them more vivid and interesting for the readers.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Technospot - Electronics Product Review WordPress Theme

Technospot is a modern template built on Cherry Framework, which provides you with advanced functionality and intuitive, user-friendly admin dashboard. Sticky drop-down menu guarantees smooth navigation. Lazy Load effect makes the website load faster optimizing the overall performance.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Gadget - Electronics Review WordPress Theme

This fully responsive template enhanced with Bootstrap functionality features clear structure. Stick-to-top header menu facilitates navigation. Video integration allows you making your reviews more dynamic and catchy. Due to the WPML plugin, you will be able to cover international market as well.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Restaurant Review WordPress Theme

Boxed layout of this template will ideally fit the mobile screens. Various gallery scripts allow you to organize the content the way you want. Intuitive, user-friendly admin panel makes the template's customization and maintenance seamless and smooth.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Good Reads - Book Reviews WordPress Theme

The template features a clear background with some bright accents and colorful navigation bar. Grid layout, readable fonts, and lots of white space make the text readable and easy to comprehend. HTML plus JS animation and Lazy load effect add some dynamics to the page.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Sculpture - WordPress Movie Review Theme

Responsive design enhanced with Bootstrap and boxed layout guarantee the flawless performance of the website on any handheld devices. Lazy load effect doesn't let the abundance of the media content influence the page loading speed.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Movie Track - Movie Review WordPress Theme

The first thing that catches the eye is a beautiful full-width slider showcasing the latest movies. Stylish design, smooth navigation and a variety of powerful features make this template a good choice for a movie review website.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Electronics Reviews WordPress Theme

The theme features minimalistic layout without any heavy design elements, thus, keeping the primary focus on the content. Blog and portfolio functionality expand your possibilities. Cherry Framework provides you with advanced functionality.

Details | Demo | Hosting

WordPress Movie Review Theme

Bright red elements stand out against the dark background and catch the eye. Smooth navigation is provided by a sticky dropdown menu and back-to-top button. You can use MegaFooter area for the secondary information, which is important for the visitor.

Details | Demo | Hosting

Gadnews - Technology Review WordPress Theme

The design of this template allows you storing a lot of content without making the website look overburdened and difficult to skim. Due to the WordPress Live Customizer, you can tweak your layout in the visual mode.

Details | Demo | Hosting

MegaVideos - Video Review WordPress Theme

This theme will fit all flat design lovers. Classy 2-column layout structure allows you organizing the content and additional navigation elements the best way. With the help of rich UI kit, you can fill your website with the diverse content.

Details | Demo | Hosting

WordPress Review Themes 2020

As you can see, running a review website is not an easy task. However, you can minimize all the troubles using a ready-made template to build your website. WordPress themes for review sites are an ideal choice for those who has a limited budget and wants to go live in the shortest period. The design of the templates is already optimized for your needs. You just need to fill the template with your content and that's it. They are already pre-packed with everything you might need.

Cherry Framework core provides you with advanced functionality and intuitive admin dashboard. Even a complete beginner will be able to sort it out. Powerful customization modules make it easy to make changes to the layout in WYSIWYG mode. Clean valid coding not only makes it easy to work with the themes, but also influences the overall performance of the website positively. Moreover, the templates are SEO-friendly. This means you won't have to waste your time optimizing your website. All things considered, product review WordPress themes are a decent alternative to custom designs. Spending less money and efforts you are going to get a fully-functional website with rich functionality and sleek modern design.

There are numerous WordPress review themes available. You can get the one that meets your requirements without any troubles. Again, your website has to:
  • Work as fast as possible – every element should load fast without making visitors wait
  • Be user-friendly – a visitor has to find the necessary information without wasting their time
  • Be informative – you have to provide your visitors with all the necessary information about a service or a product

Various WordPress reviews plugins can facilitate everything you can easily add new reviews or modify something to make your page more useful. You can also add various elements to make your website more ergonomic.
UI affects your business. If you have a nice review website template then you can create a popular website. People will use your website as it works properly – all the elements work as they are supposed to and it loads fast. Therefore, when you choose a WordPress review theme you should pay attention not to design only, but you need to make sure that the website is completely user-friendly, so everyone can find the information they need.

Usually, a review website template may be provided with everything you need to create a successful and popular web page. Moreover, various WordPress themes review optimized are a perfect point to start creating your website and start providing people with some important information.

It may be quite challenging to make people start using your website as a source of information.

The great thing about various WordPress themes reviews optimized is that they have the professionally designed layouts which guarantee the highest level of usability.

Another important factor to consider is to use high-quality images and videos. It’s especially important if you review various devices. You can show people how the device looks and how it works. You may need to get a good camera to create your amazing content. This also helps to avoid dealing with various problems associated with using someone’s content (an owner should let you use their content).
Again, do not forget about SEO – it hlps to make your website easy to find when people use search engines. A SEO-friendly review website template is the key to make a truly popular website and make it profitable. However, you shouldn’t think that it’s something that happens soon. You still need to work to build trust (so visitors can trust your website).

The point is to make sure people will use your webpage. One of the ways to do that is to make your web page look amazing and work properly. At this stage you need to combine two important features of the website:

  • Great design (usability and various elements that make the page easy to navigate through)
  • High performance (content shouldn’t take much time to load)

That’s why it may be a great option for you to choose one of the WordPress theme reviews optimized and use them as the basis. The template is super flexible – you can easily move various elements and add something new to make your website unique.

WordPress Review plugins

By installing various plugins you can add new elements that facilitate managing your website. Again, you can take a review website template and start adding new features and elements. There are numerous plugins to add comparison tables or add a product scoring element. A review website template has to be flexible and versatile so it works perfectly with various plugins.
At the same time, you should add new elements carefully. Even if all the elements are optimized – they still take some time to load and increase the overall time required to show the page. You should also remember that some plugins are not optimized, so it’s necessary to check the plugin and read some reviews before you install it.

How to write quality product reviews

Design is important and that’s something you shouldn’t worry too much about when you get a high-quality WordPress theme review optimized. A professional web designer knows how and where they should put all the important elements, like menus, forms, and buttons. Of course, you can change the layout and add or remove something, but you still have a general idea. Content is crucial. That’s where you need to be super attentive. Here’s the deal: you can change the design – you can add something, change colors, etc. The content is something that helps to build trust and make people want to know your opinion.

Content should be interesting and useful. The first and the most obvious advice – focus on something you know the best. If you know everything about cars – write about cars and never about laptops. Of course, your audience won’t be too large if you write about something specific, but you will be able to show your experience and people will appreciate it. If you want to appeal to a larger audience – find an expert and ask them to provide you with the required content.

By providing people with expert-level reviews you will slowly build trust and increase the number of your visitors.

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