Art And Culture WordPress Themes For Creating a Glorious Website

Art is invoking human emotion via numerous mediums such as sculpture, music, photography, painting, etc. As today the world is changing, creative people get more ways to present their creativity to a wide audience via the Internet. Thanks to the innovative tools, everyone can build a web portfolio or a website without any coding or web development skills. So, our WordPress art themes contain all these instruments to help you realize your goals and introduce your stunning works. They are specifically designed for your business requirements and needs. Therefore, if your business belongs to the culture and art niche, you know that it largely depends on the visual aspects. Suppose you are a painter, DJ, musician, or you need a platform for promoting your services, movie subscriptions, theater, or anything similar. In that case, it's high time you get a professional online presence and build a site. The result you get using our layouts can impress even the most cynical of critics. Let us figure out what is inside them and how you can use their features to build such an awesome web presence.

Advanced Features of Stunning WordPress Art Themes

All WordPress themes for artists have a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design that complements perfectly any choice of colors and images. They are ready-made and have demo content neatly organized in blocks of text and visuals to show you the whole visuality of your site. Everything you need to do is replace it with your photos and all content you want. They are perfect for displaying your portfolio - utilize sliders and galleries with various loading effects and transition animations, sounds, and videos. Moreover, you can benefit from the power of blogging and share interesting content via social media. So, view other useful features that are at your dispense:

  • Fully responsive;
  • Drag and drop builder;
  • Retina ready;
  • Sample data installer;
  • SEO-friendliness;
  • Custom font support;
  • Jet plugins and widgets;
  • Smooth CSS3 animations;
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap 4;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Detailed documentation and more.

Each template has eye-catching pages for all occasions, including home page, about, services, gallery, portfolio, blog, contact, and more. Besides, you can use WP plugins to improve your web presence and expand the functionality.

WordPress Art Themes for Different Creative Projects

These layouts are a perfect solution for different purposes of culture niche, from building a site for showcasing business and personal brands to a blogging platform and a website for promoting exhibitions and other events. So, our WordPress theme for artists suits for:

  • artists;
  • photographers;
  • musicians, including guitarists, pianists, drummers, music bands, etc.;
  • art salons and studios;
  • sculpture exhibitions;
  • audio files and podcasts stores;
  • art galleries;
  • theaters and museums;
  • movie agencies and studios;
  • video production and film making companies;
  • art sellers;
  • art and musical schools;
  • entertainment events;
  • news magazines;
  • professional critics, bloggers, influencers, or cinema fans;
  • digital printing companies, and more.

Simple Steps to Attract Clients to Your Artist WordPress Theme

Any business of creative niche should impress people and cause feelings. That is why all templates have well-designed layouts to help you catch the visitors' eye and make them enjoy your works or services. Beyond the pleasant design, you can follow these tips to attract more people to your creativity:

  1. Simple structure. The placing of your content should be simple and clear for visitors. It will help to navigate easily and find necessary information quickly.
  2. Visibility in the search engines. The templates already have SEO-friendly code that allows your site to rank higher in the search engines. Thanks to it, you get more new audiences and become popular. Besides, you should pay attention to the keywords and main phrases in your content. They must fit your activities and reflect the main goals. Adding them to your content, the probability that Google will display your pages increases.
  3. Uniqueness. The higher the originality, the higher ranking in the search results. Therefore, if you create original content, you will be a step ahead of your competitors.
  4. Use one color palette in the design. As you want to present your creativity, you should make your visitors focus on your works. The too colorful layout may distract them from the essentials and dispel attention. Besides, using colors of one palette can build a complete and pleasant look of the site and, as a result, convince people you are a professional in your field.

Free VS Premium WordPress Art Themes

As you know, the Internet is full of free and paid digital products for building a site. Before giving priority to one of them, it is essential to know all the pros and cons of both products. So, free products don't require any fee, which attracts some users. Unfortunately, it is the main advantage of such items. Among the cons is lack of originality, licensing, support and performance. Because of these disadvantages, more people prefer using premium products because nobody wants to have the same design as competitors. Paid items developed based on your niche's requirements to help you create a stunning portfolio and present your works from the best side. So, view the benefits of premium products:

  • Unique design;
  • Highest performance;
  • Fast loading speed;
  • Professional technical support;
  • Various customization possibilities;
  • All needed licenses;
  • Periodic updates;
  • Advanced customization tools;
  • 100% Crossbrowser compatibility, and more.

The Importance of Mobile-Friendliness of WordPress Art Themes

Today everyone has and uses a smartphone, no matter of status, age, or circumstances. That is why modern websites should display well on mobile devices and provide a good mobile experience. Everyone can enter and find the necessary information about the painting or check the schedule of music school that increases the number of clients. Moreover, as there are more than a half of mobile users, and their quantity keeps growing, Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in the search results.

Few Tips to Improve the Mobile Experience of Art WordPress Themes

Considering the importance of the feature mentioned above, all WordPress artist themes have mobile-friendly code. You can open this testing tool and make sure of that by putting the URL into the search bar and getting a quick answer. Besides, there are a few recommendations for enhancing the mobile experience of your web presence:

  1. Keep your design simple. A complicated layout may hinder the page's navigation on a small screen. If your project has many categories, cut them down to the essential ones for mobile users to help them find everything they need effortlessly.
  2. Work on image sizes. As art and culture websites are based on visual content, adapt images to mobile screen sizes.
  3. Ditch pop-ups and text-blocking. When visitors try to read text and view photos on a small screen and pop-up blocks their view, people can leave the site and never open it again.
  4. Make the buttons' size big enough to work on a smartphone. All buttons of the mobile version of your web presence should be easy to click on with a finger. So, checking out snapping every button is effortless on all the devices.
  5. Use large font sizes. It is hard to read on a small screen with a tiny font. Making the font of headings big enough to read will make your site readable even from the smartphones with the smallest screens. Moreover, it would be better to use standard fonts because any font your visitor's browser may need to download will slow down the whole loading speed.
  6. Make website speed a priority. Nobody wants to wait for a loading website, and nobody will do it for more than five seconds. Therefore, try to make an effort to have a faster loading speed.

Responsive Art and Culture WordPress Theme Video Tutorial

Magic is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a stylish colorful appearance and lots of skins and customization options. Watch this video to get inspired by this design and clearly see what you get with our products. Start creating a unique website with TemplateMonster today!

Art & Culture WordPress Themes FAQ

Why should I update my Art WordPress theme?

The top reason to update your WordPress site is security. WordPress updates are essentials to secure your website and plugins to avoid unwanted attacks.

Are WordPress art themes SEO-optimized?

Certainly, thanks to this feature, your site will rank higher in Google, which brings you a large portion of traffic, increase your popularity and boost your customers' experience.

How many Art & Culture WordPress themes can be installed on one website?

You can install as many themes as you want. You will just have one theme active on your website but you can have a bunch of themes on standby.

Whom can I ask if I have issues with my WordPress art theme?

If you need help, send a message to the live chat on the right corner of the page. Our support team will give you feedback as quickly as possible. Moreover, you can view our premium services and order one of them to enhance your web presence.

Do WordPress art themes display well on smartphones?

Yes, absolutely. All layouts from the collection are mobile-friendly to help your site adapt to any mobile device with any screen size. Thanks to this embedded option, you can be sure your visitors will view your content great on smartphones.

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