Non Profit and Charity WordPress Themes

Do you want to find an attractive, fully-functional charity WordPress theme? We are glad to present to you the best WordPress templates for NGO organizations. Our website designs aim to promote non-profit organizations and assist them in giving a helping hand to those who need it. You can spread the word about your charity easily with a site created with TemplateMonster templates. Moreover, you’ll be able to manage campaigns and accept donations online. Study our collection of the best non-profit templates and decide on the charity WordPress theme that best suits your needs.

Distinguishing Features of Non Profit WordPress Themes

TemplateMonster is a group of professionals who highly value their clients. So, each WordPress charity theme created by our team cares about the specific needs of those who will use it. Look at some of the features that make our templates distinguished.

Carefully Crafted Niche-specific Charity Themes

Every charity theme takes into consideration the peculiarities and requirements of various non-profit organizations. We have tailored different designs to satisfy different institutions. Particularly, our templates are suitable for:

  1. children and family charities;
  2. human rights defenders;
  3. environmental and wildlife charities;
  4. welfare and donor organizations;
  5. non-profit educational institutions,
  6. cultural or religious centers, etc.

We are sure that you will find a design that you will like. Pay attention to the style of templates and choose a theme that reflects your organization best.

Highly-adjustable Design

If you would like to change the structure of the charity theme pages, you can easily do this. All our WordPress templates are customizable. It means that you can personalize the design of pages as much as you prefer. To be precise, our themes feature:

  • customizable content modules;
  • unlimited color options;
  • flexible layouts;
  • multiple header and footer options;
  • Google fonts integration, etc.

It is possible to experiment with the templates to create the design of your dreams. Visual builder will let you make the changes without the need to touch the theme’s coding.

Watch Video about Charity WordPress Themes

To give you an idea of what our charity WordPress templates look like and function, we have created a short video. Watch this brief presentation, and you will see all the peculiarities of our non-profit templates. Moreover, you will be able to see in your own eyes what you get when you choose one of our designs.

Create Charity Website with Non Profit WordPress Theme

To launch your charity website, you don’t need to acquire special skills. Our team has already taken care of everything you need. Just choose a suitable template that will reflect your purposes best, and start creating your website.

1 Install Your Charity WordPress Theme Quickly

After you make your decision and purchase your charity template, you will get detailed instructions on how to install your WordPress theme. The installation process will be quite easy if you follow all the steps included in the guideline. The newest non-profit WordPress templates by TemplateMonster support one-click theme installation. In other words, you will be able to import the demo content of the theme in just one click. Your charity website will look exactly like its demo version in only a few minutes. Then, after the installation is finished, you will be able to adjust the theme to your needs.

2 Edit Your Non Profit WordPress Template with Ease

When you use a charity theme by TemplateMonster, you will be able to customize your template as much as you like. Using a drag-and-drop builder, you will be able to edit your template yourself. You won’t need a professional developer or designer to do the job. It is possible to see all the changes you make instantly without reloading your page. Just explore numerous elements that you can add to your pages, and put them into the necessary positions.

If you are a web developer, you will also notice that each charity template WordPress design has got clean coding. Every single line of code is easy to understand and edit. So, if you want to change the styles of the charity organization template, you can do this in different ways suitable for you.

3 Decide on Website Layout

Our specialists have created several layout options for your website. If you don’t like the demo layout, you can customize it effortlessly. It is possible to choose from pre-designed layouts and experiment with your page structure. Moreover, you will be able to arrange rows and columns yourself, saving your favorite layouts. It will give you an opportunity to use the preferred structure later, when you need to add another page to your donation WordPress theme.

Personalize Your WordPress Charity Theme

To present your charity to the best advantage, you can customize all the parts of your non profit WordPress theme.

Choose Suitable Color Theme for Your Charity

To create non-profit WordPress templates, a group of professional designers has worked hard. We have tried to pick the colors that will suit your charity. So, you can install the theme and use its colors. Also, you can choose from other color theme options of the template. When you decide on a certain scheme, all the elements will follow the style. Thus, you may pick the colors that will suit your charity best. Additionally, you can customize the color palettes yourself to make your theme more prominent. It’s up to you to decide what your charity website will look like. You are not limited by the default colors of your charity template.

Arrange Galleries to Showcase Your Activities

If you have a charity organization, your aim is to inspire people and convince them to join you. One of the best ways to persuade website visitors is to showcase the projects you have already completed. With non profit WordPress themes, you can do this easily. You will be able to add real-life photos from your activities and events. Consequently, when people see the success of charitable occasions in their own eyes, they will feel more motivated and likely to become a member of your organization. The more illustrative examples you have, the easier it is to encourage others. Using well-arranged galleries of charity templates, you can show that each helping hand is important, and each donation is necessary to make the world a better place to live.

Add Convincing Content and Calls-to-Action

Working with WordPress charity themes, you are not restricted by visual content that you can insert. In fact, our templates contain different content modules. They will let you add data of different types. Depending on your needs, you can post audio on your site. Also, due to video integration options, you can add videos to your pages easily.

Moreover, when creating a website for a charity organization, it is vital to appeal to people. With charity WordPress templates, you can insert different buttons. They can express different calls-to-action to encourage people to take action. Particularly, you can ask people to join your organization, support a certain project, become a volunteer, etc. Formulating your appeals in various ways will help to convince your website visitors to act.

