38 Car Dealer Website Builder Templates

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Car Dealer Website Builder Templates

If you want to build a car website or to find a perfect motorcycles website template based on a professional car dealer website builder, don't hesitate to take a look at this collection of the best car website builder templates for automotive websites. All of them are created with the niche-specific peculiarities in mind. It means that if you look at the motorbike repair template, you will find the exact pages and blocks you need for your future website.

Moreover, you don't need to worry about the quality of the products collected here. You won't buy a pig in a poke, because there is a 14-days free trial for all these products. All you have to do is to choose an appealing design, try it free for two weeks, add and edit your content, and buy it only if you like the whole process and final result. No obligations, and no need to provide your payment details, we have made it as easy as possible to show you the best quality without any extra payments.

Features of a Professional Car Dealer Website Design

When picking a professional car dealer website builder with all the necessary features, pages and blocks you should consider several basic features which are a must for all websites of this kind. We will provide them below.

Mobile-friendly design

Car dealer website builder should have a professional design which is correctly displayed on mobile devices. Most of your clients will be browsing your website from their mobile phones, that's why it should be responsive and has flexible functional blocks so that they could find all the necessary information regardless of the device they are using. For that reason, all MotoCMS templates from this collection are responsive and look great on any screen.

Loading speed

Make sure not only to use the relevant images of the cars you are selling or repairing, but also to optimize them for the web. According to the statistics, 80% of mobile users tend to close web pages which load more than 3 seconds. And good for you, all car dealer website builder designs presented on this page are already optimized to be loaded lightning-fast, which will have a great influence on your business.

Audience-oriented elements

Due to the general tendencies and Google trends, car and automotive websites are mostly visited by the male audience. Consequently, it would be great to make a research and pick the design which will attract male visitors and make them stay. Use bold fonts without serifs, tend to blue, green, grey, white and black colors with stronger saturation.

Use clear structure

Avoid unnecessary blocks and keep your car dealer website builder design simple. It is a good idea to include the links to the main pages on your homepage and to place your contact information within the header and footer sections of your website. Thus, you will guarantee that your visitors will be able to contact you from any page, schedule an appointment and convert into clients.

We hope that the information above was convincing and helped you to choose the best car dealer website builder template for your business. Don't waste a minute - try it out, and start creating your professional automotive website right now!