15 Gifts WooCommerce Templates for WordPress

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Gifts WooCommerce Themes for WordPress

Gift shopping is difficult for everyone. You don't really know what to look for and you have to go from store to store looking for ideas and inspiration. It's time to make everyone's life easier and improve the look of your online gift store. Lovely colors and good product presentation can increase your sales and traffic in no time. Our Gifts and Presents WooCommerce Themes promote clean designs with well-organized content and big, high definition images for a better presentation of products.

Premium Gifts and Presents WooCommerce Themes

Our souvenirs Woocommerce themes are specially designed to allow the viewer to feel inspired and tempted to look for more. Big, white spaces combined with joyful colors and high-quality images and big sliders transform your online store in the perfect place to look for a gift.

As looking for holiday gifts can be a bit confusing, products are well organized in specific categories that are highly visible on the page. This way, even if you don't know what you're looking for, you'll be able to browse through pages until you find something interesting.

The back panel is well documented so anyone can insert products and set up the front side. You can activate modules, insert web forms like Contact and Login, or customize the theme or separate pages. WordPress ecommerce templates support audio and video integration which is very helpful for an enhanced product presentation.

Pages like Services, Products, and Testimonials help you create a connection with your visitors which is the first step to making them your loyal customers.

Browse through our category of gifts Woocommerce templates today and find the one that fits your online store the best!

These WordPress WooCommerce Themes collection is a subcategory of Holidays, Gifts & Flowers WooCommerce Themes page, so go on and explore even more choices of gorgeous designs.

Great Video Tutorial for Best WooCommerce Themes for Gifts Website

This tutorial is going to show you how to fix blurry images issue in WooCommerce template.

Gifts Woocommerce Themes FAQ

Are images included in the gifts cards store WooCommerce templates released under GPLv3.0 license?

In the WooCommerce web templates for vintage gifts store released under GNU GPL v3.0 images are not included and are used for demo purposes only.

Can I use my own hosting provider with WooCommerce web template for food gift baskets store?

In most of cases you can. It just depends on what type of web hosting account you are currently using from your hosting provider as some are limited. Each of the WooCommerce web templates for women gifts store has the hosting requirements listed, so you'll want to check with your hosting provider to ensure the requirements are met within your current hosting account.

Can I get the extended license for some other pricing than the half of the initial WooCommerce web template for gifts gadgets store price?

No. The price for purchasing license for a single WooCommerce web template for gifts shop is the half of the template unique price.

Can I customize the WooCommerce web template for gifts shop if that's required by application settings?

Yes, you can customize the gifts shop WooCommerce template code, graphics, fonts to any extent needed.

I have lost the WooCommerce web template for gifts suppliers files, may I get them again?

Yes, you now have two options to retrieve your files. We've recently created "My Account" for our clients to use to help them keep track of their purchases. You'll be able to request your WooCommerce web template for women gifts store to be resent to you. If you do not have an account, please locate the following and create a Tech Support Ticket:Email address used to make the purchase. Template Order ID. Name used for the order.

Is there a way I can view your food baskets store WooCommerce templates in action? Can you provide the links to your Customers' sites based on your templates?

If the WooCommerce web template for men gifts store has a demo, you'll see a banner allowing you to see its live installation. However, we're not able to provide links to our clients' websites/projects due to our privacy policy.

Do you provide any trial period for your gifts cards store WooCommerce templates?

You are welcome to download a free sample to test, but no, we do not currently offer any trial period for our WooCommerce web templates for food gift baskets store. If you wish to continue using the free sample, please contact us to purchase a license allowing you to use it permanently.