Customize Donation Plans with Non Profit WordPress Theme

With a WordPress charity theme by TemplateMonster, you can prompt people to donate for different projects. To do this, take advantage of pricing tables included in our templates. When you use these presets, you can clearly demonstrate what events or campaigns people support. Moreover, you can adjust each pricing plan and describe the aims that you have. When people see the needs, they will trust your organization and feel more likely to give their money.

Additionally, charity WordPress templates give you the possibility to manage funds effectively. With the donation admin panel, you will be able to see the details about the money that has come to your account. Moreover, you can classify and export donations as a CSV file. Thus, our WordPress templates for charity provide the best user experience both for those who manage the site and for those who donate money.

Spread Your Ideas via Blog

Non profit WordPress themes by TemplateMonster include a blog page. If you have a charity institution, you can benefit a lot from blog posts. Using our charity templates, you will have the possibility to create articles easily. Thus, you will be able to provide descriptions of different events and activities, share personal stories of your volunteers, etc.

Managing a WordPress blog with charity templates is quite effortless. You can add the necessary information, assign tags to posts, and group them into categories. It will ensure the connection between your articles, letting people stay engaged.

As for your website visitors, they will be able to search for posts and topics they find interesting. Moreover, people will get the possibility to comment on posts and express their views. Also, customers will be able to navigate through the blog without any difficulty.

Pay Attention to Contact Details

When you want to encourage people to join your charity, providing them with different ways to reach you is essential. With the best charity WordPress themes by TemplateMonster, you will be able to demonstrate your contact details effectively. Particularly, you can include your address, telephones, and email.

Moreover, with Google maps integration of charity templates, you can mark the position of your company on the map. Definitely, this will help people to find the location when they are trying to visit your office.

Additionally, our non profit WordPress themes include an effective contact form. With the help of this form, people will be able to get in touch with you, writing their messages. Constant communication with people will make your charity institution more popular.

Speak Out with Social Options

Knowing the necessity of charitable organizations to share information effectively, we have included different social options into our charity templates. So, you will be able to connect your website with different accounts on social media. Consequently, people will get the possibility to spread the word about your activities and events without any difficulty. You only have to choose the social accounts of your institution and add links to your page.

In addition, you can share your news with the help of a newsletter subscription. When people visit your site, you can prompt them to enter their email and subscribe to your updates.

Trust Professionals with Your Project

TemplateMonster pays attention to the tiniest details creating templates that include non profit WordPress themes. When you use the chosen theme, you can be sure that it was created to impress. Our designers and developers have put together their efforts to combine style and functionality. You can install the charity template you have chosen, personalize it, and enjoy its look and functions.

In case you lack time or experience, you may always address our team. Our specialists can help you with everything connected with website creation. We can help you install your non-profit WordPress template and customize it according to your requirements.

Showcase Your Charity with Non Profit WordPress Theme


Explain Your Mission and Beliefs

Tell your visitors about the noble aim you pursue and describe your charity organization.


Show Charity Events and Activities

Demonstrate your organized projects and occasions to draw people’s attention to important issues.


Motivate and Persuade Other People

You can show examples and encourage others to become volunteers and work on charitable projects.


Share Stories of Success

To convince your visitors, demonstrate your worthwhile projects and impressive results.


Manage Fundraising Campaigns

Using our non profit WordPress themes, you can regulate an unlimited number of charity campaigns.


Accept and Handle Donations Online

You can choose a donation WordPress theme that will let you raise money for your projects online.

FAQ about Non Profit WordPress Themes

Can I accept donations in different ways with non profit WordPress themes?

Yes, you can. Our charity templates support WooCommerce functionality. So, if you integrate a WooCommerce plugin to your theme, you will be able to receive payments. Moreover, you’ll get the possibility to adjust payment methods yourself. You can opt for PayPal or other payment gateways when you customize your template. Check whether the template you have chosen already includes the WooCommerce plugin. If it doesn’t, you can add it to any WordPress charity template. In short, with WordPress charity themes, you will be able to raise money for different campaigns online.

Will my site created with a non profit WordPress theme suit mobile devices?

Yes, it will. Our WordPress charity themes are responsive. It means that you don’t need to create two separate website versions for desktop and mobile devices. Responsive non-profit WordPress templates will adjust to different screens. The visitors of your charity website will be guaranteed the best experience no matter what device they prefer using. What’s more, you can check what your site will look like on different devices even when you open the live demo version of charity templates.

Do these charity WordPress themes include free images?

Not all the non profit WordPress themes by TemplateMonster include free stock images. You can choose a template that contains free bonus photos. Usually, our themes include up to 15 high-quality images that correspond to the topic. Please, check the theme description to find out the details. If the theme doesn’t contain images, you can always order them separately and upload them to your site.

Can I add widgets to charity WordPress themes?

Yes, you can. In fact, numerous custom widgets are already included in non profit WordPress templates. Some of them are sliders and carousels for more efficient work with content. You can take advantage of these widgets to arrange your information. If you require any other widgets, you can install them, too. If you are experienced with integrating widgets to templates, you can do this on your own. Otherwise, you can order our service, and our professionals will gladly help you with it.

Are non-profit WordPress templates optimized for search engines?

Yes, they are. Our charity themes are SEO-friendly, which means that the search engines will rank them higher than other, non-optimized, newly-created websites. We have taken care of the charity themes to make your site visible for the search engines. Moreover, you can improve your SEO rankings yourself. With charity WordPress templates, you will be able to adjust your metadata. So, you can add specific titles and descriptions of your site for the search engines, letting them know what your page is about.