17 City Portal Templates and Themes

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City Portal Templates and Themes

The city is part of our life and this has led to a plethora of sites that promote events and adventures that can be experienced each night of the week. To make sure your city portal is among the first ones people notice and access when looking for some fun, you need a gorgeous looking theme that attracts people of all ages and social categories.

It's not easy to address such a large and varied audience, but with our new collection of City Portal Templates and Themes things will definitely ease up! Easy to install and implement, these templates are amazing in helping you promote and boost your pages' traffic.

Each one of these layouts creates a powerful visual impact through high quality images and smooth animated effects. Using images of your city or events you want to promote and placing them strategically on the page, these designs create the perfect visual environment to attract the eye of the viewer and impress him/her with the beauty of your site. All stock images are free to make sure the customization process will be easier for you.

Also, each theme is well integrated with social options, allowing viewers to share and invite other people to events you promote. This way, your online presence will grow and more people will find your site appealing and interesting. Everything is well documented so anyone can create its own city portal using just a few hours of their time. We also offer 24/7 lifetime support to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Browse through our wide collection of city portal themes today, and impress your viewers with a refreshed and attractive design!