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Use this professional sports shop OpenCart template to build a powerful online store from scratch or upgrade the current one. It offers a clean layout with mega menu and selectable galleries....
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Best Extreme Sports OpenCart Themes for Your Online Store

Today, each entrepreneur should introduce their business on the Internet to make a wider audience know about it. Moreover, an online presence can help get more clients, increase profit and consolidate positions on the market. Such a result is possible if you stand out from competitors, but competition in the niche of sports shops is quite strong. How to be a step ahead of them and succeed in digital promotion? TemplateMonster's specialists are glad to share a perfect solution. Online shops for athletes and outdoor adventurers as customers can't be dull. You need a ready-made template that will convince an active person to stay on your pages and browse for more. One of these extreme sports OpenCart themes is your ticket to a profitable future. And you don't need to hire anyone to create a website from scratch or learn programming to do it yourself. We provide ready-made layouts that are easy to customize without web development or coding skills.

The Features You Get with Action Sports OpenCart Themes

Our latest templates promote designs and color combinations that invite active people to remain and search for more. Stunning visual appeal creates an engaging atmosphere from the beginning and keeps it interesting for the entire shopping experience. When people open your webshop, they will see all products in a nice-looking sequence and find everything they are looking for effortlessly. Our assets will also help you gain new clients, and old ones will return to purchase more goods. High-quality images presented in a big, central slider welcome the viewer with the bestsellers or items on sale. Also, the main product categories are situated on top of the page, just above the slider, so that the customers can see and access them easily. Beyond everything mentioned above, you get a set of advanced features that help you make your site complete, functional, and customer-friendly. Among them are:

  1. Admin panel. It is a tool for customizing the layout, including adding, moving, removing, and editing any site element to achieve the desired result.
  2. Fully responsive design. It allows customers to access your site from any device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, and more.
  3. SEO-friendly. This feature helps your webshop to rank higher in the search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  4. Performance optimization. The site loads quickly without making people wait too long to load pages.
  5. Retina-ready. Your clients can view your content from devices with high pixel density like iPhones or Macs.
  6. Cross-browser compatibility. This feature helps your site to work well on all browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  7. Mobile-optimized. Clients can open your webshop from any mobile device.
  8. Dropdown menu. A list of categories appears when a user clicks on the menu button.
  9. Bootstrap, JQuery, sliced PSD, lazy load effect, and other innovative technologies.

Who Can Use Extreme Sports OpenCart Themes?

Today, the Internet is full of different websites because each company wants to present itself online. And our templates will be handy for every business, whatever the type. You will also benefit from our assets if you own an adventure sports organization or want to run a sports blog. You can pick an appropriate design that reflects your idea and corporate style. Fantastic visuals and content structure allow you to create an atmosphere of speed, energy, and power, required for such websites. Besides, you can use any of our layouts for creating an online store for selling:

  • equipment and gear;
  • clothing and shoes;
  • accessories;
  • nutrition, and more.

eCommerce Website Creation with Action Sports OpenCart Templates: Tips and Tricks

Competition in your niche is quite strong, and almost every competitor has a website too. You may ask yourself how to stand out from all of them to attract as many clients as possible. We have an answer, and it is simple. When you embark on creating a webshop, you should follow some tips to be a step ahead of your competitors. Check out the list of recommendations:

  1. Make your site's visual look impressive. Use visuals, dynamic elements, and an illusion of depth via Parallax. Fonts are also helpful because they allow you to highlight headings, bestsellers, products on sale, and more.
  2. Write unique goods descriptions, texts, and posts in a blog with keywords. By doing it, you increase positions in the search engines and become more visible to a wider targeted audience.
  3. Provide clients with the simple site's navigation. Don't overload pages with content to keep the structure clear. You can use the dropdown menu to make a list of hidden categories that appear when people click on the special button.

Extreme Sports OpenCart Themes FAQ

Can I customize extreme sports OpenCart themes without coding skills?

Absolutely, yes. These layouts are ready-made that exempts you from doing technical parts of building a site or modifying the code. Besides, the attached documentation is complete and easy to understand. By following instructions and guides for customizing, you will get a simple and pleasant creation process. We also provide 24/7 support for six months, just if you need our help.

Why do extreme sports OpenCart themes have an admin panel?

The administrative interface lets you import new products, set up the general currency, set the category view style (grid or list), customize pages and the general template, and many other operations at the click of a button. Thus, the back panel won't be a problem even if you're not a highly technical person.

Is it essential for extreme sports OpenCart themes to be mobile-optimized?

More than half of todays' global traffic occurs in mobile users. For this reason, it is critical to make your site adaptable to any mobile gadget with any screen size. That is why our specialists made all templates mobile-optimized.

Can I preview extreme sports OpenCart themes before purchasing?

Of course, you can preview the design and see how it looks as a whole by using a live demo function. This option is available for each layout. Click on the live demo button you find in the right upper corner of the product page and ensure the chosen asset fits your taste and needs.

Best eCommerce Design Trends for Extreme Sports OpenCart Store Themes

Want to build a perfect online shop with Action Sports OpenCart themes? Watch the video with trendy tips and use them for adventure sports organizations and sports blogs projects. Stay up-to-date with TemplateMonster!