Building Materials Shopify Theme
Modern and appealing look, functionality and user friendliness this is the right combination for a good online shop. This trendy professionally done theme will help you build one. With special...
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Simple Construction Shopify Theme
The template was designed for building materials stores. Quality items necessary for construction can considerably simplify the job and make the structure really lasting. Main menu of the building...
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Top Collection of Best Construction Company Shopify Themes

Looking for the perfect foundation for your corporate business website? It's your turn to opt for high quality! More than 5 million progressive customers are already using our digital products to promote their business. Shopify construction company themes combine all the most demanded options invented in the web design industry to satisfy the requirements of even the most hypercritical client.

They also come with many handy features, such as responsive layout and SEO setup. Any service becomes more accessible with an innovative, responsive design. It is a method whereby pages adjust to any screen resolution. According to statistics, there are more than 5 billion active mobile users in the world. This means that developing a mobile version of the site is not a trend but a necessity. Search engine algorithms require sites to obey certain criteria. In addition, it is extremely important to optimize content, particularly using keywords, meta tags, and image indexing. Thanks to our Shopify construction themes, your website will always be at the top of search queries with the right optimization approach.

Shopify Builders & General Contractor Themes - Features & Characteristics

Every Shopify construction theme boats multiple useful features. To name but a few:

  1. Easy-to-customize. Not all people have enough time, ideas, and desire to customize their projects. Sometimes we want someone to do everything for us. This is why we've provided our templates with all of the most requested pre-made layouts and elements. Our package usually includes banners, testimonials, slideshow, gallery, blog, Instagram feed, product column and carousel, lookbook, featured items, etc.
  2. Google maps integration. Thanks to the built-in map widget, your clients can make a route to your office. They no longer need to leave the site and type your address into the search bar because everything has already been done for their convenient user experience.
  3. Sorting options. If you have a large list of items, people have to spend a lot of time finding what they need. By using a special filter, they can find products or services faster. Customers can also sort products by ascending or descending order of price, popularity, or update date.
  4. Newsletter subscription. Thanks to a special form on the site, potential customers can enter their email. Thus, you can send mailings about promotions and replenishment of the range. So you will remind yourself to people who have forgotten about your site due to an active life rhythm or for some other reason.
  5. Catalog. This is your main selling tool. It includes thoughtful cataloging, product cards, pages with detailed descriptions, detailed images, and prices. You also get advanced catalog search, related products, and additional services options: comment and evaluation service.

Who Can Benefit From Construction Company Shopify Store Creation

Do you want to open a construction-related project? Consider our Shopify constructor themes. They are suitable for advertising:

  1. Landscaping.
  2. Related services, such as electrical/painting works.
  3. Plumbing.
  4. Dismantling works.
  5. Wallpaper installation.
  6. Industrial equipment.
  7. Construction of shopping/office centers, private houses.
  8. Installation of windows/doors/roof, etc.

How to Create a Successful Online Business with Shopify Builders & General Contractor Themes

Our detailed documentation explains how to create a great project. It includes guidance on installation and customization matters. Feel free to contact our support if you require additional help. Our qualified, friendly, open-hearted, experienced team will be happy to accompany you in solving any issue that may be faced. Moreover, to help you design a project pf your dreams, use our handy additional features, such as:

  1. Bootstrap. The basis of Bootstrap is a modular grid of 12 columns, which is adjusted depending on the screen size of the visitor's device. In addition, it includes design styles for many elements of modern sites: buttons, shapes, pop-ups, navigation panels. An important advantage of the framework is its mass. Everyone has used it so long that most compatibility issues with browsers and operating systems are already solved.
  2. Add Parallax Effect. This concept is used in many fields, in particular in astronomy and photography. It changes the apparent position of a considered object relative to the distant background when changing the viewing angle. A case in point is how a person traveling by train or car looks at the landscape from the window. If you look at any position simultaneously, it turns out that the entire visible space revolves around this.
  3. Add Gallery. Add an album anywhere on a page to colorize boring text. Catch the ability to batch upload images, import metadata, add/delete/rearrange/sort, edit thumbnails, group galleries. Increase your income, develop yourself every day, improve business with the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Construction Company Shopify Themes FAQ

What services can help to boost my Shopify construction company themes?

TemplateMonster has a wide range of services, particularly for improving and promoting a Shopify-based store. We consider the most useful store customization, on-page SEO, ultimate eCommerce launch, and ready-to-go product images services.

Can I use your Shopify construction comany themes to design websites for my clients?

Of course, you can. Our themes are designed for both average PC users and advanced IT professionals.

How can I get Shopify construction company themes for a reasonable price?

You can sign up for a MonsterONE membership and get access to unlimited downloads of all products that our marketplace distributes. There are three types of subscriptions. The options included may vary depending on the cost. You can get acquainted with the detailed information about our tariffs on this page.

Are Shopify construction company themes SEO-friendly?

Yes, for sure. SEO-friendly optimization is a complex of internal and external measures. Its goal is to improve the resource's position in search engine results to increase network traffic, potential customers, and future traffic monetization. SEO is aimed at information, products, services, images, videos, news. As a rule, the higher the position in results, the more interested visitors go to it to consult. In analyzing the efficiency of SEO optimization, the cost of the target visitor is estimated, taking into account the time spent in bringing the product to the specified positions and transforming.

Top Collection of Shopify Construction Company eCommerce Themes 2023 for Your Stores

Watch a helpful video with the hottest builders & general contractor designs for your Shopify store. Get a perfect theme for construction companies, engineering works projects, and make it profitable with a responsive, SEO-friendly, and fully-fledged building and architecture theme layout.